Install Android On Phone With Windows Phone

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The good news is that most Windows smartphones are ready to install the new, 10th version of Windows, and you can do it for free. Not very good. in its full form, the update works only on some Lumia models. And another fly in the ointment: the intermediate assembly, which is now available, causes certain inconveniences.

How to install Windows 10 on your phone: detailed instructions

Despite the fact that Microsoft has officially developed a new version of the operating system, which is not yet supported by all phones, Windows 10 can also be installed on smartphones running Android. Unless, of course, you are ready to take a chance and install the “raw” version on your phone.

To download the “top ten” without problems, the smartphone must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 or later on board
  • free more than 2 GB of RAM.
Install Android On Phone With Windows Phone

Unfortunately, full support for Windows 10 is only possible on Lumia 550, 640, 640 XL, 650, 950 and 950 XL models

The Microsoft website has a list of phone models that currently officially support the installation of Windows 10:

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  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL,
  • BLU Win HD W510U,
  • Lumia 430,
  • Lumia 435,
  • Lumia 532,
  • Lumia 535,
  • Lumia 540,
  • Lumia 550,
  • Lumia 635 (1 GB),
  • Lumia 636 (1 GB),
  • Lumia 638 (1 GB),
  • Lumia 640,
  • Lumia 640 XL,
  • Lumia 650,
  • Lumia 730,
  • Lumia 735,
  • Lumia 830,
  • Lumia 930,
  • Lumia 950,
  • Lumia 950 XL,
  • Lumia Icon,
  • Lumia 1520,
  • MCJ Madosma Q501.

True, of the listed phones, only the Lumia 550, 640, 640 XL, 650, 950 and 950 XL fully support the new system. it works most stable on them and produces the lowest percentage of errors.

Since July 2016, Microsoft has completely closed the ability to install Windows 10 on unsupported phones. On the network you can find instructions on how to download the “top ten” in an unofficial way, but, firstly, it takes too much time and effort, and secondly, on old phones the new system is extremely unstable and slow. Thirdly, in order to download even the smallest system update in an unofficial manner, the user must go through the entire procedure again and again with the installation of a false certificate and as a result, he is at great risk of receiving a “brick” instead of a telephone.

Video: Install Android On Phone With Windows Phone

Install Windows 10 on Lumia Phones

If you have one of the phone models listed above, then to install the version of Windows 10 Technical Preview you need to follow the sequence of several steps.

Problems after installing Windows 10 on the phone and how to solve them

As was said, the new system is not yet completely ready for use, so users often have problems with applications and settings. However, many of them have a solution:

  • alarms set earlier on the phone, passwords to Wi-Fi networks do not go to Win 10. they will have to be configured and entered again;
  • previously installed additional language packs disappear, but they can be downloaded if you switch the fast and slow cycles (Fast / Slow) in the Windows Insider application;
  • to open the Photos application when attaching a photo to a letter or put a background image on the lock page, sometimes you have to try several times. the first time it may not work, but there is no reason for panic;
  • Microsoft Band fitness tracker sometimes needs to be reconnected via Bluetooth for the system to detect it;
  • the Internet is not immediately connected in roaming, despite the fact that everything is connected in the settings. to fix the error you need to enable / disable this option several times;
  • incorrectly saved access point names in recovery images can be changed to correct ones by restoring APN settings using the Windows Mobile Recovery Tool;
  • lack of VPN support and a list of applications in Battery Saver utility, inability to open playlists from the main page with a standard player, deactivation of the Quiet Hours function when an event is scheduled in the calendar, poor sound quality when connecting wireless headphones and speakers. these problems cannot be solved in the current build.

Install Windows 10 on Android Phones

It is worth making a reservation that on smartphones with Android OS it is best to use one of the Windows emulators, and not engage in flashing the system. Then the main OS will remain “on board”, and in case of problems with the “top ten” it will be possible to continue to use Android calmly. Emulators that allow you to use the Windows interface:

Installation files for each of them can be downloaded on the official websites. For installation, you need a mouse with a keyboard, an 8 GB bootable USB flash drive or a DVD drive, as well as a USB hub and a USB-Ethernet adapter. Installation is carried out from a bootable USB flash drive or disk. The process is simple and almost identical for each of the emulators. you need to download and install the emulator with firmware on your device, download the img image of the desired operating system (can be found on the Internet), unzip and start working with the emulator.

Video: installing a Windows emulator on an Android phone

If you need to install full Windows 10 on top of Android, you will need to completely reflash the smartphone, which carries great risks. It is better to turn to this question to specialists. In addition, not all Android device chipsets support Windows. Therefore, to the above requirements for phones, to install the Microsoft product, you need a quad-core processor with ARM and i386 architecture. Chips will be optimal:

  • Odeon TPC-10,
  • Archos 9,
  • ViewSonic ViewPAD,
  • Iconia Tab W500,
  • 3Q Qoo.

Unfortunately, the assembly of Windows 10 is still in the testing phase and has many shortcomings. If the desire to put a “raw” product on your smartphone did not disappear, then it is better to install the system on Lumia models that officially support it, and for Android phones, stop by downloading the emulator. As for the release of the final version of the OS, the release date has not yet been announced, although Microsoft says that it will be released in 2017.

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