Huawei Freebuds Factory Reset

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3,020 mA-year


Take a look
chvilyuyuchі momenti

5.45" HD (1440 x 720) display has a minimal frame, which is supernormal in the top view of the screen area to the body area. You will see how to trim in hands in the last light.


trivial robots
for more

Heads of the battery of great power (3,020 mA-year ) and Power Saving 6.0 technology you can choose 62 years of uninterrupted music, or 13 years of uninterrupted video

Type value. A tribute to living with electricity at the laboratory HUAWEI laboratory, the actual hour of the month can be seen in the winter and the factors in the middle of the store.


Unlock your smartphone
in one glance

Unlock your phone in a second. The restraining algorithm of revealing revealing AI viyavlya and vidraobrazha people revealing with a high precision.

Huawei Freebuds Factory Reset

The function is available less than HOTA.


The rush in
skin frame

The phone is equipped with a 5-megapixel front camera with a slender tune for selfies, which is why I want to take selfies in the minds of low awareness. And the 8-megapixel main camera is equipped with the HDR photo-processing function, which helps you to create ideal knowledge.

Image for the illustrator, zroblene for the auxiliary of the annex.

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clean rosemary

Zavdyaki to the needy borrower, who made a sound for the help of the keyboard keys, the hour of the phone call and you can almost be the one who read the message from the noisy medium.

You can set up manual qualifications for the after-hours service of an accepting regime.


Give you
more hunchbacks

Design of a three-card slot for a healthy room 2 SIM-cards and a micro-SD-card (up to 256 GB), which will give you more room for your smartphone.

HUAWEI Y5 2018 is a small model, with one and the same with two cards. In some countries, the actual product will be more.

Video: Huawei Freebuds Factory Reset


Smart smartphone,
plavny dosvіd koristuvannya

The operating system Android ™ 8.1.0 is safe for easy robots in miraculous power, allowing you to quickly and smoothly attach.

HUAWEI Y5 2018 pratsyuє on Android ™ 8.1.0; However, deyakі functions can be seen.


Take a moment

The function of the three-finger touch screen allows you to easily zrobit the touch screen, simply by dragging the three fingers on the screen from top to bottom.


під васі Очі

Mode "Comfort for the eyes" automatically vіdfіltrovuє bіshshіst blue light, shchob vi and did not annoy och pid hour hour vikoristannya.

Tsey virib not ич medical possession. The function is not a professional medical assistance.


Bezdoganna Yakіst

Suvor testuvannya that zabechenny yakostі zappechatuyut kratі indicators of galuz_ for yak_styu and nad_yn_sty pristroyїv.

  • TEST
    NENYA 200,000
  • TEST
    SOUND 50,000
  • TEST
    USB 10,000
  • TEST
    ШНИКІВ 5 000
    TEST.40 ° C

70 ° C

  • TEST
    SCREEN 800 000
  • All recognized data ман theoretical values, rejected by HUAWEI internal laboratories, for additional tests carried out in laboratory minds. Productivity is actual. You can fall into place all the time with different models, versions of software protection, and program victories with factors of a random middleware. Usi indicators of efficiency to lie in the concrete minds of vikoristan.

    Through a series of products, official representatives of the list, and also for accurate information about the products, technical characteristics and functions, HUAWEI can be added to the text descriptions of the images, real time technical information, information and technical information product. Information about the product can be changed and adjusted without change.

    The screen and the image of the products on the front side have been shown to be less than necessary. The functional and technical characteristics of the actual products (closed, unbroken, standard view, color and pink), as well as the actual total screen (closed, unbroken, only, interface) can be used.

    Data on the front є theoretical values, rejected by Huawei’s internal laboratories with a test hat, practical knowledge. For the rejection of the dodatovo information div. Vishchezgadanі danі about products. Actual data can be recognized through the product and service products, the version of software protection, as well as the knowledge and factors of the open middle. Usі danny to lay down vid actual vikoristannya.

    You can learn more about the real time, more about the product packages and the factors and factors, press on the exact product information, the technical specifications and the functions you can get more information in the real time. , stink stink vіdpovіdali robotі, technical characteristics, indicators and components of the actual product. So much information and information about products can be entered without any doubts.