Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Despite the frequent ascension of Apple technology to the status of an ideal, and it is not without problems. Recently, there have been even more, and some associated with attempts to use original software for the iPhone and iPad.

This material will tell you about one of the popular bugs: “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. Unknown error 0xE800000A “. You will find out why the presented failure occurs and how to fix it. using official instructions from the manufacturer or third-party software.

What is this error in iTunes?

An unknown error code of 0xE800000A means that Apple’s general device connection to iTunes failed. It can pop up both at the time of the first connection of the device to Aityuns, and at the time of transferring files or updating the firmware. This failure is typical for most iOS-based devices. iPhone, starting with models 5 and 5S, and iPad year of release 2014 and later.

The main sources of improper synchronization are:

  • The banal lack of current updates in the iTunes program;
  • Failures of a personal computer or laptop (both based on Windows, and the original Mac, MacBook);
  • Problems with the Windows registry or support services from Apple: iPodService.exe, AppleMobileDeviceService.exe or iTunesHelper.exe;
  • Incorrect download of iOS updates on the smartphone;
  • Problems with the firmware of the device, including the basic one (immediately after the purchase of the device and the first launch);

Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Visual Example of Error 0xE800000A in iTunes on Windows 7

In such cases, you should use the instructions from the official developer, in isolated cases, additional utilities help. Important. do not download software to solve the problem from third-party resources, this can lead to virus infection and loss of access to personal data.

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How to fix iTunes Error 0xE800000A?

Apple Technical Support recommends that you complete the following list of steps, in order, until you achieve the desired result:

  • Try to reboot both devices in order to eliminate a single connection error. Try to restart the PC itself before connecting.
  • Check the amount of free memory on the Apple device. the normal value starts from 1 gigabyte (find the “Available” item in the main settings menu).
  • We try to connect to other USB ports, we use only original equipment. Also, the problem may lie in the prohibition of connecting multiple devices at the same time, so we turn off flash drives and other external drives.
  • Updating the Apple driver. to do this, refer to the Device Manager by opening the “USB controllers” menu. Select the first column, right-click, select “Update Driver”.
  • We update the smartphone operating system along the way: “Basic Settings” → “Download Updates”.

Video: Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Erase iTunes configurations through the Lockdown folder

The most common solution is the following tip:

  1. On the PC, open the Task Manager (CTRLALTDELETE).
  2. We complete all Apple processes and remove the USB cable in advance.
  3. Open “Start”, enter in the search “% ProgramData%” (without quotes).
  4. A hidden folder will open, in the list of which will be “Apple”. Open it, where we find the Lockdown subfolder.
  5. We remove it and reconnect the cable, confirming the opening of access to the device.
  6. Such removal will update the system configurations and, most likely, will help to solve the bug.

Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Delete the Lockdown folder and restart the PC

User Tips

  • We try to restart all Apple-related services. this often helps to resolve an unknown 0x800000a failure. To do this, in the “Run” drive services.msc. In the list that appears, look for services such as AppleMobileDeviceService.exe and reboot them using the right mouse button. After trying to connect.
  • Make sure your PC has the latest version of iTunes. We go in the program menu to the “Help” tab and scan for the presence of the latest service packs there. All new updates need to be downloaded without fail and after that restart the computer itself.

Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Install updates for iTunes if necessary.

Iphone 5s Failed To Connect To Network

Reinstall all components from Apple Inc.

If nothing helps

If none of the above works, try forcibly restoring your device through Recovery Mode. This method involves installing “clean” firmware, thereby neutralizing possible incompatibility.

The current version can be downloaded on many sites, most users on the forums recommend doing this on the site. ipsw.me. Be careful when choosing firmware.

Just select your model and upload the file using the link that appears below. After we follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing we do before installation is to turn off the Find iPhone feature in iCloud settings. Additionally, we create a copy of all the data for the possibility of subsequent recovery.
  2. Turn off the device, disconnect the cable. At the same time, we turn on the iTunes.
  3. Hold down the Home key and attach USB (you need to do it simultaneously). On the “top ten” we squeeze in the following sequence: “volume” → “- volume” → “lock key”.
  4. We are waiting for a response from iTunes on the PC, it should give a warning about problems and the “Update” option.
  5. On the smartphone, select “Restore to RM”, we are waiting for the end of operations.


If none of the methods was successful, contact the nearest gadget repair and debugging service center, maybe the problem lies in your iPhone. If you urgently need to connect your iPhone to iTunes, but the unknown error 0xe800000a does not go away, try using third-party software. For example, many recommend the 3uTools utility. It helps in solving most of the problems associated with connecting iPhone and iPad. This is an alternative software for manipulating mobile devices (management, recovery, working with all types of multimedia). There are enough guides on the network for its work.

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