Iphone 6 Display Backlight Replacement

Iphone 6 Display Backlight Replacement

Iphone 6 Display Backlight Replacement

Iphone 6 Display Backlight Replacement

IPhone 6 Damage and Repair Features

The iPhone has won first place in the market due to its quality and performance. But even first-class equipment after certain situations or long service needs repair.

Often the reasons for the malfunctioning iPhone 6 are:

moisture or dust getting into the case;

Diagnostics iPhone 6 will help determine the breakdown and solve the problem.

What are the failures of the iPhone 6?

Malfunctions can occur different:

the speaker or sound does not work;

the phone does not charge or runs out quickly;

display does not work correctly;

Wi-Fi does not pick up a signal;

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the sensor and the Home button do not respond to commands;

the camera does not focus and takes pictures poorly;

the phone does not turn on.

You do not hear the interlocutor or he you. problems with the speaker. Most often this happens if dust has accumulated on the speaker and the iPhone has been used in this state for a long time.

Can not charge the phone or charging is enough for a short time. you need to replace the battery on the iPhone 6. The cause of the battery problem may be the use of poor-quality chargers. If the phone heats up very much or works only from the network, you need to look for a breakdown on the system board in the power controller.

Video: Iphone 6 Display Backlight Replacement

Stripes, pixels appeared on the screen, the image is deformed, the touchscreen does not work. the reason is in the display. The problem usually occurs after shock / fall or moisture. The sensor does not respond to clicks, executes spontaneous commands. a faulty Touch controller.

Home button stops working in the event of a fall, shock, or moisture.

Do you want to call someone, but the phone does not see the network. The reason can be either in the sim card itself or in the communication modem.

Wi-Fi issues may occur through a poor-quality signal or incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi module.

You decided to take a gorgeous photo, but the camera does not focus or the image is blurry. The cause may be software malfunctions, mechanical damage, or moisture in the case.

Well, the worst problem is iPhone 6 does not turn on. In this case, we recommend that you simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds. If it does not help, the reason may be:

a failed battery or power controller;

a short circuit on the system board;

problems with the battery cable.

Repair iPhone 6

In our service center they will hold free iPhone 6 diagnostics and establish the cause of the breakdown. In the shortest possible time, specialists will fix the problem, and you can continue to fully use your iPhone.

In case of incorrect battery operation, we offer:

battery replacement (if you often charged the phone in the car or used a non-original charger);

Soldering the power controller chip on the system board (if the reason is in the controller).

Replacement glass iPhone 6 consists of several stages. Using special equipment, we remove the remains of broken glass. After that, we paste a new one, according to the factory technologies.

In case of problems with the display. install the original screen taken from the donor phone or a high quality copy (if you wish).

Network issues corrected by replacing an inoperative microcircuit on the system board by the method of precise evaporation.

Bluetooth repair we start with the correct flashing. If after that the phone does not work correctly, we replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit.

If you have any problems with sound or speaker, There are two repair options: cleaning the iPhone or replacing the cable. It all depends on the degree of pollution. In the case when the phone has been working with dust on the speaker for a long time, we replace the cable.

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