Huawei P10 Lite Module Replacement

At the next replacement of the display module. P10 Lite from Huawei. Go.

Since the back cover of the P10 is glass, we will heat it twice. First, to peel off the lid. At the back we send the phone to the thermo box. Set the temperature to 99 ° C and leave for 3 minutes.

Characteristic traces suggest that the apparatus was previously under repair. The back cover was installed on black glue. Most likely, the display is also not “native”.

Pay attention to the cover: the fingerprint scanner on it is connected to the internal components of the phone, before removing the cover, turn off the cable.

For further work, we do not need to completely disassemble the device. We will manage partial analysis.

We unscrew the 2 screws, both hold the protective covers in place, covering the main connectors for connecting the display module and the battery, we need them.

Unscrew the right screw and remove the cover, under it the battery connector. Before continuing the analysis, turn off the battery to avoid various kinds of accidents.

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Under the second screen is the display module connection connector. We snap the connector and prepare a new spare part for inspection.

We connect a new display module for the test. We observe the correct position of the connector, at the very end we connect the battery and start the device.

Huawei P10 Lite Module Replacement

After switching on, we test the uniformity and brightness of the backlight, as well as the absence of any image defects.

Sensor verification is carried out in two ways:

  • By activating all the controls of the program shell (curtains, buttons, icons, brightness sliders and side control gestures, if any) and dragging the icon of any application on the desktop over the entire area;
  • By turning on the special touch screen display mode:
  • application “Settings”
  • Paragraph “About Phone / About Device”
  • Repeatedly clicking on a line “Build number”, before the message about the inclusion of developer mode
  • Go back to the main settings screen.
  • Scroll down and find the appeared item “For Developers”, go to it (on various devices this menu item can be hidden in “Accessibility”, “Advanced Settings”, “System Settings”, etc.)
  • Turn on the item “For Developers” and look at the “Input” section below. Display Touch, ready. at the touch point a coordinate grid appears and a line is displayed that follows the touch of a finger, allowing you to check each corner and face for the sensor to work.

Video: Huawei P10 Lite Module Replacement

The part has passed the test, we will continue to parse.

Our next step is to dismantle the battery, it is underneath the loop of the display module. Using a flat spatula, we create a small gap where you can put a plastic tool and, lifting it along the edges, peel off the battery.

Strictly recommend refrain from using metal tools when removing the battery. If damaged, the battery may catch fire.

Once again, we put the phone on the thermal mat, only “face” down. The same temperature and time.

Our suspicions were confirmed: the display easily moved away from the frame, as it was glued to the glue. High temperature weakens the adhesive much more than adhesive tape, so disassembling a previously repaired device is much easier. If you used normal glue.

From the removed display we transfer to the new speaker grille.

We prepare the surface of the display frame for installation. We clear of all traces of dried glue, dirt and dust. Degrease the surface with isopropyl alcohol and, after evaporation, apply B-7000 glue.

For ease of installation and improvement of quality, we recommend allowing the glue to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Before installation Make sure all display components are insulated and shipping transparencies are removed.

After installation, we will return the battery to its place. If the factory adhesive tape was preserved during the dismantling process, we will leave it; if not, we will replace it with an acrylic double-sided. We will reinstall the back cover on the same B-7000 glue.

After all the manipulations and complete assembly of the phone, we send it under oppression or fix it with special clothespins. Since we glued both the display and the cover, such measures are highly recommended to improve the quality of component installation.