Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

Read the instructions on how to upload photos from iPhone to a computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10, as well as a universal way for all versions of Windows.

iPhone is famous for its cumbersome daily operations. For example, the procedure for setting the ringtone, which needs a separate instruction. In this article, we will answer another burning question: how to drop a photo from iPhone to a Windows computer?

What do you need?

Transferring data from the internal memory of the iPhone to the PC is, in fact, a fairly simple task. The fact is that the internal memory of the iPhone (unlike an Android device) is immediately recognized by Windows as a portable device, for example, a digital camera. Therefore, you can safely open it using Windows Explorer and copy image files.

To transfer photos from iPhone to a computer running Windows, you will need:

  • USB cable for iPhone (Lightning-to-USB);
  • Active Wi-Fi connection to which PC and iPhone are connected;
  • ITunes program version no lower than 12.5.1.

How to upload photos from iPhone to computer using Windows?

In order to transfer your photo gallery from iPhone to computer, you can use standard Windows tools. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Unlock the iPhone screen with a password (if installed).

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.

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Optional: after that you can open iTunes, select your device in the tree on the left and select the checkbox in the settings Wi-Fi device sync. Then in the future you can not use the cable, but connect to Windows via a wireless connection.

3. The “Trust this computer” dialog box may appear on the device. Click Trust or Allow.

What to do next depends on your version of Windows:

    Windows 7: in the dialog box Autostart select Import images and videos using Windows and in the window that appears, mark the photos you want to import (this is optional). You can make the system always import when a device is connected: to do this, check the box Always execute for next device. Photos will be copied to the Images folder.

Video: Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

Windows 7: in the autorun window, select import images.

Windows 8: open the application Photo album. Right-click in the program window and select Import. Specify iPhone as the device from which photos will be copied, mark the necessary images and press Proceed >Import. Photos will be saved in the Images folder and in a subfolder named by current date.

Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

The Photos album application is responsible for transferring photos from iPhone to Windows 8.

  • Windows 10: click Start >Photo and select Import >From a USB device. You can choose not only the items to import, but also the folder for saving them.
  • Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

    In Windows 10, photos from iPhone are imported through the Photos app.

    How to copy photos from iPhone to Windows directly?

    To take photos from iPhone to a Windows computer, regardless of version, you can use the usual Explorer. Connect the smartphone to the PC, open A computer and double-click on your iPhone in the list of devices. Open folder Internal storage > DCIM. All your photos are stored in it. Copy them to any folder in the standard way.

    Import Photos From Iphone On Windows 10

    The connected iPhone is displayed as a camera in Explorer.

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