Ios 8 Password Bypass

Ios 8 Password Bypass

Sergei Skorobogatov, a senior fellow at the security group at the University of Cambridge computer lab, said he managed to bypass the iPhone password using the NAND mirroring technique. It was this technique at the beginning of 2016 that the FBI experts called unsuitable for hacking the iPhone 5c of the terrorist Sayed Farouk, as a result of which the authorities spent more than a million dollars on attracting hackers who have a working way to bypass the password on a smartphone. However, as it turned out now, hacking the iPhone with a similar method is possible, and most importantly. the cost of the electronic components necessary for its use does not exceed 100.

Hackers were given a million dollars

The terrorist Sayed Farouk, who killed 14 people with his wife last December in San Bernardino, California, was shot dead by police some time after the crime was committed. The found smartphone of the murdered terrorist could turn out to be a serious clue and lead to the discovery of his accomplices, probably preparing other attacks, however, Faruk’s iPhone 5c was password protected.

For unlocking the smartphone (and at the same time creating a backdoor in the system), the FBI turned to Apple, which it refused, insisting on its strictest privacy policy. Continuing to put pressure on Apple, the FBI was looking for a way to independently hack the terrorist’s iPhone 5c, which she eventually found. An unnamed hacker group managed to bypass the password and provide authorities with access to information on a device where nothing useful was found. For services hackers have paid more than a million dollars.

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And could manage one hundred

As it turned out now, the cost of bypassing the password could be ten thousand times less. Sergey Skorobogatov published a report in which he described the use of the NAND mirroring method for hacking iPhone 5c running iOS 9.3. The specialist reinforced the document with a video clip in which he talks and shows directly the process of password bypass.

Having taken out the NAND flash memory from the iPhone, Skorobogatov copied it many times, which made it possible to use the brute force password without fear in locking the device, which, as you know, is carried out after ten times the password is entered incorrectly. The process of selecting a password from a specialist took about 20 hours, while he claims that a six-digit key can be cracked with brute force for up to three months. The cost of the components that Skorobogatov needed to crack was only £ 75 (100).

FBI will have to answer

Particularly intriguing in the whole story is the fact that the head of the FBI, James Komi, during a press conference announced the impossibility of hacking the iPhone 5c terrorist with NAND mirroring technology. After that, a similar statement was made several times, since experts in the field of computer security many times pointed out to the FBI representatives the possibility of using the method of copying NAND flash memory. Not a question, but a complaint, voiced by Skorobogatov himself, who said that taxpayer money was wasted. Will the FRB be asked for what reason the most labor-intensive method was not even given a chance?

Potential threat

In his report, Skorobogatov noted that his attack can be successfully carried out not only on the iPhone 5c, but also on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Smartphones use the same type of NAND flash memory, so you don’t even need to slightly change the method of copying it. For other smartphone models, this attack cannot be used, but the expert is sure that in the end it will be possible to adapt the method for them as well.

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