Iphone 11 Can Be Filmed Underwater

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As soon as a new iPhone comes out, potential owners tend to have the same questions. Perhaps the most popular: can an iPhone take pictures underwater? Perhaps it is worth sorting out this issue.

Iphone 11 Can Be Filmed Underwater

Even iPhones protected in accordance with the IP67 standard often suffer from contact with liquids. Hammer in the search box the query: iPhone 7 fell into the water. you will find a lot of useful information.

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It is important to understand that the iPhone 7, 8 and even X are not cameras for underwater shooting, you should forget about the desire to try this feature on your smartphone. The fact is that the iPhone did not become completely airtight, moisture can still get inside, especially after a certain period of use, when even the existing tightness is gradually reduced.

Iphone 11 Can Be Filmed Underwater

IP67 standard means that the iPhone is completely protected from dust, theoretically it can be at a depth of 1 m of the order of half an hour. But real life is different from laboratory conditions when an experiment is under control. Even falling into the water from a height can break through the iPhone’s protection and cause liquid to enter.

Fluid composition It also matters: for example, chlorinated liquid or salty sea water can accelerate the negative impact on the electronic device of a smartphone.

Testing is in standby mode, that is, battery power consumption is reduced. When you turn on, for example, the camera, this process is enhanced, the possibility of oxidation of contacts increases significantly.

Natural wear, as already noted, makes adjustments to the tightness of the housing.

Iphone 11 Can Be Filmed Underwater

Can I shoot under water?

Theoretically, of course, it is possible, but certain nuances must be taken into account: you cannot press the sensor underwater, therefore, you must first turn on the shooting mode, then lower the iPhone into the water. For a photo, use the volume buttons.

IMPORTANT! If your iPhone gets problems due to liquid penetration, this case is not considered a warranty! Repairing it under warranty will not work! This condition is explicitly stated on the Apple website.

Iphone 11 Can Be Filmed Underwater

Total: You can put the new iPhone in water, then, after carefully drying it, continue using it. Water tightness is an additional factor of protection against unforeseen cases. Do not wash your iPhone in water, dive with it in the pool. But it is quite possible to talk calmly in the rain and during snowfall. Yes, you can still safely put iPhone 7, 8, X in rice. there will be no harm (but also no use)).

iPhone is your property, how to handle it, what to experience is just your own business. But your responsibility is also yours.

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