Huawei Mediapad 7 Factory Reset

Android is undoubtedly the most popular and most stable smartphone platform in the world, but this does not completely exclude all problems. Sometimes serious situations may arise in which you have to act tough. For example, did you forget the unlock password, clogged up the phone’s memory to such an extent that it doesn’t turn on (found on Chinese fakes, like DNS), or did you just change some phone settings, which made it unstable? Do not worry, these problems can be solved by resetting to factory settings (Wipe or Factory Reset). Follow the simple steps below and you will succeed.

What is a factory reset?

Factory Reset, this is the so-called hard reset, it leads to the restoration of Android to the state in which it was at the time of purchase. That is, all installed applications, software, passwords, accounts and other personal data stored in the internal memory of the phone will be destroyed under a clean one. The information stored on the SD card will remain untouched. But just in case, we recommend that you remove the card before a complete reset.
By the way, applications can be restored from backup (if you have the opportunity to backup), we recommend using the Titanium Backup program to create backups before completely resetting or flashing the phone. You can download it from the Play Market or

How to make a full reset on Android?

Below we will present you two simple but effective ways to reset Android to factory defaults.

Method 1: Perform Factory Reset from Device Settings

As a rule, the user has the opportunity to roll back to the factory settings directly from the running Android OS. To do this, go to the following path:

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Video: Huawei Mediapad 7 Factory Reset

Settings“> “Recovery and reset”> “Reset”.

Tick ​​the corresponding item if you want to format the USB flash drive on Android, and boldly roll back to the factory state.

Note: Before you roll back, try backing up your data using the built-in functions or the program whose name I wrote above.

Method 2: Factory Reset Android in recovery mode

If you are an unlucky guy who accidentally forgot the unlock password on your Android, the method described above will not help you at all. Since you cannot access your phone, restoring the factory state of the device in recovery mode is the perfect way for you right now. Just turn off the device. Then press key combinations such as “On. Volume Down ”, or“ Menu Back ”to enter recovery mode. Google how to log into the recovery on your device correctly, if it doesn’t work. Select “Wipe date / factory reset” in the menu and wait until your android returns to its factory state.

In the screenshots above the native recovery, below TWRP.

Huawei Mediapad 7 Factory Reset

Compared to the first method, rolling back to the factory state via wipe is a more reliable way. But it is 100% destroys all the data on your device.

If you can’t make a full reset, or go into recovery mode, then write in the comments. We will try to help everyone.

How to reset Android to factory settings? : 2 comments

Hi, I have such a problem, I can’t find the recovery on the HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite 2 tablet. I tried resetting the settings to the factory settings anyway and it doesn’t turn on after the logo displays a language choice I press and after some time. It says “an error occurred in the setup wizard application”. And throws it back to the choice of language. Help if you can. Thanks in advance.

I can. On this HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite tablet, the entrance to the recovery is as follows:
1) Hold the volume and power buttons,
2) When the logo of the huave lights up, you can release the power, and hold the volume until you enter the recovery.

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