Huawei Cro L22 Touchscreen Replacement

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Huawei Cro L22 Touchscreen Replacement

Housing for Huawei Phone

Huawei is a world leader in the production of smartphones and other “smart” technology. Thanks to the excellent design and quality, the company has become on a par with the “Giants”: Samsung, Apple, LG and others. Having vast experience in the creation of smartphones and communications, has allowed to gain recognition among the masses of consumers. Inexpensive and high-quality smartphones flooded the world! The world is Huawei. There is no shortage of details, namely: the case for the Huawei phone is always in stock.

Now all the forces of the company are aimed at conquering virtual reality and the smartphone will become a pass to new worlds.

Until this happens, let’s talk about repair. Like any phone, Huawei devices can be broken: falling from a high height or moisture, easily makes a brick out of the phone. Chips and scratches cover the case to Huawei? It is enough to replace it with a new one!

Video: Huawei Cro L22 Touchscreen Replacement

The housing may be:

Also, the cost of the case for Huawei, may vary from a number of factors:

(Copy, general performance at 3);

(High-Copy, excellent details, the price of a Huawei phone case in “High” will be higher than a simple copy);

(original), needs no introduction. spare parts from Huawei itself!

○ Used housing for Huawei smartphone;

(taken from other phones and passed all the checks);

  • Availability of warranty and repair and maintenance services;
  • Kit:

○ Housing only (“bare”);

○ Housing and components

(control buttons, plastic antennas, speakers / microphones (possible);

(just rearrange the board and the device is ready for use);

Repair and replacement of housing parts on Huawei mobile phones

For successful repair (replacement) of the case, the following tips will help us:

Often, the replacement of the case is accompanied by a complete analysis of the phone, because the body of the case is a plastic / metal frame, on which the display and touch screen are installed, and the motherboard is also attached. Dismantling can cause damage to them, without preheating, and with it, guaranteeing further work is difficult.

In the process of replacement, make notes on parts and bolts, this will simplify reassembly, eliminating the syndrome of “extra parts.” A bolt screwed in the wrong direction can easily damage important elements, ruining the phone and increasing the cost of repairs at times.

Having violated the integrity of warranty seals, counting on full service and warranty repair is foolish. If the device is still under warranty and failed without visible signs of damage, there is a chance of a free repair or exchange.

Chinese body parts do not match the quality of the original, which is why installing them can cause a number of difficulties:

  • The gaps between them;
  • Housing coating;
  • Color and texture of materials;
  • The presence of minor defects in production;

The strength of the new case is low enough, which imposes a restriction on the use of brute force.

The correct approach when replacing the case provides a quick and high-quality result, which will make a new coin out of your “old man”!