Iphone 10 Screen Lock

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Many owners of a trending gadget do not know what to do if screen rotation on the iPhone does not work. One of the most pleasant features of the new Apple models is the transfer of the device to the so-called landscape mode. This function is provided using a small device. a gyroscope. It happens that the device itself fails or the smartphone’s operating mode does not allow the screen to turn into a convenient mode. How to distinguish one reason from another and what to do with it. we learn further.

How to understand that the gyro has stopped working

Understanding that something is wrong with your smartphone is simple enough. First, make sure that you do not exaggerate the problem. auto-rotation of the screen on the iPhone may not work in some applications (for example, the picture stops rotating when watching a video), as well as if the device is on a horizontal surface. In addition, the rotation of the screen usually takes some time. 1-2 seconds (this is the principle of the gyroscope, because such delays are normal).

But in some cases, the flip of the screen does not work for objective reasons. There are several main symptoms of the problem:

  • when changing the position of the phone, the image on the display does not flip
  • the desktop on the iPhone screen changes position arbitrarily (does not correspond to the change in position of the mobile device)
  • the desktop does not always rotate
Iphone 10 Screen Lock

It should be borne in mind that far from all applications this function should work. To believe if there is really a problem with auto-rotate the screen, you need to enter one of the standard applications. The manufacturer recommends using the “Calculator” for this. If the dimensions and orientation of the calculator do not change when you rotate the screen, then something is wrong with your iPhone, and you need to find out the cause of the malfunction.

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Video: Iphone 10 Screen Lock

Auto Turn Lock

Most often, screen rotation on the iPhone does not work for the simplest reason. this option is simply disabled. This is easy to check. when the option is disabled, the corresponding icon is displayed in the status bar (lock with an arrow in a circle). If you find it on the screen of your phone, the troubleshooting algorithm is simple:

  • go to settings (swipe up from the bottom of the screen)
  • click on the icon described above
  • we check if the problem has been fixed through the “Calculator” application

Enabled Zoom Mode

On iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus models, the reason may be that the zoom option is turned on. In this mode, the icons on the display will be larger, which greatly simplifies the interaction with small menu items, but the picture does not flip after user actions. To correct the situation, you need to perform several actions:

Iphone 10 Screen Lock
  • go to settings
  • select the item “Brightness”
  • then in the zoom menu select the line “View”, and then click on the button “Standard” and “Install”

After that, the screen rotation should work in normal mode. you can also check this through the “Calculator”.

Gyro failure

The most difficult reason why the image may stop turning is a mechanical breakdown. The fact is that the gyroscope is a rather fragile part of mobile gadgets. It breaks most often when dropped or hit. Mechanical failure, as a rule, has a characteristic feature. it manifests itself gradually:

  • first, when you rotate the screen, the gadget begins to respond incorrectly
  • then on the screen the desktop can rotate several times, regardless of your actions
  • in the end the image just stops rotating when the gadget is positioned

When to contact professionals

If the gyroscope itself in the iPhone has stopped working, it will not work on its own. Contact an Apple Service Center if your gadget is under warranty. At the same time, be prepared to wait. the warranty repair of the iPhone usually takes a lot of time, since it includes the examination and full diagnostics of not only the monitor, but the entire device. If you are not ready to wait so long, then contact the specialists registered on the website of Yudu.

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