Huawei E3372 Can't See Network

Huawei E3372 Cant See Network

For people who prefer to always be up to date and stay online, the inability to connect to the Internet can be a tragedy. If an error occurs on the device Megaphone modem, do not panic. Mostly the problems are connected with the improper use of the USB modem. Any user who does not have special knowledge and experience will cope with many problems on his own.

Common mistakes

Typical problems can be identified by their name or special code. Most often found:

  • “Connection is broken.” The name of this problem speaks for itself. Usually it occurs immediately after the launch of the Internet. Access can be interrupted by the lack of funds on the balance of the SIM card, an unstable signal, incorrect determination of the USB modem by the system, as well as incorrect account settings.
  • Error 619. This code means that a special port for connection is closed. Therefore, the user cannot access the remote pc.
  • The USB modem is not detected by MegaFon Internet. When it starts, the device cannot find the modem. Typically, the message “Device not found” appears.
  • Inability to log in due to lack of registration.
  • “Without access to the Internet.” The connection can connect, but network access is not established, and web pages do not load.
  • Error 628. The code indicates that the pppoe or vpn connection with the provider was disconnected by the server.
  • Error 633. Using a 3g / 4g modem with any other program or incorrect driver installation.
  • Error 720. Inability to synchronize with the remote pc.

Troubleshooting Methods

If a modem megaphone or 4g router does not connect to the Internet, the problem of a disconnected connection is solved by the following methods:

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  • Check the balance of the card, and put the money account, if they are not enough.
  • To improve the signal, try using a USB extension cable. Its level is indicated on the left, top or bottom of the program. Place the USB modem close to the window opening.
  • To correctly create and configure a profile, you need to click the menu “Tools”. “Options”. “Settings”. “Profile”. Next, click the “New” button and enter any name. APN should select “statically” and specify “internet”. Then set 99 # as the dialer number. After completing all the actions, click on “Save” and “OK”.
  • Go to Network and Sharing. After that, launch the application and disable network access. Go to the tab “Tools”. “Options”. If the pointer is in the “RAS” option, specify “NDIS”. When set to “NDIS”, you need to change it to “RAS”. Click OK and try reconnecting.

Problem code 619 can be fixed in the same ways. But instead of the last paragraph, you need to find a connection with the name “MegaFon Internet”. Further it is recommended to check its Properties. The tab should indicate the used 3g modem.

When the computer does not see the modem, the first thing to do is restart the device and reconnect it to another slot. It will also help in solving the problem with code 633. If these steps do not help to fix the problem, you need to install the driver from the kit located on the MegaFon Internet device. These actions are also suitable when a PC or laptop does not see a 4g megaphone modem.

The problem with code 628 can be eliminated if the SIM card is correctly installed in the slot of the 3g / 4g modem. It is also usually associated with a pin code. It must be entered correctly.

What to do when nothing worked?

In the event that the computer refuses to see the USB modem or the connection is not established, you need to contact the operator in the technical support center.

You can also visit the office of the company. The consultants will determine why the 3g / 4g modem does not work correctly, and also identifies the reasons why the device is constantly turning off. Also, it will be nice to check the device for compliance: barcode, manufacturer, etc. Maybe it’s just a fake.

Key recommendations

To find out if the USB modem is working correctly, experts can best. However, before accessing them, you need to:

  • Make the device better to catch a signal by installing external antennas;
  • Unpack the drivers correctly on a laptop or pc;
  • Check for any problems with the SIM card.