Huawei tablet does not see a sim card

Your android Android OS Why the phone does not see the SIM card

A SIM card is one of the main elements without which the phone will not be a phone, although today this device can do much more than making incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, it is already a serious powerful device that fits in our pocket. Of course today when the phone does not see the sim card this is a problem and the Android smartphone is no longer a full-fledged device. In our article, we will explain why the phone does not see the SIM card and how to fix this problem on an Android smartphone.

The smartphone does not see a SIM card what to do?

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Why the phone does not see the SIM card

This question can be answered in two options: a breakdown associated with the phone or a malfunction on the side of the SIM card. Let’s start with the second option.

If the phone does not see the SIM card, first of all check the operability of the SIM card:

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  1. Insert the SIM card into another phone and check how this phone perceives it, maybe the SIM card is out of order.
  2. If the SIM card is new, make sure it is activated (replenish the account, make a call, enter the activation code, etc.).
  3. Perhaps the validity period of your “SIM card” has ended, for example, due to the lack of replenishment of a mobile account.

If, having completed all of the above tests, you have shown that everything is in order with the SIM card, then proceed to the following instructions. Trouble on the side of a smartphone or tablet.

Huawei tablet does not see a sim card

Video: Huawei tablet does not see a sim card

A tablet or phone does not see a SIM card, what should I do?

So, you found out that the malfunction is still on the side of the device (phone or tablet). There may be several options why the smartphone does not see the SIM card.

Option 1

Check if you have a dual SIM Android phone, if you have the ability to use two SIM cards in your phone. For example, in some models, you can disable the operation of the second “SIM card”.

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Go to the section “Manage SIM-cards”
  3. Turn on the disabled mobile sim card.

Option 2

It may be that the SIM card is turned on and still does not work on the phone or tablet. Try in this case, write a message, it does not matter to whom and with what content, most importantly try to send a message with a non-working “SIM card”. When sending a message, the system should make a request to turn on the SIM card. Make a confirmation and use your smartphone or tablet fully.

The smartphone does not see the sim card

Option 3

If a new phone, check if it is flashed under a specific service provider. If it is “locked”, then such a device will not work by any operator unless you reflash it.

Option 4

There may also be a malfunction with the visibility of the SIM card when moisture or dust gets on the contacts. In this case, you can gently wipe the contacts with an alcohol solution (only without fanaticism, with an alcohol solution).

Option 5

Fatal for you can be damage to contacts, for example, as a result of a fall or perhaps even because of frequent changes of SIM cards in the phone. In this case, they will help you at the service center.

Smartphone does not see SIM card after firmware

It also happens that after flashing the smartphone or tablet, the SIM card stops working. In this case, try to reflash again, maybe something you did wrong. If you do not want to bother, just contact the service center as well.

Watch the video how to fix the problem when after the firmware the phone does not see the SIM card.

If you have your own method of eliminating the incorrect operation of the SIM card in the phone, write in the comments about your experience.