Huawei Y6 Pro Does Not Charge

Huawei Y6 Pro does not charge: replacing the charge control chip

As you might have guessed from the title, today we will focus on repairing the smartphone of the Chinese brand Huawei Y6 Pro. This device, according to the hostess, began to charge poorly, with which the woman turned to another service. There the phone lay for about a month and was issued to the client without repair.

We decided not to leave the poor woman to the mercy of fate and to understand the essence of the problem and, if possible, restore the telephone to working capacity. Of course, any repair of a smartphone, tablet or laptop begins in our service with a smartphone inspection for mechanical damage and diagnostics. This smartphone outwardly looked almost perfect, despite several scratches on its body, but unfortunately, it showed absolutely no signs of life.

Huawei Y6 Pro Does Not Charge

The situation is familiar. we begin to disassemble the smartphone. Huawei Y6 Pro. understands quite simply, unless of course this is not your first smartphone that you are trying to repair))) You need to remove the back cover and unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter of the phone, and then remove the protective plastic frame. After that, you will get access to the battery and boards of the smartphone.

We disassemble Huawei Y6 Pro for further diagnostics

Further, it is important not to forget to disconnect the battery cable. And you can proceed to further diagnosis already directly “filling” of the smartphone. The first thing we noticed is the lower charging board with components, because it was with a complaint about it that the whole saga began with the repair of this unit. On the board, it was clear that the connector was replaced and this was done by and large normally. Neighboring elements were not damaged, the connector contact with the board was good.

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Video: Huawei Y6 Pro Does Not Charge

Next we checked battery condition Huawei Y6 Pro and even threw a new one. The result was the same. the smartphone did not turn on and did not show any signs of life. We are looking further.

The method of exclusion remains the motherboard of the smartphone, and we turn to it. The first thing that our engineer drew attention to was the traces of the removal of one of the protective screens of the microcircuits and the slightly fused plastic part of one of the SIM connectors. We remove the protective screen and what was our surprise when we did not find one important element there. He just wasn’t there, Karl! Of course, she disappeared from there, we guess, but we will not throw mud at our colleagues, let it remain on their conscience.

Missing BQ24296M Power Chip in Huawei Y6 Pro

And so, the reason why the Huawei Y6 Pro does not turn on we found. The only thing left is to open the motherboard diagram of this phone model, look at the marking of the missing element and put it in its place. The missing element was the BQ24296M power management chip.. She is responsible for charging the phone and supplying power to the board

Having rummaged in our bins, we found the corresponding element. And set it on the board. The installation process of this chip is quite painstaking, requires special skills, equipment and dexterity. The installation site must first be prepared, cleaned of flux residues and traces of previous soldering. And then carefully mount the element under its microscope in its rightful place. Voila, 3 hours and the smartphone is ready to go. An engineer collects it and checks the basic functions: microphone, speakers, proximity sensor, charging process. And only after that a working smartphone is issued to the client.

Power Management Chip BQ24296M

Installing the new BQ24296M chip on the Huawei Y6 Pro

Replacing the power controller in a Huawei smartphone