Iphone 5 Ios 10 3 Update

On September 13, 2016, at about 20:00 Moscow time, iOS 10 was released. the “largest iOS release,” according to Apple itself.

The release of each new version of iOS is always fraught with fears for owners of apple devices not related to the latest generation. After all, it is not clear how vigorously the system will work on the “old people”, and whether performance will be artificially strangled in order to further motivate device owners to switch to more recent Apple technology.

I ventured to install iOS 10 on my iPhone 5s immediately after its release, and after two days of use, I am ready to share my impressions.

IOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10 performance comparison

The network has a video demonstrating a visual comparison of the work of iPhone 5s running iOS 9.3.5 and the new iOS 10.

According to the author, iPhone 5s on iOS 10 takes longer to load, but it works a little more quickly and smoothly.

I would not be so optimistic: iOS 10 really loads a little longer than iOS 9.3.5, but there is clearly no question of faster and smoother operation of the system. Both in the video and in my own subjective impression, the performance of iPhone 5s running iOS 10 remained at the same level as it was with iOS 9.3.5.

But this is a good result for the smartphone released in 2013 and the first version of the updated operating system, which will be brought to mind for a long time and slowly with updates.

iOS 10 looks messy, and especially on the iPhone 5s / SE

Iphone 5 Ios 10 3 Update

The first thing that caught my eye in the new version of iOS was the updated interface of the Music application. The bold in the title and this is the “Media.” on the screen.

Is it an iPhone or is it a Chinese “knocker” with two SIM cards and a TV, as well as an eternal problem with menu bars that do not fit on the screen in Russian localization?

For comparison, next is a screenshot from the iPhone 6s, the screen of which has a large diagonal and a slightly higher resolution. Bold print looks equally bad both here and there, but on a larger iPhone, at least all the words fit completely. But over the optimization of display for 5s and SE with their smaller screens, the developers did not bother at all.

I don’t know what to say to this, except for the battered “under Jobs it wasn’t”. Even without being a fan of this personality, I know that Jobs attached great importance to typography and icons. Under his control, this would never have reached the masses.

iOS 10 takes up more space

The full size of the iOS 10 distribution kit for iPhone 5s is 2.1GB.

When upgrading from iOS 9.3.5, a smaller package is downloaded. only 1GB.

When installed, the new iOS also takes up more disk space than its predecessor. So, on the 16GB version of the iPhone, 12GB was free for user data. And after upgrading to iOS version 10, this volume is reduced to 11.35GB:

iOS 10 is buggy

Alas, several months of open beta test did not have a positive effect on the stability of the final version of iOS 10.

It’s buggy. At times, there are some incomprehensible moments with the screen blanking. especially often this happens when interacting with a new top “curtain”.

That this will be fixed in the next updates I have no doubt. But at the moment the system is pretty damp.

UPD: after a couple of reboots (to restart the iPhone, we simultaneously hold down the power key on the upper edge and the Home key) the glitches with the screen blanking disappeared, so I’ll probably take my words about the glitchiness of this system back.

New notifications and new unlock mechanism

On the left are screenshots of the iOS 9.3.5 interface, on the right is the updated iOS 10 interface.

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For some reason, the developers from Cupertino changed the unlock mechanism from the usual swipe to double-clicking the “Home” button (the first press turns on the screen, the second. we go directly to unlock). And on swipe now there is a transition to the screen with notification widgets, which were previously in the upper curtain.

Inconvenient. not the right word.

Poor bold fonts. Disgusting widget design that does not fit into the basic style of iOS.

It’s as if I’ve returned to Android with its traditional mishmash of styles from devoid of a sense of beautiful developers.

Application Changes

I’m not going to describe all the changes in the new version of iOS, the number of which currently exceeds 50, especially since the reviewers from the profile sites sorted everything out on the shelves a few months ago, shortly after the release of the first public beta. Who cares, you can type in Google “ios 10 review” and read detailed articles by other people on this topic.

Video: Iphone 5 Ios 10 3 Update

Here I will mention a few changes in iOS 10 applications, which clearly caught my eye.


The standard “Maps” application received a slightly updated design and finally began to adequately respond to gestures of scaling and rotation with two fingers.

Previously, any attempt to change the direction of the map display in the application of the same name was a hell. the card seemed to resist a twisting gesture with your fingers and rotated extremely slowly and reluctantly. Now everything is spinning fine.

But the “Maps” did not become useful, given the low detail of Russian maps and the presence of a powerful competitor represented by 2GIS.


Completely revised the application interface “Music”.

Liked the new playback screen. I did not like everything else.

About the clumsy font and the inscription “Mediate.” that does not fit on the screen, I already mentioned above.

Also there was an unpleasant function for me. when you connect wireless speakers, the iPhone automatically starts playing music through it.

Now imagine that you are returning home late at night, and the iPhone hooks the wireless audio system in your bedroom and turns on and starts to drive music through it on your own initiative. And among the audio recordings on your iPhone, not only a pacifying lounge and trip-hop, but also brutal metal.


The Health application has acquired a large number of various indicators for logging and tracking.

The interface has also changed a bit.

“Clock” and “sleep mode”

A new feature called “Sleep Mode” has been added to the Clock app. This is an advanced version of the usual alarm clock, created with the goal of normalizing the sleep mode and monitoring its observance. When the mode is activated, you need to set the desired wake-up time and indicate the number of hours required for sleep. and the iPhone will every night give a reminder signal about the need to go to bed taking into account the planned rise and the required number of hours of sleep. And when wearable electronics (smart watches, fitness bracelets) are connected to the iPhone, the application will be able to adjust the calculations of the required amount of sleep based on the recorded indicators and keep a record of sleep quality.

It looks interesting, but you need to understand that there are no miracles, and without the Apple Watch, the application’s functionality is not far from the functionality of a normal alarm clock.

In iOS 10, a new pre-installed “Home” application has appeared, which is used to organize a “smart home” system using devices compatible with HomeKit technology.

It is also interesting and promising, but so far it is useless to me due to the lack of smart gadgets compatible with the system.

To summarize

Can I upgrade my iPhone 5s to iOS 10? Will it slow down on the new version of the system?

Yes you can. No, it will not.

But it’s better to postpone the update. It’s not worth it.

I need a new iOS did not like. Yes, there are several good features and useful improvements in the programs. But all this outweighs the negative from the new way to unlock the iPhone and the clumsy design of notifications, as well as system glitches.

While writing this post, I could hardly resist the abundance of hairpins addressed to the current Apple CEO. Tim Cook. Which, instead of controlling the work of Cupertin’s designers and programmers with Jobs zeal, obviously thinks more about how to wag his senile backside at the next pride of alternatively oriented to San Francisco.

In my opinion, at least in the next 3-4 months, updating to iOS 10 does not make sense, and then everything will depend on how fast Apple releases updates for it.

So if you doubt the prospects of switching to the “top ten”. continue to sit quietly on iOS 9.3.5. At the moment, she is undeniably better.

(ADDITION) A few words about minor updates to iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1

In the iOS 10.1 update, some of the “ten” bugs introduced were fixed.

In particular, a bug of the standard “Mail” application with manual checking of mail on a swipe from top to bottom, which did not always work the first time, or it worked with a delay.

I did not notice new bugs, changes in the performance of the iPhone in one direction or another. either. These updates do not bring any significant changes compared to iOS 10.

So, if you have already contacted the “top ten”, you can safely upgrade to iOS 10.1.1.

But for users of iOS 9.3.5, my opinion is unchanged so far: you’d better wait a while with the update.

(ADDITION) Feedback on iOS 10.2 update

In the iOS 10.2 update, a new bug was added. auto-replacement of “her” to “Her” (there used to be “her”.> “Her”) when typing. It is corrected by writing your own AutoCorrect rule in the settings.

Otherwise, the system works as before, perhaps even a little faster than on iOS 10.1.1. You can safely update iPhone 5s to it. And do not forget to restart the device after installing the update.

(SUPPLEMENT) Feedback on iOS 10.3 update

With the iOS 10.3 update, iPhone is moving to a new APFS file system to replace the previous HFS file system, which has a positive effect on the speed of the device.

A pleasant surprise was the fact that the transition to iOS 10.3 increases the amount of available memory on the iPhone.

Video performance comparison of iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.3:

Compared with the previous iOS 10.2.1, the performance of iOS 10.3 on the iPhone 5s has really increased. Comparing iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.3, everything is not so straightforward, but you can see the result yourself above in the video.

Conclusion: if an iPhone already has one of the versions of iOS 10, then you can and should upgrade to iOS 10.3. The update turned out to be good and useful.

(ADDITION) Feedback on iOS 10.3.2 update

There is nothing much to say about the minor update to iOS 10.3.2. There are no visible changes compared to iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.3.1. But, as always, some improvements to security and stability have been made.

Performance on the iPhone 5s after installing the update does not decrease, so you can update. As always, do not forget to restart your iPhone a couple of times after installing the update. During reboots, the operating system deletes temporary files and performs other service operations.

There is a high probability that 10.3.2 will be the last update of iOS 10. And then there will be iOS 11, which will be shown to us very soon at the presentation.