Iphone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

Iphone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

12 months warranty

Fast and reliable

Repair time. from 10 min.

The design of the iPhone 6S Plus has not changed much compared to the 6 Plus model. The thickness of the gadget was minimized (due to the 3D Touch layer), which affected the total mass (190 grams against the previous 172). The position of the connectors and the shape of the case remained the same. In this iPhone model, the developers used a durable aluminum alloy of the 7000 series. It was expected that this would make the case more resistant to environmental influences. In particular, to prevent situations when the iPhone bent at the owners in the back pockets of trousers

Replace the battery, iPhone 6s Plus battery in Kharkov

The iPhone 6S Plus uses a non-removable lithium-polymer battery, whose capacity is 2750 mA / h. Thanks to this, the smartphone demonstrates excellent autonomy. It can work up to 13 hours when watching videos on YouTube and up to 8 hours in 3D games.

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Users note that the phone, taken in the morning from charging and actively used throughout the day without recharging, discharges up to 25% by night. The average duration of the iPhone 6S Plus is approximately one and a half days. At the same time, owners can actively use various applications, instant messengers, etc.

When is a replacement required?

What are some indications of the need to replace the iPhone 6S Plus battery? Note the most common:

  • iPhone 6S Plus battery runs out too quickly;
  • the device turns on only when charging;
  • The iPhone disconnects itself;
  • spots appeared on the screen of the iPhone 6S Plus (this is due to bloating of the battery, which begins to put pressure on the display from the inside and deform it);
  • the charge level “jumps” all the time, but does not stand still;
  • The apple reboots on its own.

Video: Iphone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

If you do not ask for help in time and replace the battery, this can lead to damage to internal parts, more significant breakdowns and higher financial costs. Therefore, do not risk it. At the first sign of an iPhone 6S Plus battery malfunction, contact the Job’s Service in Kharkov for help.

How is the battery replaced?

Replacing the battery in the iPhone 6S Plus is a simple task for an experienced wizard. The Job’s Service specialists use the following tools in their work: a set of screwdrivers (in particular, Pentalobe), a rubber suction cup with a ring, a plastic spatula, tweezers.

When replacing the battery in the iPhone 6S Plus, the wizard performs the following actions:

  1. Loosen the screws located on the left and right side of the connector.
  2. Using a suction cup and spatula, he gently lifts the front of the smartphone. Important: it is not yet possible to remove it, since before this it is necessary to disconnect the cables.
  3. It fixes the upper part of the gadget, which allows it to unscrew the metal plate, which closes the cables.
  4. Disconnects loops directly. This is the most painstaking and crucial stage. Practice shows that a common reason that a smartphone does not turn on after replacing the battery is damage to the cable that connects the motherboard and the battery. Therefore, it is not recommended to attempt to replace the battery yourself. Entrust this task to experienced professionals.
  5. Removes the retainer plate holding the battery inside the case.
  6. Removes a battery cable.
  7. He takes out the glued old battery from the compartment with the help of a spatula and tweezers.
  8. Installs a new battery.
  9. Assembles a smartphone in the reverse order.

Despite the fact that replacing the battery in the iPhone 6S Plus is not particularly difficult, only experienced craftsmen should perform it. The specialists of the Job’s Service service center possess the necessary knowledge and practical experience, which allows us to provide battery replacement services efficiently and quickly.

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