Huawei Y3 Configure 4g Mts

Huawei Y3 Configure 4g Mts

Chinese devices sometimes offer their users smash their heads by asking puzzles like "How to set up an Internet connection on this Huawei gadget?". Now the Internet has become almost the main service, the use of which on a smartphone is not in doubt. Almost any mobile phone service providers provide this service. And many applications on gadgets for normal operation need an active connection to the network. In addition, how else can you find out the latest news, weather forecasts, if not on your pocket assistant?
In order not to be left without funds in a mobile account, it is recommended that you first inquire about the tariffs of the operator and make sure that it provides this service. Sometimes an internet connection provides an additional charge. You may need to visit your operator’s customer service department or find through your computer how you can activate the Internet service.
Most often, the Internet connection in smartphones and tablets of Huawei is established automatically. If this does not happen, you will probably need to drive the connection data yourself. This article details the process of manually setting up an Internet connection. In order to be able to access the network, it is enough to follow the points below:

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1. Go to the settings menu, where you need to proceed to the item "Wireless networks".
2. Dale go to "Mobile network"where we choose "APN Access Point".
3. You need to create a new access point, which is available in the tab "Function";
4. Enter the correct data in the empty fields. These data are provided by the mobile operator. For each provider, they are different, and usually they can be found on the sites of mobile operators. All fields should be carefully filled. At least you need to enter "Username"prescribe "Access point address" and "Password". Let’s consider how to enter data correctly using the example of popular telecom operators.

APN. enter;
Username is mts;
Password is mts.

Mobile operator BeeLine:
Username. beeline;
Password is beeline.

Tele2 operator:
Username. leave the field empty;
Password. leave the field blank.

Operator Megaphone:
APN. internet
Username. leave the field empty;
Password. leave the field blank.

6. After you save the settings, you may need to restart Huawei in the event that an instant connection is not established. Rebooting will help to activate a new account.
7. If the Internet connection on Huawei is still not established, you should carefully check the correctness of filling in all the points. If you are unable to configure the connection yourself, you should call the mobile operator’s user support center, where they will gladly try to help you.

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