Huawei P Smart Face Unlock

recently, the option to unlock a smartphone using face recognition was available only in expensive models. But with the advent of the new Huawei Y-series, everything has changed. the FaceUnlock function first appeared in smartphones of an affordable price category. Enhancing data privacy protection, Huawei confirms its intention to make flagship features available to every consumer.

Huawei’s FaceUnlock feature was first introduced on the P Smart and Mate10 lite smartphones. Then it acquired the flagship P20 line, and immediately after it. the new Y series. So Huawei became the first brand in the world to introduce this relevant function into the budget line. Recently, FaceUnlock received as an update the earlier flagship models, the Mate10 Pro, P10 and P10 Plus.

Huawei P Smart Face Unlock

We will answer the main user questions about the FaceUnlock function and its configuration.

How does FaceUnlock work?
If you use your smartphone constantly when your hands are busy, recognizing the owner “in the face” becomes a very convenient solution. The smartphone remembers and stores your portrait in the protected area of ​​the processor, each time comparing the person who is trying to unlock the smartphone with the image that he “remembered”.

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It must be borne in mind that in low light conditions the function works a little slower than in daylight. Unlocking “in the face” in the flagship models at the same time differs from the same function in the budget lines. In the Huawei Y-series, the function is implemented using the front camera, and in the flagships (for example, Huawei P20 Pro) there are additional modules that allow you to unlock the device in almost complete darkness.

Video: Huawei P Smart Face Unlock

How to configure the function?
First you need to go to the settings menu of your Huawei and select “Security and Privacy”. From the displayed list, go to “Face Recognition” and proceed to registration. The device will warn you that you need to check the cleanliness of the lens protective glass and remove all foreign objects from the face. In the next notification, the smartphone will provide tips on how to optimally configure the function, after which you can register your face.

There are two unlock options, from which the owner of the smartphone can choose: instant, when immediately after face recognition the user sees the desktop or previously activated application, or double. The latter provides for an additional swipe on the screen for full unlocking. that is, after face recognition, the smartphone is unlocked, but the screen will be inactive until you hold it with your finger.

And if I’m afraid that the face image can be faked and “trick” the smartphone?
It is important to note that the face scanner only works if your eyes are open, which means that other people will not be able to unlock the device when you are sleeping. FaceUnlock in the Huawei Y-Series recognizes more than 1000 face points and accurately matches them with previously saved images, eliminating the possibility of using your photo or video image to activate the device.

Safety first
The FaceUnlock feature implemented in the budget Y-Series devices is another way to unlock your smartphone in addition to the pattern, PIN, and fingerprint scanner.

Huawei provides the ability to use the smart notification display feature called Smart Lock Screen Notification. If FaceUnlock identifies that the person who is trying to unlock the phone is not its owner, the smartphone will automatically hide the contents of all pop-up messages received, for example, via SMS, Telegram, Viber. That is, notifications will be displayed, but their content will not. Thus, Huawei worried about the maximum protection of the privacy of each user. Ensuring the protection of personal data is the respect shown to each client.