Iphone 5s What Battery

Apple introduced the iPhone SE just 10 days ago. During this time, the device managed to disassemble, as well as test its performance in popular benchmarks. However, until now, information about the battery capacity of the iPhone SE remained secret. Today, this information has been disclosed. So, in the new smartphone from Apple, which received modern hardware "stuffing" and design of the iPhone 5S, a 1,624 mAh battery is installed.

Recall that the iPhone 5S received a 1,560 mAh battery, while the iPhone 6S has a larger battery. 1,715 mAh Comparative indicators of battery life (in hours) are given below:

Apple iPhone SE

with active LTE

with active 3G

As you can see, the iPhone SE surpasses the iPhone 6S in many ways in battery life, not to mention the iPhone 5S.


the Chinese are already tired, the joke is cloying to the point that it is already sick.

get some air, help 🙂

Koment super is not China, the original, iPhone se joke, that’s enough!

"Apple gift SE battery is beneficial to call one at a outlet once a day more than 5S" Cheeee bl.

This is not the case. OS is well optimized.

The fact is that be there 2.5-3k mah. think it up yourself.

What a dibious know-how. It’s easier to write 2.5-3 Ah. And do not add. K = 10`3 and m = 10`-3

Probably because the watt hour per milligram, and not kilograms?

This is clear. I myself at least once bought an iPhone, be there a battery every two capacities. But the fact does not escape. iOS is much more optimized than android, and even tile-widget squalor from macrosoft.

would buy

If you believe the tablet, then autonomy at the level of 6 Plus. And 6 Plus is very good at that. So congratulations to future owners.

13 hours of surfing in the internet, with Wi-Fi or LTL. divorce.

>10 hours of screen time

April 1st? they have a maximum of 4 hours, and when the battery is new.

The fact is that the screen is 4 and the screen resolution is like a phone 100 years old. Just don’t say that it’s enough. For then when it is 2k or oh my God 4k, apple lovers will accept this ultimate and superiority over all

Iphone 5s What Battery

Dear, do not think in the wrong categories: "2k", "oh god 4k". Templated "thinking" Engineering is applicable to devices on android. Everything is taken into account here: resolution, acceptable / average screen brightness, processor optimization at the iron level. Therefore, there will not be "screen resolution" for the eyes armed with a microscope to the detriment of the operating time from a single charge of the battery.

capmarusergiu96, but something incomprehensible with the site is going on, then the Chinese characters are now headers

5S is still more profitable.

lazy PR table

This is a joke and not a table; everything in the clock multiplied by 2

it’s cool to be a fool sometimes

I think Vlidamir is happy for you.

and not a watt anymore!

5s to 9 it sometimes bends

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And if you make a one-inch screen with such a battery, it will work generally until the second advent.

But what about the pixel density, if quadHD is crammed into one inch, well, do not forget about computing power

"if quadHD is pushed into one inch". then the pixel dots even under the microscope will not be visible!

not in the spirit of an epol, they will stick in a resolution of 128×128 and say that this is enough and this is innovation and generally emising

Odman may joke of beauty

Did I get blood from my eyes from reading the headline?

unfortunately the title missed the word "Apple" in front of the iPhone 5S.

silent-service, Chinese copy.

Who thread understood the title?

Who-thread realized that this is an April Fool’s joke

Equipped with battery from 5s to 1640mAh

Something a little hard to believe that works so much longer than 5S.

A slightly larger battery paired with a 14-nm process = profit, although you need to look in real conditions, not on paper)

5s is significantly longer than 5 lives. Although the mach is almost the same. And here the chip is 2 generations higher.

You should at least update the topic name, the language has already broken

This will not save him. Everything is exactly an ID sensor, an old gamnist.

Already the myth has been dispelled, there is a normal ID, your training manual is outdated, update.

And there was even less battery?

Video: Iphone 5s What Battery

already got to release pseudo-flags

Now it sounded like you call devices of the same size, with a more capacious battery.

judging by the autonomy table, the battery should be at least 5000, some sort of nonsense.

Broke my head over the topic title. Which way to read?

On the main page, change the language

Yes, I’m not talking about Chinese. I’m talking about this: "Apple gift SE battery is beneficial to call one at a outlet once a day more than 5S"

The fly is this,
Unfortunately, this refers to Chinese, because initially the text was translated into it and then again into Russian))

The fly is this,
April first

Chief: There is no time to explain, create a post about an apple!
Editor: Not a word more!
"Apple gift battery. "

Apple gift SE battery is beneficial to call one at a outlet once a day more than 5S

Where do these numbers come from? April Fool’s joke? Then not funny. IPhones do not have such autonomy, my friends and acquaintances with iPhones never go outside without a bank, and I often see how they charge their iPhones with them.

Storyteller you are Pliman,

I say as it is, there are practically no iPhone acquaintances without bank accounts. Or will you argue?

but in general you still don’t have to forget about the newer version of the firmware, the iPhone often dies from the battery at least a little, but faster, thanks to the marketing (in other things, the android is in the same trouble, but oddly enough, because of the zoo of devices firmware is not as often and everywhere updated as Apple, but here Google "got out" with the help of quietly and frequently updated Google services, getting fatter almost by the day and by the clock and naturally eating up the battery consumption more and more).
The current internal slogan of marketers of all stripes:
Does your iPhone / Android / Windows phone hold the battery for a long time? The new software version will fix this bug)))

Although iPhones are not gurus in autonomy, they are optimized really well for energy consumption, and new iPhones really hold the battery as a whole not bad. It’s just that a huge number of people have on hand now B-used iPhone with usb battery resources, that’s the whole nuance, for some reason when I take an iPhone from my hands, it works in the head of many "this ms oyfon" and don’t think that the battery of this "iPhone" raped by sockets in one God a known number of times. After 15 minutes of use, I began to distinguish how many iPhones I used for my practice, both my own and clients, workers, new, used, stupidly according to my sensations, where I need to change the battery and where is the normal resource yet.

Now can you go right up to the fourth outlet on the road?

Oooh, Ogryzka has innovations again)))

1 624 mAh battery in 2016m? In the 2016th Carl? Are you serious? Just do not talk about the wonderful autonomy in Arrl. devices, I had 5S, and autonomy there to say the least about anything.

Fierce warrior
I agree, we are suffering ourselves.

Fierce warrior
which phone holds a charge with 4 inches longer

Well done w3bsit3-dns.com, neighing from the heart!

And I was worried about my sony, I thought I wouldn’t leave the small one from the outlet, but what a thing. Another one in an apple drop

this whole table is a lie, well, the 5 iPhone se can’t work longer than 6S, the 5 se’s battery capacity is less

The screen is also smaller

with its processor may well

The prots of them, it seems, are the same, that of se, that of 6s.

I still understood Chinese in the article previews, but I did not catch the heading to this news.

Why is the site in Chinese?

April 1, guys, at the very site in Chinese show Toko right now caught up with a joke from w3bsit3-dns.com

What nonsense in article titles?

I understood a joke. And you from April 1.

Completely rolled Apple. I remember at one time I watched a movie on the Ipod Touch 1G, it was enough for six hours without any problems, or even more) Now I look at the Iphone 6 / 6S topic and everyone is swearing about the battery. Yes, and my brother’s old Iphone 4 with a new battery doesn’t live very much when he comes to charge me immediately from 20-30%.
I didn’t know that the batteries in them are so miserable, I thought that each device holds 8-10 movies without problems, they don’t like to write the capacity of Apple batteries in the Yandex market, and not only there.

April first! Guys, this headline is a joke!

And in general it is an apple. a joke released to purely neigh

Somehow at first glance I liked the model. Corrected. And then there is the acc. for 4 inches and not super iron. more than enough. In addition, Apple software is also written based on the calculation of optimization (including energy). This is only in China phones with a capacity that everything is measured, any A-brand, first selects the normal hardware part, VERY optimizes the software, and simple digits of ampere hours. it’s like camera megapixels (marketing, no more). at least 8, at least 13, but if the matrix is ​​small and clumsy. there will be no quality in principle.
Even on an elementary indicator of conversation. 14 hours. it’s a lot. And for a modern smart. lots of.
By the way, this is the first model from Apple, which I consider to be a normal phone, and not just the fruit of perfect marketing.

So iron is more powerful than three times, the battery is more than 100 max, and the battery life is higher? even smells like a pistol.

What are you, this is a great iPhone from a great Apple! In general, the iPhone generates energy itself, they can feed the floor of Moscow, because "Optimization and energy-efficient processor!"

And if you do it without a screen at all, with the image output to the monitor using D-SUB, then you can work on this battery for a week;)))

Now it remains only to roll out Nokia 3210 on snap 820.

no article will convince people to buy this

perhaps convince apple it works great

At one time, Jobs did all this. What did he say? We know what consumers need. What we give them will be what they need. The words of a great marketer, what to say. So it still works and the proprietary ios plays it tightly on the hand. Therefore, at least for now, Apple can not strain.

Iphone 5s What Battery

Apple again made a small coup or again deceived users. One thing should be true.

I would have put the 3D glass and increased the battery to 2k, I would have bought it without hesitation

Well, honestly, it’s just funny. Whatever Uber optimized ios is (and it is not), I see no reason not to put a normal battery. Are apples so sure that fans of their products have long been infected with the disease "brain brain"?! People change their minds, well, do not vote you ruble for an epic divorce.

Ahahaahh whom do they fool browsing the Web (Yes, I believed that he had more than 10 hours of screen access to the Internet)

What the fuck, I can’t read the headline. )))

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