Huawei Honor Band 4 Running How to Set Up

New gadgets regularly appear in the global market. Among them are the smart watches Honor Band 4 Running. The device has advantages, but there are also significant disadvantages that the user must know about before buying.

Huawei Honor Band 4 Running How to Set Up


The tracker has the following characteristics:

Plastic nozzle for shoes

USB charging adapter

Overview of the fitness tracker Huawei Honor Band 4 Running

This version can be attached to shoes. The release of the fitness tracker took place in 2018.

Appearance and Ergonomics

The smart device has a beautiful appearance and low weight (22 g). During use, the watch is almost not felt on the hand. The tracker looks similar to previous models. The design has undergone a change. Among the different options for straps, you can choose the right one.

The case is made of plastic, and the bracelet is made of silicone. The gadget is presented in yellow, blue, pink, green and red colors. Its width is 17.2 mm, height. 43 mm, and thickness. 11.5 mm.


The classic version of the watch has a larger display than the Honor Band bracelet. Its size is 0.5 inches smaller. The screen of the smart device Honor Band 4 Running Edition transmits data in black and white.

The display is made using POLED technology. You will have to remove fingerprints from the screen, because it is not touch-sensitive. The pedometer is controlled using the button located in the lower area of ​​the gadget.

With a smart watch, you can immerse yourself in water up to 50 m deep. Thanks to special protection they will not suffer from dust and moisture.

Huawei Honor Band 4 Running How to Set Up

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To control the tracker wirelessly, use Bluetooth LE 4.2. Notifications may come to your phone. With calls and messages received on the smartphone, the watch vibrates. The display is triggered by the movement of the hand due to the fact that the gadget supports a gesture system.

Autonomy and battery

In a fitness bracelet, the battery capacity is less than in the classic version of smart watches. The indicator is 77 mAh. With continuous use, charging the gadget is enough for 12 days. When operating in standby mode, capacity recovery will be required after 20 days.

How to connect Honor Band 4 to the phone

Before connecting the clock, download the Health program for iPhone or Android. When the application starts, select the “Smart Bracelet” item, attach the gadget to the smartphone and give permission when requesting to connect to the DPRK servers. So in the application the list of equipment will be updated. If the bracelet does not fall into their number, the VPN is disconnected on the phone and the procedure is repeated. Then you need to connect the gadgets by selecting your tracker in the search. After vibration, press the round button on the smart watch.

Huawei Health app and connection instructions

To synchronize information with your phone and configure the device, you need an application. Band Running smart watches work with Huawei Health. The program is compatible with iOS and Android.

Video: Huawei Honor Band 4 Running How to Set Up

The app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play or the App Store. Use the on-screen prompts to connect it.

Key features and capabilities of the bracelet

There are many options in a smart watch to help you exercise more effectively.

This Honor model allows you to control sleep and calculate the time spent on rest. The watch may provide erroneous information, because the smartphone does not record information at certain intervals, which affects the result.


The device has a heart rate monitor, which is equipped with an infrared sensor that records the heartbeat at night. To activate it, go to TruSleep. Smart watch settings allow you to constantly check your heart rate by taking measurements every 2 minutes.

With an increased heartbeat, a warning appears on the bracelet. The device has the ability to configure heart rate zones. When you exercise in intensive mode, the device may display an incorrect value.


You cannot use the GPS function of your phone. Indications are calculated according to the data of the six-axis accelerometer sensor and gyroscope.

The tracker has several types of workouts:

  • free mode;
  • running on the street;
  • jogging on the simulator;
  • exercise bike;
  • walking;
  • swimming.

Each option is enabled manually. The AW70 does not automatically recognize them.


Water resistance allows you to use the gadget in swimming lessons, but only in the pool. If you swim with the watch in sea water, then they are washed with running water later on. The gadget helps to measure the number of circles and determines the style of swimming. The report indicates the swim time, calories burned, average pace and frequency of strokes. In addition, the device calculates the effectiveness of classes using the information received.

Huawei Honor Band 4 Running How to Set Up


Receiving notifications is a weak fitness bracelet option. Messages cannot be answered, their length is limited, and the smart device displays no more than the last 10 notifications. When you receive 2-3 messages, the gadget starts to work slowly, scrolling in jerks and opening with a delay. When making a call, you can see the name of the person who is calling and reject the call using the swipe from the bottom up.

Alarm clock

It is installed in the application. In total, you can set up to 5 alarms. Additionally, the tracker supports a smart alarm clock that works when the REM sleep phase occurs. The function makes waking up less stressful and annoying.

Other functions

You can see the current weather in the bracelet, but this option is supported by only one dial, of which there are four in the smart device. They can’t be edited or uploaded. The watch has a stopwatch, timer and phone search, when a melody sounds on the smartphone, which allows you to quickly find it.

How to setup

To set up a smart watch, you will need to enter the Health application and click on the image in the upper right corner.

  • alarm clock;
  • weather report;
  • notifications;
  • do not disturb;
  • reminder;
  • Huawei TruSleep;
  • continuous monitoring of the pulse;
  • setting functions;
  • turn to switch;
  • Bluetooth disconnect notifications
  • activation of the screen by raising the wrist;
  • reset;
  • Wi-Fi auto-update device
  • Software Update.

You cannot change a number of parameters from your phone. To configure them, go to the “” menu and press once in the center.

Customer reviews

Mikhail, 24 years old, Saratov: “The clock is completely arranged for the price and features. Sleep check, pedometer, calories burned and smart alarm clock like it. I would like to improve the water resistance, but this is not so important. “

Valentina, 35 years old, Moscow: “I regularly go jogging, so the bracelet was a godsend. I especially like the fact that it can be mounted on shoes. Band Run is a budget option without extra options that you have to figure out for hours. The watch sits well on the hand, you can change the straps. I recommend to everyone”.

George, 29 years old, Krasnodar: “I didn’t like the tracker. It works slowly. The phone often receives calls and messages, and using the clock it is impossible to view them. Everything twitches on the screen, does not open for several minutes. The last straw was the breakdown after swimming in the pool. The bracelet has stopped working. It’s better not to spend money on this model and pick up something more reliable and with instructions in Russian. ”

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