Installing Windows on a Samsung Laptop

Recently, there has been a lot of debate that Windows 10 does not work very well on weak hardware, that you often have to install drivers yourself, etc. The other day I was convinced of the opposite and I want to share this with you.

A bit about the Asus R540SA laptop

Despite its budget price, the laptop looks pretty stylish. The dark chocolate lid made of durable plastic and the light brown body look pretty good together. I was struck by the lightness of the laptop, only 1.9 kg, as well as the thickness of the case 25.4 mm, which is very unusual for budget laptops. Therefore, it is very light and convenient for transportation. It would seem that you can expect from a laptop for 6,000 hryvnia? But it is equipped with all the connectors necessary for work. Here they are all located on the left side of the case: a 3.5 mm headphone jack, one USB 2.0, 3.0 port and also a new USB Type-C connector, which is rarely seen on laptops in this price segment. Nearby are the HDMI, VGA and LAN RJ-45 connectors, that is, you can connect to the Internet not only through a wireless interface, since the laptop is equipped with a Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n module, but also use a wired one, which I’m sure will please many, because manufacturers recently for some reason in budget laptops prefer to get rid of this connector.

Also, ASUS R540SA is a Bluetooth 4.0 module that allows you to transfer data between devices at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

Of particular note is the island-style keyboard, which allows you to quickly and easily type text without risking a mistake when you press keys, and a rather sensitive touchpad with an increased area that supports some of the gestures. Of course, it is not worth expecting that a modern filling will be inserted into such a laptop.

The 15.6-inch ASUS R540SA has a resolution of 1366 × 768, which is standard for an inexpensive laptop, and a glossy surface, although it does not glare very much in the sun, which makes it comfortable to work with.

Installing Windows on a Samsung Laptop

It is worth noting that the developers from ASUS even managed to implement a whole range of software and hardware in such an entry-level laptop, designed to improve sound quality. Watching movies, TV shows, music videos and listening to music on it is a pleasure. He will definitely work out his money in this regard. But with the camera for video calls, they are all sad: it is only 0.3 megapixel resolution in our time. For me, such a camera is no longer very pleasant and convenient.

He has worse performance and memory. I understand that for such a price, it is still divine, but still. In a laptop, a 2-core Intel Celeron processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1.6 GHz (2.16 GHz in Turbo Boost mode), 2 GB of RAM and the integrated graphics core Intel HD Graphics are responsible for performance. The processor is built on a modern 14-nm process technology, which is why it does not heat up and has low power consumption. Okay, the mid-range processor, but in 2016, 2 GB of RAM is very small. I’m thinking of adding memory if the module is not soldered to the motherboard. It is worth mentioning that it supports 1.35V DDR3L low-voltage mode instead of 1.5V, which are usually in DDR3 format.

The laptop has a non-removable lithium-ion battery, which will enable you to work up to 4 hours according to the manufacturer. I can say from personal experience that up to 3 hours works no more.

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As you can see, I have a very average laptop and even without any operating system, about the installation of which I want to tell you further.

Install Windows 10 Pro

I already wrote above that I have not been involved in installing the OS on such laptops for a long time, so it was very interesting how exactly the new Windows 10 will cope with this task. I, from your permissions, I’ll omit the details of preparing the Windows 10 ISO image. I have written about this many times in my articles. I only note that once again I was convinced that no extraneous utility other than MediaCreationTool is simply needed. She does a great job installing OS.

Since my laptop is completely bare and there is nothing on it, the first step naturally was to look into the BIOS. I also wrote and discussed this many times. I can only lay out a picture with possible key combinations for entering the BIOS for almost all laptops.

Video: Installing Windows on a Samsung Laptop

Entering the same BIOS, our main and only task is in the section BOOT, which is easy to go to using the buttons updown, to the rightto the left, Find here your bootable USB flash drive, which do not forget to insert into the USB port of the laptop. Now you need to put it in the priority of loading the system using all the same keys up down, then press the key F10 and Enter We kindly request that you do not click or change anything else in the BIOS.

You will understand that the download has started when you see a page with a choice of interface language, country and version of the operating system. That is, the procedure is actually similar to a clean installation of Windows 10. But I had one nuance, which I want to tell you about the solution. When choosing a disk for installing the operating system, it turned out that I can not do this, since my disk partitions are in the format MBR, but for installation you need GPT. Many are faced with this problem, so I think it is necessary to describe ways to solve it.

You can solve the problems of converting MBR and GPT partitions using Command line, which can be opened with a set of keys Shift F10.Must run utility diskpart then enter the command List disk, to display a list of physical disks connected to the computer. Next, select the desired drive from the list that appears with the command select disk N, Where N-the number of your drive you want to convert. It must be cleared by entering the command clean. It remains to enter the command convert gpt and the disk is ready to install the operating system. You can convert from GPT in MBR, changing the last word when converting. I also want to note that in recent years I stopped breaking the hard drive into separate sections. I once asked this question on the Microsoft forum, to which I received explanations that the new HDD / SSDs do not require special partitioning. If it’s usual to partition HDDs, but many manufacturers do NOT recommend splitting SSDs. I anticipate your reaction to this phrase and therefore pay attention that they DO NOT recommend, it does NOT mean. It all depends on your personal desire and need. Everything works fine for me without dividing into sections and there have never been any force majeure circumstances.

I was very pleased that the installation took me no more than 40 minutes. Just answer the questions and click on. There is one observation: recently, when installing Windows 10, the system asks you to enter the PIN code of the router instead of the WI-FI password, which can be easily found on the case of your device. I do not know what this is connected with, but the fact remains. And I highly recommend that you install Internet access when installing Windows 10. The reason for this request is very prosaic: if there is an Internet connection, then Windows 10 installs the drivers itself, providing a digital signature. Simply put, you don’t have to delve into manufacturers’ websites to find the right drivers. Forget it if you bought a new laptop, even without an operating system installed.

After a while, the desktop will open and all pre-installed programs and applications from Microsoft will be downloaded to your laptop, that is, you can safely use your device.

Activating Windows 10 with a license key from Windows 8

As I said above, after installation the desktop was opened, the system works fine, but you need to activate it. This can be done in two ways: when the system asks you to enter the key during activation itself (I just skipped this point) or through Settings-Update and Security-Activation. Since I did not have a Windows 10 activation key, I decided to try to activate the OS using the Windows 8 activation key, which had been quietly waiting for its time for 3 years. I read that there is such a way, but it was necessary to check.

To my surprise, everything went smoothly and without surprises. In just a minute, my Windows 10 Pro was activated, which was eloquently written in the Activation section. That is, there is this way of activating Windows 10. How long this loophole will exist, I do not know, but it saved me a decent amount.

How Windows 10 Pro works on a budget laptop

Recently, I have heard and read a lot of complaints about the work of Windows 10. Some users complain about the poor performance of the system on old hardware, as well as on low-power laptops, such as the now already ASUS R540SA. I have been interested in this question for a very long time and now I am ready to share my answer with you.

For almost a week now I have been working on a new laptop every day: I write articles, make presentations, communicate on social networks, read news on portals, etc.

Of course I don’t play it, I rarely play games at all. I can say with full responsibility that the laptop does its job perfectly. Yes, it is slower than Surface Pro 3, but it lacks RAM and a not-so-fast processor, but it costs its money. In the current economic crisis, if you configure it correctly and do not expect anything supernatural from it, then you can very well buy a budget laptop for home use and study. Windows 10 works fine on it and copes with all the tasks a regular user needs. It is important to properly configure the system, do not download programs from unfamiliar resources, and do not search for drivers and utilities. And then using Windows 10 will only bring joy.

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