Iphone 5 Can’t Hear Me While Talking

One of the most unpleasant breakdowns of the phone is a malfunctioning microphone, because of which your interlocutor does not hear you well. Consider the causes and troubleshooting of the microphone on the iPhone 7.

Why on Iphone 7 the interlocutor does not hear me

The reasons why the interlocutor does not hear you on Iphone 7 are often associated with a malfunctioning microphone.

  • Contact failure due to mechanical damage
  • Water entering the microphone cavity
  • Microphone clogging
  • Software bug

Before correcting deficiencies in the microphone, we recommend testing it with a voice recorder. Perhaps it is the interlocutor who has a malfunctioning auditory speaker, because of which they do not hear you. When recording a voice to the recorder, check that the speaker grille is not covered by hand or cover. During playback, the recording should sound clean, if there is interference and noise of various kinds, then the microphone is malfunctioning.

Iphone 5 Can't Hear Me While Talking

For mechanical damage or oxidation of the contacts, as well as factory defects, the best solution is to replace the microphone.

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DIY microphone replacement

It is worth starting the replacement only if other troubleshooting methods (rebooting the operating system, cleaning the microphone grid) did not help.

Video: Iphone 5 Can’t Hear Me While Talking

To replace the bottom loop, you will need the following set of tools:

  • Trihedral screwdriver
  • Plastic spatula or pick
  • Forceps

Replacing the bottom connector is a few steps:

  1. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the smartphone (near the charging connector). We pick up the smartphone screen with a pick or a plastic spatula, and carefully disconnect it from all latches
  2. Unscrew the two screws to protect the battery. We take out the protective panel and unscrew the 14 screws on the bottom loop. Since the screws differ in size, you should remember their location
  3. Using a spatula, disconnect the polyphonic speaker, Home button and antenna
  4. The bottom cable is attached to the glue, so it can also be removed by gently prying it with a spatula

The bottom loop is removed, the loop installation with a working speaker is performed in the reverse order.

Additional microphone troubleshooting methods

If you find that you are hard to hear on the Iphone, we recommend removing the cover from the phone. If the cover is too tightly attached to the smartphone, then it will block the microphone slots, because of which it will stop working correctly.

Iphone 5 Can't Hear Me While Talking

If the microphone is clogged, clean its mesh from debris and dust. To do this, use a thin needle. The operation must be carried out very carefully so as not to damage the microphone.

A software error also quite often causes malfunctions in the microphone. It is recommended to start by simply restarting the phone, if the problem is not resolved, then there may be a problem in the operating system. Download the new OS version. If you have it at the moment, then reset the OS to the factory settings: go to “Settings”. “Basic.” “Reset”. Erase content and settings. This can solve the problem if you are sure that the microphone is working.

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