Huawei Mate X Output

Now it is impossible to imagine a world without smartphones. They help us in everything. With their help, you can find any information on the World Wide Web, make high-quality photos, make a call and even work. The smartphone combines many different gadgets, which in the aggregate greatly simplify modern life. This thing fits in your pocket, but it dramatically changes the whole world.

Huawei Mate X Output

Huawei is an outstanding Chinese company that has made a significant contribution to the electronic industry. Chinese engineers presented the market with many high-quality state employees and flagships and continue to do so successfully. The company should release a smartphone Huawei P11 X. According to rumors, this smartphone will be truly revolutionary, because it will have the most top-notch filling, a very clear screen, which is far from every monitor, and many other advantages, which we will talk about a little later.

True, for such a pleasure and will have to pay a lot. But the expected performance is really worth the money. Of course, by the time it is released, everything can change, but let’s talk about what is known about the phone at the moment.

Huawei Mate X Output

release date

It’s very important to ask when the new P11 will be released. It is impossible to name the exact date or month, since there is no information about this. For Huawei P11 X, the release date is planned for the first half of 2018. Most likely, the smartphone will begin to sell in the summer. By this time, developers should have time to finalize the device and, possibly, solve some problems, for example, with battery life or optimizing a new processor. We will talk about this in detail, but a little later. For now, consider how the new product will look.

New design

There is something to say about the design of the new model. The smartphone will look very elegant. Thin frames, large screen and minimal thickness. The device will be in a ratio of 18: 9, which makes it very convenient to use. The frames will be inconspicuous, which adds grace to the smartphone.

Important is the presence of a 3.5 mm jack in the device. Many users pay attention to this fact, since with the audio jack you can simultaneously listen to music through wired headphones and charge the smartphone. The charging connector will be type-c, which is to be expected.

The fingerprint scanner will be integrated into the button “Home”. To say whether it is convenient or not is very difficult, because it is a very subjective thing: someone is much more comfortable when the scanner is at the back, and someone likes it more if it is in front. In any case, we are sure that he will be very fast.

Huawei Mate X Output

According to the first information, the design will be very beautiful, really worthy of the title of flagship.

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According to rumors, Kirin 980 will be installed in the device. This new product has 2 pairs of 4 cores. The first pair operates at a frequency of 2.8 GHz, and the second. at a frequency of 2.0 GHz. This is a very powerful processor that will allow Huawei P11 to easily bypass all the flagship models on the market.

Video: Huawei Mate X Output

The high processor power allows you not to think about performance at all, the next couple of years the device will pull absolutely everything without the slightest difficulty.

It is noteworthy that manufacturers promise a reduction in energy consumption by 35%. This is very good, because with a 5.8-inch display with a resolution of 3k it really is very necessary.

Huawei Mate X Output

Given 6 GB of RAM, we can say that the smartphone will indeed be very powerful. Let’s hope that the new hardware is optimized normally, because it can lag terribly, even despite its powerful characteristics.


The camera is a very important aspect of the smartphone. When choosing a mobile device, most users pay attention to it. After all, it allows you to capture the necessary and important moments in life without having to carry a professional camera.

The main camera will have two modules of 19 and 16 megapixels. The first 19 megapixel camera will allow you to take very high-quality photos. The second 16 megapixel module will be monochrome. A monochrome module is needed to improve the quality of colors, because monochrome perceives color much better. From this we can conclude that the picture in the photographs will be very bright and juicy. In addition, two cameras are needed for bokeh shots, the second module is used to make a quality blurring of the background. Although this depends not only on the module, but also on how everything is implemented at the software level. But in any case, you can expect very high-quality images from a pair of 1916 megapixels.

Huawei Mate X Output

The front camera will be 12 megapixels. It will allow you to make very high-quality portrait shots and easily use video communications, because the quality will be really at a high level.

It is worth highlighting the presence of optical and digital stabilization. As for the video, there will be no problems with it either. It will be possible to shoot video in 4K resolution at a speed of 60 frames per second.

The camera of this mobile phone can completely replace a digital camera of a mirror type.

Face recognition and other rumors

Due to the huge popularity of Face ID technology, there are rumors that the new smartphone from Huawei will receive this technology. This rumor greatly fuels interest in the issue of the release date of the Huawei P11 X. It is difficult to say whether this device needs this, but it will obviously not be superfluous, because sometimes face recognition will be much more convenient than a fingerprint scanner. But it all depends on your preference.

There is still a rumor about Google Daydream. Since past smartphones did not work with virtual reality, users are hoping for this feature to appear in the P11 X.

There is a possibility that the smartphone will get a low battery life, which is associated with its screen, because it is very difficult to feed energy with a 3k-resolution screen. Even 4000 mAh batteries may not be enough.

In any case, the release date of 10 Huawei is approaching, and we will soon find out what Chinese craftsmen have prepared for us.

Price is always a very important issue, because it depends on the price tag whether you buy this smartphone or not. The cost of the released Huawei P series reaches $ 600. This is quite a lot for the average user, but taking into account all the advantages of this device and the general situation on the market, we can safely say that this is a reasonable price.

Huawei Mate X Output

Huawei P11 X can have a much greater cost, presumably 700 dollars, because it has:

  • An excellent processor that will provide the smartphone with high performance;
  • A lot of memory, which is enough for a couple of years ahead;
  • Screen with a resolution of 3k;
  • A camera that shoots no worse than SLR cameras.

The screen and camera deserve special attention, because they are really high quality and justify the high price tag of the device. The price of $ 700 is not great for such features.

Soon, the release date for Huawei P11 X will come, and the market will replenish with an excellent model, which is worth every ruble spent on this device.

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