Huawei Lock Screen Pedometer

Have you ever wondered how many steps you usually take during the day? You may be surprised at their number. Today, everyone knows that regular walks help maintain good health and, most importantly, bring great benefit to anyone at any age. A good motivator for this simple physical activity is a pedometer (pedometer). This is a simple device that is designed to count the steps taken by a person.

How does the pedometer work?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what happens to the body while walking. Of course, the legs move most intensively. But the human body also makes certain movements from side to side. Just these wiggles of the body are fixed by the sensor, and on their basis steps are counted.

Huawei Lock Screen Pedometer

Pedometers are mechanical and electronic. Electronic. more modern devices. These days, they are mainly used. Electronic step counters work on the basis of one or several accelerometers. These are sensors that measure the acceleration of the movement of an object and, thus, monitor its position in the surrounding space.

Smartphone as a pedometer

Today, every smartphone is equipped with a whole range of sensors, including an accelerometer. And this means that it can perform the function of a pedometer. It turns out that in smartphones integrated pedometers work by default. Then it’s not necessary to purchase “smart watches”, fitness bracelets and separate pedometer devices. After all, if you have a smartphone, you can activate the built-in step counter function on it and regularly monitor physical activity. If such a function is not provided, then a third-party application is installed on the mobile phone.

How to activate a pedometer on a Huawei / Honor phone

You can enable the pedometer only on those models on which it (as a separate option) is present. For example, this is nova 2, 2i, 3; honor 6a, 7a, 7c, 7x, 8, 8x, 9, 9 lite, 10. There is no built-in pedometer on honor 7a pro, Huawei P8 and some other models.

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Video: Huawei Lock Screen Pedometer

There are two ways to enable the step counter. through the “Settings” and through the application “Huawei Health”. When enabled through the settings, the step counter will be displayed on the lock screen:

Settings > Security and privacy > Screen lock and passwords > Lock screen > Pedometer on the lock screen

To enable through the Huawei Health app:

  1. Launch the application
  2. The number of steps taken can be found immediately on the first screen
  3. By clicking on the number showing the steps taken, the following screen opens with detailed information for different time periods. day, week, month, year. Data on the ratio (in percent) between walking, running and climbing is also shown.

How to disable the pedometer on Honor

If you no longer need to use a step counter, you can disable it:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Select the section “Security and Confidentiality”
  3. Next “Screen Lock and Passwords”
  4. In the “Lock screen” section, next to “Pedometer on the lock screen”, there is a switch. It must be set to the “Off” position.

In fact, the implementation of the above steps will only remove the step counter from the lock screen, but the pedometer will continue to work in the background in the Huawei Health application. Statistics will be automatically stored in the memory of the Honor smartphone. The pedometer can be completely removed only by uninstalling the corresponding program through the “Delete” option in the list of installed applications.

How accurate is the pedometer?

The process of counting steps may seem super-fantastic to the simple user. However, it should be remembered that the pedometer considers with errors. Not all steps taken during the day will be taken into account. Conversely, sometimes the pedometer is mistaken, and the results exceed even the wildest expectations. Statistics should be treated without undue seriousness. On average, the margin of error is 10 percent, and for the best electronic pedometers, it is 5 percent.

If you notice that the pedometer on the smartphone does not work or considers incorrect, you can carry out the calibration procedure of the G-sensor. Sometimes problems with counting arise at the program level. For example, this can happen if you install a third-party launcher or fitness application. In this case, uninstalling and then reinstalling the Huawei Health application or resetting the system to the factory settings will help.