Imessage iPad Does Not Work

The iMessage service, as you know, is convenient in particular and its versatility. In the sense that in iMessage messages can be sent / received not only from the iPhone, but also from the iPad, and from the Macbook, moreover, they are different if they are “tied” to one Apple ID.

Plus, iMessage has all sorts of nice effects, emoji and other cool little things, and even money can now be transferred through this service.

In general, a solid positive and a lot of usefulness. But exactly as long as the service is functioning normally. And as practice shows, iMessage works fine it doesn’t always work out.

From time to time, various problems arise for him, and for various reasons. Therefore, in this post we will tell you what to do when iMessage does not work or works poorly.

And for starters, we, as usual, recall that when you notice some glitches at iMessage, the first thing you should do is just update the application to the latest version, and preferably on all devices where you have it installed (“Settings”.> “Basic”.> “Software Update”) Yes, with updates from Apple, everything is not always smooth, but, as a rule, new versions of programs work better and faster than previous ones, especially on “not very new” devices.

And after the update with iMessage problems, if they still remain, we will deal, so to speak, individually. So:

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messages in iMessage turn green?

The messages you receive on iMessage are your iPhone, iPad or Macbook always displays in blue. If green dashes appeared in the correspondence, then these are also messages, but you do not receive / send them in iMessage, but, most likely, as the most regular SMS. That is, not via the Internet, but through the network of a mobile operator and may not even be free (according to the tariffication). And this happens often for two reasons: the one / the person with whom you are chatting with is either not enabled at all iMessage, or on the mobile device Airplane mode.

But there is another reason why iMessage disconnects maybe just for you. If your smartphone (tablet or laptop) has disconnected from the Internet (the traffic limit has been exceeded, the 3G or 4G network has disappeared, you have exceeded your WiFi network, etc.), then iMessage will not work, and the correspondence will switch to SMS mode, which are displayed in green.

By the way, it’s very simple to check the device’s connection to the Internet: open Safari or any of the other browsers and try to find something through the search, or try updating the feed in Instagram. If it is not located or is not being updated, then the Internet has definitely disappeared.

iMessage shows old posts

This is a relatively recent issue this year. The reason that message chronology is violated in iMessage (they are displayed in the wrong sequence) is a bug in the date and time settings of the operating system. You can fix it as follows:

  • check that the device is connected to the Internet;
  • open “Settings”.> “Basic”.> “Date and time”;
  • In chapter “date and time“Find and disable the option”Automatically“;
  • wait a minute and then turn it on again.

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Everyone has the Internet, but messages in iMessage are not blue

First, check if iMessage is enabled at all. For this in iPhone / iPad open “Settings“And tap”Messages“. The iMessage function slider should be green. If it is gray (disabled), then just turn it on. But do not forget that, At first, the service is not activated immediately (sometimes in minutes, less often in a few hours), because if it did not work quickly, we try to turn it on after a while. A Secondly, in the process of activation there may be some bugs (“An error occurred while activating” or “Unable to connect to server“), So that, too, will have to tinker. If iMessage is turned on, everything is normal with the connection, but the messages are green or confused, then turn off and turn on iMessage and / or look at the previous paragraphs of this post.

Imessage iPad Does Not Work
do your interlocutors complain that your iMessage is sending email messages?

Open “Settings”.> “Messages”.> “Sending / receiving”, where we find a list of email addresses and phone numbers that are tied to current Apple ID. Most Apple-users of the device, when saving new contacts, automatically set the phone number as a priority, because the “Send / Receive” screen is scrolled slightly down to the “Start a new conversation with“And in it we rearrange the flag from the email address to the phone number. If you don’t want to frighten anyone else in iMessage with your electronic device.

iMessage messages not showing on iPad and MacBook

If you need to enable iMessage not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad, and on the Macbook, then for this in each of these devices you must first configure a copy of the SIM card with the same phone number as that of SIMs in iPhone. And then activate the iMessage service for them. To do this, tap on iPhone “Settings”.> “Messages”.> Forwarding and in the list of devices tied to the current Apple ID, we connect the necessary ones.

iMessage is terribly slow

If your iMessage has accumulated a lot of old correspondence, and especially if there are a lot of messages with photos in them, then this service will really slow down over time. So, it is better to delete old and irrelevant correspondence at least sometimes. If laziness is manual, then you can enable auto-deletion, then the smartphone will delete all messages older than 30 days. But then they will not hammer in memory.

I tried everything, but nothing helps, and iMessage does not work normally

If, after all of the above methods, resolve problems with iMessage, messages still remain green and / or the “Not sent“, Then try the following:

  • open “Settings”.> “Messages”, turn it off again and turn on iMessage again in a minute, after successful completion of the activation procedure, check the result;
  • open “Settings”.> FaceTime and just turn it off and turn on FaceTime again in a minute (both services work on the same servers, therefore restart facetime sometimes helps fix iMessage failures and vice versa);
  • reconnect to your current Apple ID (open “Settings“, We exit first from iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store, then in the settings we tap our name, scroll the screen down, tap “Go out“, Enter the password for the Apple ID and click”Switch off“);
  • network reset. in case of any glitches with a connection to 3G / 4G or WiFi-network: “Settings”.> “Basic”.> “Reset”.> Reset Network Settings and confirm the team;
  • reboot iPhone in the usual way;
  • forced reboot. a radical measure, but extremely effective in case of any malfunctioning of any application, including and iMessage(First, we backup all the data in iCloud or on Mac, the hard reset for new iPhones is done as follows: once we press the “Increase Volume” button, then once we press the “Decrease Volume” button, then press and hold the power button. the screen at first it will darken, then the Apple logo will appear on it. the restart is started).