Install iOS 8.4.1

Install iOS 8.4.1

Most owners of popular Apple smartphones are interested in whether it is possible to update the operating system in their device and whether it makes sense. In our case, we are talking about installing the eighth version of Apple’s operating system on iPhone 4. In the past, many tried to upgrade their smartphones from the third version (iPhone 3G) to the 7th version of the operating system, but the performance of the device was not pleasant to say the least. Perhaps the hardware component and the Quartet will not cope with iOS 8? In this article we will answer this question. We will also give 2 ways how to set IOS 8 on iPhone 4, We will share our impressions of the smartphone and warn of possible difficulties during the update.

Install iOS 8.4.1

How to install IOS 8 on iPhone 4

Installing the 8th version of the operating system on iPhone 4s is possible in two ways: via Wi-Fi Internet connection of the smartphone itself and using iTunes on the computer.

The first method is simpler than the second, so consider it first. There are pitfalls here, since the firmware “weighs” about 1 GB in the archive and as much as 5-6 GB in the unpacked form. During the download, some kind of error may occur or the battery may become empty. Before you start updating the device, you must charge its battery at least 50%. It will partially discharge at the time of downloading the firmware, and may turn off during the update. In this case, you will have to use the second method. installation via iTunes. Make sure that the battery is charged and find out how to set Ios 8 via Wi-Fi:

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  • Turn on Wi-Fi and check your internet connection.
  • Create a backup in iTunes (or iCloud).
  • Open the settings in the smartphone, find the item “Basic” subparagraph “Software Update” and click Download and Install. The process will take place in the background.
  • Start the installation after downloading the firmware.

Video: Install iOS 8.4.1

After completion, all content can be downloaded from the “backup” stored on one of the services.

Install iOS 8.4.1

Before installing the firmware using iTunes, you need to update it to the latest version. Now look how to set Ios 8 using the application on the PC:

  • Connect the smartphone via usb cable to the PC, launch the iTunes application.
  • In the tab “Overview” Find available updates.
  • Press button “Refresh” and further Download and Update.
  • Check if the proposed firmware version is compatible with the smartphone.
  • Click next and wait for the download to complete. The installation will start automatically.
  • After installing a new version of the operating system, iTunes will inform you that the operation is complete.

How does it work Ios 8 on the iPhone 4s

Now it has become clear how to install iOS on iPhone 4, and that is not too complicated. But before you start the procedure, you need to weigh the pros and cons, find out how the new OS on iPhone 4s behaves.

To evaluate the performance of the new OS version on the device, tests were conducted. On devices with the previous and 8th version of the operating system, the same applications were launched and their loading time was fixed. For not too demanding users, the results will be quite good. The difference on average does not exceed 1 second, which is not significant. But you can immediately say that most likely when the device is running on a new version of the OS, the following problems will arise:

  • New applications being developed for iOS 8 may require a more powerful “stuffing” than the one installed in the iPhone 4s.
  • The smartphone may overheat and overcharge its battery.
  • Some programs and games will not start, and the device may freeze because it has an older generation A processor installed.

Possible problems during the upgrade

Before starting the procedure for updating the OS on a smartphone, you need to make a backup of a working system. This will help to avoid data loss in case of failure. The most common problem during the installation of a new operating system is the looping of the device in Recovery mode. The cause of the error is a lack of free space in the device’s memory. Owners of devices with 8 and 16 GB of memory should take precautions. At least 7 GB of free space should be left before downloading the firmware and installing it.

Restoring a device for which there was not enough memory to update will be possible only with Recovery or DFU in iTunes. In this case, all user data will be lost. That’s why you always need to think before you think. how to install ios on iphone 4, Back up the previous operating system.

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