Huawei Honor 4c Update Android 6

Huawei has published firmware with Android 6 with EMUI 4.0 for Honor 4C, you can download it from the official website or from a copy (Yandex Disk 1.42 GB). Software version CHM-U01C10B540.

At the moment, the current firmware:

Huawei Honor 4c Update Android 6

It is important that the firmware is designed specifically for Russia and has high-quality Russification.

Outwardly, it looks completely different:

Updating over the network does not work. the phone “does not see” the update, so you should use Local update,

  • download the update file from the link above,
  • unpack the dload folder and copy it to the root directory of the microSD card,
  • make a backup. a must! because this update removes all settings,
  • start local update from the phone menu (Settings),
  • The update takes about half an hour.


Backup can be done via HiSuite on PC or through the application Backup on the phone itself (a copy is saved on the microSD card).

Accordingly, after the update, you will need to recover from the backup on your PC or phone.

To restore to a PC, you will need:

  • Install the Huawei Backup application from the Play Market,
  • enable HDB access in the Settings / Security menu on the phone

New in Android 6

Transferring applications to a microSD card even works for those that previously (in Android 5.1) could not be transferred, for example, BlueMail. Some applications, for example, Yandex.Transport, are still not portable.

At the first launch of the application, the system asks if it is possible to provide the application with such and such access, for example, access to a microSD card.


After installing Android 6 on the phone, there was much more free memory than with Android 5.1. Now 1.23 GB of internal memory is free, while on Android 5.1 it was possible to get 0.94 GB by resetting the settings.

However, over time, as you install applications and especially updates, the amount of free memory slowly but surely decreases. Apparently, downloaded update files are not deleted and therefore take up more space.


They even fixed the indicator. now even during charging, the indicator blinks when the notification is active (this was an inconvenience from the very beginning).

Voice control

Now it is not necessary to confirm the command on the screen, as was necessary in the previous version.

About phone

Information “About the phone”

Some applications were excluded from the firmware, for example, Clean master, and for some reason Magnifier. Delivered a similar application from the market.

What to read about Android 6. Marshmallow (Marshmallow)

Overview of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on

Android 6 for Honor 4C: 77 comments

Good day. Problem- I’m trying to update Honor 4C to version 6.0. Now it costs 4.4.2 EMUI 3.0. wherever I download it all the time it produces the same error- “Do not disconnect mobile devices or press any key! Versioning failed! Failed to install the software! “. I downloaded both the offsite and from the side, no difference. Tell me how to be?

Hello, typical causes can be found here. Problems updating the smartphone and their solutions. I would start by resetting the settings, and then automatically searching for updates. what the smartphone itself will find from compatible versions.

Good afternoon, I updated the phone first to 5.1. Firmware: C10B320. My build number and model have changed. I if I update yes 6 android. So everything will return to me as it was, that is, the model: CHM-U01. How much memory is free after the update and the phone does not lag with 6 androids.

How has this model changed? in which place?

Will this model go through? Honor 4c pro Tit-L01

Absolutely not. 4C and 4C Pro are not compatible.

I upgraded this Honor 4s to 6 Android firmware. because on 5 andr. bluetooth fell off the radio in a / m. The bluetooth began to connect perfectly, but the phone stopped connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi (there is no Internet stick) I broke my head, purely by accident I found the reason — the conflict between bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth incl. Wai Fai no, bluetooth off. Wi-fi is. Can anyone come in handy my info.

Hello, is it possible to install updates version of Android 6.0 EMUI 4.0, if version 5.1.1 EMUI 3.1 is now installed?

Hello, yes, you can.

I installed the application, but the bluetooth stopped working

The phone has 8 gigabytes of memory, after upgrading to Android 6 it says that the internal memory is only 3.67 gigabytes.
Because of which?

The rest is occupied by the system (Android) and preinstalled applications

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And this is not suitable for 4s pro?

no, this is a different model on a different platform

There is information about the gyro sensor on 6.0 android, Honor 4c.? On 4.4.2 he was.

This is a hardware sensor, if it was on 4.4, then it will be on 6.0. Or is the question something else?

Where did you find the update to version 6. My phone just found 5.1 and the game does not start in hidden features. How to enable it?

As written in the article, Android 6 is published on the official website of Huawei, while this update is not visible on the phone.
And what kind of game?

When will the new version be?

Honor 4C will have no more new versions

please tell me all the gyroscopes do not work correctly or are not calibrated in the cardboard application the picture twitches and is lost CHM-U01 android 4.3 emu 3
thank you in advance

Video: Huawei Honor 4c Update Android 6

Data transfer does not work after update

No one had previously reported such a problem with the Android 6 update.
For me, this update did not affect data transfer.
With such a problem, I would check the settings of SIM cards and data transfer.

Installed update for Huawei Honor 4C, Android 6.0. Everything seems to be fine, but after transferring the applications to the SD card, these applications occupy the phone’s memory, which is not very convenient, because it takes the phone’s memory. Tell me what to do ((

I also have a feeling that the transfer of applications is inefficient, and the internal memory is not freed. Now I use the BQ Aquaris U Lite phone without a memory card, and with the same applications installed, it uses about 3.5 GB of internal memory, which is about the same as on the Honor 4C with transfer to a memory card.
Here are some tips for saving memory, but they do not solve the problem radically. As correctly written in the comments, these are crumbs.
It is possible that root privileges can be cleaned, but I did not do this. I switched to U Lite.

How did you do that

For details on the update procedure, see the article How to update firmware on a Honor smartphone

Bullshit is complete, nothing worked. the firmware file is downloaded with the extension arr, nothing is unpacked and is not installed.

everyone has a file downloaded with the zip extension, that with huawei, that with Yandex

but I have with the extension arr, I don’t know why, and what to do

in the dload folder, the file does not open, is not copied, nothing can be done at all except deleting.

why open it? the dload folder must be transferred to the phone, described here: How to install the firmware, then run a local update

Good day. I understand c4 about not updating to 6 Andrews ??

Good afternoon! The last official update is up to 5.1. Therefore, a more recent android only through unofficial (“custom”) firmware.

I reserve, download updates, unsubscribe when I do everything)

Hello, I can’t update my honor 4c. Before android 5.1. The phone, when starting a local update, restarts and the main screen turns on, which remains until it sits down. What is the problem and how to fix it? When resetting the same problem (

I did not encounter this. I updated it on the first try. Maybe try downloading the update file again? Well, in case you got damaged at some step.

After upgrading to Android 6, the TV does not see the phone and on OTG does not see the flash drive.

The latest versions of Android support MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) when connected via USB and do not support USB Mass Storage (equivalent to a regular USB flash drive). Therefore, if the TV does not support MTP / PTP, then it will not be able to see the files on the Android phone. The same applies to car radios and other devices that support only USB Mass Storage.
There is a good article explaining in detail why Google is removing USB Mass Storage support from the latest Android versions: Android USB Connections Explained: MTP, PTP, and USB Mass Storage.

Now I tried to connect the 8 GB OTG flash drive to the Honor 4C with Android 6. the flash drive is seen when it is formatted in FAT32 and when in NTFS. Pictures can be seen here

I downloaded the update on my Huawei Honor 4c from the official website. I unpacked it, put it in the right folder, started the update, and gave an error. What to do?(

It depends on what a mistake.
And so
1) re-copy the file to the phone, reload and try again
2) reset the settings and try to run the update again

The handsome men have done their job! Thanks now I’m glad I already have 85% loaded)))

Thank you for the excellent site, for the current inf. Sergey.

Help how on honor 4 c find 4g? I bought a SIM card that supports, but the phone still has a 3g network

There are no 4G on the Honor 4C model for the Russian market (model index CHM-U01), see

I installed firmware B321, there was a 4g activation button.

But what was the Honor 4C model, the Russian CHM-U01 or some other?

As far as I know, the honor 4c device does not support 4g and LTE. According to some sources, 4g leaves much to be desired even in such large cities as Moscow, in connection with which attempts to search and transfer data in this network lead to increased battery consumption. Do you need it?))

Supports 4G in the suburbs easily. Do not write nonsense

Will there be an update. on 4s about ?? Or scored on this model?

I think it will not. If you look at the official schedule for the release of firmware updates, then 4C Pro is not mentioned there.
The platform at 4C Pro is different, so they did not develop it.

It’s a shame (((((((big disappointment

After updating the phone to the new version, it is impossible to back up, not active. How to be

I did not understand in which particular place it was inactive.
Backup starts through the settings: Advanced Settings / Restore and Reset / Huawei Backup. Data Backup.
The description of starting backup with screenshots can be found in the article Updating the firmware on a Honor smartphone.
Depending on where it is inactive, you can try:

  • update the Huawei Backup application, delete the cache or delete data (reset) of the Huawei Backup application
  • update systems not apps, google apps
  • check that at least 10% is free in the internal memory

To answer

    If I update, then my contacts and messages will all be lost?

    Yes, when updating, all information is deleted.
    In order not to lose it, it is necessary to make a backup copy before updating, and after updating. restore information from the backup copy.

    Updated but painfully buggy firmware, how can I restore the previous version of the android 5.11?

    I think the HONOR 4C Rollback Package (CHM-U01, Android 6.0, EMUI 4.0 Rollback to Android 5.1, EMUI 3.1) is suitable. I have not tried it myself, but judging by the name, this is just a rollback from Android 6.0 with EMUI 4 to Android 5.1 with EMUI 3.1. Download link, size 119 MB.
    And can you give more details, what are the bugs in this firmware?

    Vkontakte does not go to some links. Sberbank does not work and the megaphone application also. With contact troubles are enough. Only now I can’t make this backup because in this firmware I did not find an update on the local network. If you tell me where and how, I will be grateful. I really want to return everything back.

    But it could not be that you have a version installed C10B530a (also Android 6.0, but pre-release), not the latest version C10B540?

    No, I definitely have C10B540. Unfortunately did not make a backup. Now I’m tormented (

    Updated to android 6.0 (firmware s10v540) from the site There are no bugs.

    CHM model. U01, is there an android 4.4.2 can I upgrade to 6 in this way?

    Yes you can. But only after 5.1 strictly! Site to help you.

    Good afternoon! I bought in China for urgent needs for official purposes Honor 4c 4G / LTE from CHINA MOBILE. Model CHM-CL00. On arrival in Russia, he does not see our SIM card. Need to reflash? or here the question is that the phone is made only for this network and does not support our ranges, etc.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Good afternoon, you can try to reflash, but only with firmware from this model, because It differs in iron from CHM-U01. The CHM-CL00 model is blocked under China Telecom, it does not have 3G, and the 4G / LTE range. there is a discussion on

    Good afternoon.
    Tell me, can I put the update on the Honor 4C Pro?

    Good afternoon, these updates are only for Honor 4C. Available Official Updates for Honor 4C Pro. Honor 4C Pro Downloads (TIT-L01)

    Good afternoon, please tell me 4c pro will be updated to android 6.0?

    Good afternoon, in the official schedule it was not planned.

    after updating the computer does not see the phone via USB

    I also did not see it until I turned on the file access mode.
    That is, when connected to a computer via USB, a notification appears on the phone with the option to select access to files or photos, and both of them are initially disabled, and “only charging” is on.
    I clicked “files”, and a phone with two folders appeared on the computer: built-in memory and MicroSD memory.