Huawei Mate 20 Pro Copy How to Distinguish

Today we offer HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro Korean Replica Phone. Everyone knows that Korean replicas are very popular: they are 4 times cheaper than the original and are made in no way inferior to their counterparts.

It should be noted that compared to Chinese copies, Korean replica manufacturers never save on the details and functionality of the gadget to the detriment of quality. So, for example, the processor in the Chinese copy of the smartphone can have 2 cores instead of 4, the camera has 3 megapixels instead of 8, and the memory count 512 MB instead of 2 GB. Unlike the Chinese, Korean replica pickers also try to save costs, but they usually do it on marketing, not at the expense of the quality of the manufactured devices.

As for the Korean replica HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, it is manufactured in a modern factory equipped with the latest equipment, and, of course, not on the knee, as Chinese copy manufacturers like to do. Yes, we didn’t make a reservation, even cheap Chinese copies of the Chinese flagship can already be found on sale.

Replica HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro

HUAWEI Mate 20Pro is a flagship smartphone charged with powerful stuffing. The device is made in a progressive design. The mobile device combines an attractive aesthetic appearance with modern technical features.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Copy How to Distinguish

Even with careful consideration, it is very difficult to distinguish a replica from the original. If the smartphone is in hand, then hardly anyone can tell whether this is a real gadget or its flawless copy. Sizes, weight, colors. everything matches exactly. The case is made of super high-quality materials, the frame has a heavy-duty construction. If you fall even on a hard surface with a smartphone, nothing will happen. However, as in all smartphones of any level, a drop in the corner can cause a crack on the screen, therefore, it is still recommended to wear the gadget in a protective case or border. The new 6.5-inch FullView display and Oled screen provide stunning clarity and brightness.

Let’s look at what technical characteristics the Korean replica is so loved by users:

  1. Leica main 3-module camera: 40MP, 20MP, 8MP;
  2. front camera 24MP;
  3. frameless screen;
  4. EMUI 9 based on Android 9;
  5. high-capacity battery 4200 mAh;
  6. wireless charging technology;
  7. Fingerprint’s scanner;
  8. 3D face recognition function.

The gadget runs on a 7-core Kirin 980 processor with the latest artificial intelligence.


Huawei Mate 20 Pro is presented on the market in 2 colors. The model in black on the rear panel has a mirror glass that reflects the rays of light and creates a unique optical effect. The model in the emerald green color of the chameleon has a special coating that protects the gadget from falling out of hand. Fingerprints do not remain on the green device. A distinct elongated shape with rounded corners makes the phone as convenient as possible.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Copy How to Distinguish

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As for water and dust, the case is made in accordance with the requirements of moisture protection IP 68. This means that if the phone gets into the rain or falls into the puddle for a few moments, nothing will happen to it. However, if contact with water is longer, then measures will have to be taken to restore it.

On the rear panel there is a triple Lake camera, working with a flash. Due to this, even in cloudy weather or in the dark, the shooting will be clear and high-quality. Thanks to optics, the Huawei Mate 20Pro has become so popular and loved by many.

On the front of the gadget is almost frameless screen covered with tempered safety glass. Top cutouts for different modules and for the speaker. The built-in touch fingerprint scanner instantly responds to touch, despite the presence of high-quality protection. The navigation buttons, which in the early models are made on the case, are already virtual here.

The 8-core MTK 6595 processor is in no way inferior to the original Hi Silicon Kirin 980. You yourself understand that it will not work to integrate Hi Silicon Kirin into the replica, since this is the original Huawe development. However, the 8-core MTK 6595 is not much inferior to the Kirin 980 and greatly improves the device’s performance, while maintaining reduced power consumption parameters. A successful combination of multi-core architecture and GPUs increases the speed of the device. You can note good speed in games, fast Wi-Fi, accurate GPS / GLONASS, and a fairly fine-tuning for photos / videos.

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The properties

Huawei Mate 20Pro is characterized by an increase in the performance of the neuromodule, central and graphic processor, while their energy consumption is reduced. The gadget was the first in the world to support the LTE Cat 21 standard with a data transfer frequency of 1.4 Gb / s. Via Wi-Fi, download speeds reach 1.733Gbps. All this together guarantees fast and uninterrupted communication regardless of the region of application.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Copy How to Distinguish

We can note a clearer GPS operation. Coordinates are determined even in places where mobile communication is completely absent. The manufacturers did not forget about the battery. now it works much longer. Sufficiently long battery life is an undoubted advantage of this Mate series.

Now, charging your favorite gadget will no longer require wires and cables. There is no longer any risk of pulling it accidentally over the cable to the floor. Wireless charging system provides exceptional comfort during use.


The triple camera provides fully detailed shooting. The 40MP camera lens will produce a picture with uniqueness of clarity at multiple magnifications. An 8MP telephoto lens will capture even the most distant objects. The ultra-wide 20MP lens will give you the joy of shooting beautiful macro shots. You can even take a photo from a distance of 2.5 cm and it will save the smallest details of the object.

The camera is also shot in this model using artificial intelligence. The camera has more advanced algorithms. The triple camera recognizes separately the background and objects distributed over a short distance and far away. The memory contains more than a thousand scenarios and twenty-five categories of shooting. There is an automatic adjustment of contrast, brightness and color reproduction.

Even for night shooting with a HUAWEI Mate 20Pro replica, a tripod is not needed. In the dark, auto-stabilization of the image is triggered, so the clarity is well fixed without a tripod.

Video shooting is also based on artificial intelligence programs. The aspect ratio of the screens during video recording is maintained the same as when shooting ordinary movies familiar to the eye.

To unlock the phone, as well as access to some secret applications, face biometry is used. Clarity enhances the effect of presence. The camera is equipped with a 3-dimensional function for determining the depth of field. than 30,000 points are automatically detected on the user’s face to transmit the most realistic picture. Unlocking and accessing is carried out in just half a second without any impact on the glass of the phone. It is very convenient and time saving.

What other camera features may interest the user

The revival of the surrounding objects is as follows: you need to scan the surrounding objects with a triple camera, then use the artificial intelligence to create a 3-dimensional model. The camera will not only help to create a three-dimensional image, but also to revive it, present it in motion, and also record all this on a smartphone.
Animating photos: This feature is sure to appeal to children and teens. Everyone will be curious to see themselves in the image of a cartoon hero.
Wireless projection: photos and videos, as well as games, can be displayed on a large TV screen and no cables or wires are needed for this.


Huawei Mate 20 Pro Copy How to Distinguish

The smartphone is packed in a beautiful carbon box with embossed gold the name of the model and manufacturer, as well as the original. The kit includes a convenient dense case with a transparent cover and a protective glass. In addition, the kit includes an adapter for 1 Ampere, wire, clip for installing a SIM card, headphones, instructions.


Let’s summarize at the end what the original HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro and its Korean replica have in common:

  • color options;
  • 3 cameras;
  • tempered glass case;
  • menu control key immediately launches the face recognition option;
  • full identity of the case with logos and inscriptions;
  • the replica menu repeats the original design completely;
  • quick charge function;
  • video quality;
  • autonomy.

Therefore, a reasonable question arises. why overpay tens of thousands for the functionality and appearance, which is almost completely implemented in the replica. Certainly smart technologies and neuromodules in the original are worth the money, but for those who need high-quality communication, good photos, image and the ability to stay in touch all the time, it is worth considering the possibility of buying a replica.


Alexander Ufimtsev, 34 years old: I ordered a replica. Outwardly, there are no differences. As for memory, the replica is 64GB, and in the original 2 times more. However, the replica has a slot for Micro CD, and in the original it is only for a new generation Nano-SIM SIM card, which, in principle, is not yet on sale, but where I found it. for a lot of money. That is, for me, the replica turned out to be more functional and convenient than the original.

Elena Kryzhak, 26 years old: I needed an inexpensive smartphone with a good camera to shoot a child. The budget was slightly limited, so I decided to search among the replicas. I have long known that Korean replicas are not much inferior to the original. I was very pleased. The photos really turn out gorgeous: you can put it on instu, you can even print it. I was very pleased with the charge. We went to the forest at the weekend. I forgot both the power bank and the charger. As a result, I sat in social networks and watched a movie and still had to get to the house.

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