Huawei Band 2 How to Connect

How to connect Honor Band 3 to the phone? Many users are interested in this question. Not so long ago, fitness bracelets took root in our lives and became great helpers in 2020. The watch is not only for professional athletes. They can be used by ordinary users who want to lead an active lifestyle.

A smart gadget allows you to control your heart rate, sleep and display the necessary notifications on the screen. Of course, you must make the correct settings before using.

How to connect the Honor Band 3 fitness bracelet to your phone

The Honor Band 3 fitness bracelet works on smartphones with the Android operating system (from the 4th version) and iOS (starting from the 8th). To synchronize your phone with a fitness bracelet, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Google Play or Apple Store app center, download and install the Huawei Wear app.
  2. Turn on the application.
  3. Further agree to the terms of use.
  4. Proceed to the registration and entry of all the necessary data (height, weight, etc.).
  5. Turn on Bluetooth and search for your device, start the pairing process.
  6. Confirm pairing the fitness bracelet.

If you decide to use the standard program. Health, then the instructions for connecting a wrist gadget will not differ from the above. In other words, also turn on the bracelet and run the program on the phone, agree to the usage policy, turn on the bluetooth and pair. Now the information will be synchronized from the bracelet and stored in the application.

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Can I connect the Honor Band 3 to other phones

Many users are wondering if the connection of the smart gadget to other phones is available. That is, not only to Huawei brand smartphones.

In general, two applications are available for users. Huawei Wear or the standard Health application. The second option is only suitable for owners of Huawei. If you want to connect the Honor Band 3 fitness bracelet to another phone model, you can use the same Huawei Wear application, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the AppStore.

Also, it is possible to save your performance in the cloud, but for this you need to register.

How to connect Honor Band 3 to iPhone

Connecting the bracelet to the iPhone implies the same instructions as in the case of Android. That is, you need to install a special application from Huawei through the AppStore, install and then you can pair the Honor Band 3 with the phone.

Huawei Band 2 How to Connect

What to do if not connected?

There are several key issues that prevent the device from syncing successfully. Among the common criteria are:

  • Verify the authenticity of the bracelet. Often these problems are due to fake products. To do this, pay attention to the box, it should show a QR code, with a scan of which you get information about the purchased product;
  • Track application and Bluetooth matching. Some versions of Bluetooth simply do not allow you to sync devices. You may need to update the firmware;
  • Disconnect and reconnect the device.

Fitness bracelet today is an indispensable thing not only for athletes, but also for fans. With its help, you can carefully monitor your health by monitoring sleep and activity indicators. It is recommended to purchase the device from an authorized seller, so you will avoid fakes.