Huawei T1 701u Glass Replacement

Urgent repair of Huawei tablets in Kiev

The equipment of one of the largest companies in the field of telecommunications is subject to negative impact, on a par with any other equipment. Indeed, even the most durable and reliable devices need to be serviced by professional specialists. If the Huawei tablet does not turn on, hangs and gives errors, there can be many reasons: from overheating to damage to the central board. And only an experienced specialist who knows all the features and subtleties of modern electronics can quickly detect, eliminate and prevent further problems. The team of the Re: Store service center invites you to carry out high-quality repair of Huawei tablets in Kiev. We guarantee a reliable and effective result!

What is the cause of the breakdown?

Contacting a specialist may be necessary for many reasons. The device may accidentally fall out of the chair or fall out of the hands of the owner. After the device falls onto a hard surface, not only external but also internal components can be damaged, which lead to the complete inoperability of the tablet or to complications in its recovery. We identified the main breakdowns that may require Huawei repair in Kiev:

Huawei T1 701u Glass Replacement
  • lack of reaction of mechanical buttons to pressing (volume key, on / off);
  • software failure;
  • camera breakdown;
  • matrix damage;
  • malfunctioning Bluetooth, wi-fi, 3G;
  • the presence of defects on the case;
  • lack of sound;
  • failure of the processor, controllers.

How to repair Huawei?

Video: Huawei T1 701u Glass Replacement

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No professional master will undertake repairs if preliminary diagnostics of Huawei tablets is not performed. The check will help determine the nature and complexity of the damage, as well as choose the best option for their elimination. Diagnostics in our service center is absolutely free for 5-40 minutes, which depends on the configuration of a specific device model. At the end of the audit, we contact the client to agree on a plan for further procedures, terms and cost of their implementation. Having approved all the moments of repair, we proceed to the complete disassembly of the device, replacement, restoration or cleaning of defective parts. After fixing the problems and assembling the device in the reverse order, we carry out its testing, and also inform the client about the completion of the recovery procedures. You can always observe the state of technology using the “repair status” widget, which is located in the lower area of ​​the site.

Why should you contact us?

It’s simple, because we take responsibility for tablet repair with special care and scrupulousness. Service center Re: Store in Kiev has been operating since 2009. During the existence of our company, we have presented a “new life” to thousands of Huawei tablets and we can say with confidence that you will be satisfied with the result of our activities. To perform quality service, we use the latest equipment, innovative approaches to solving problems, as well as components from the manufacturer. We value each of our customers and try to be as loyal as possible. High-class specialists will not only help with troubleshooting, but will also give advice on the further operation of the equipment. Competent consultants are always ready to answer your questions by calling (044) 333-60-78 or in the office of the service center. Re: Store is a reliability and effective result with a guarantee. We are also ready to repair your Huawei tablet not only in Kiev, but in our servsin center in Odessa, Lviv and Krivoy Rog.

Dates: from 20 minutes.

Instruments: mounting hair dryer, plastic spatula, oscilloscope, ultrasonic bath, screwdrivers, soldering irons.

Materials: adhesive tape, sealant, components from the manufacturer, analogues.

Warranty: from 1 to 6 months.