Hp Pavilion Laptop Battery Quickly Discharges

Knowing how to care for your laptop battery is very important because it can help solve many problems. Learn how to take care of the battery so you don’t spend a lot of time replacing it.

Are you annoyed that the laptop battery is running out of power in the midst of work? This can complicate your work and even result in the loss of important data. If you think that this problem cannot be solved, then you are mistaken. The most important step in caring for your battery is to extend its battery life. This does not mean that you need to charge the laptop and not use it for 15 days! There are 10 ways you can save your laptop’s battery life and extend its lifespan for the security of files stored on it:

How to make the battery last longer:

1. Decrease screen brightness
Almost all new laptops have a dimmer feature. Also, some laptops have a function for controlling the cooling of the central processor. Minimize these features to save battery power.

2. Turn off additional programs
If you are working on a laptop when it is not connected to the network, turn off all unnecessary programs that you are not working with and that are running in the background. Sending an email to a client in an entire spreadsheet or listening to Justin Timberlake’s new album will lead to the fact that due to the fact that several tasks are performed at once, the laptop will discharge faster because the CPU is under a lot of load. Perform only one task at a time and close all other unimportant applications.

3. Disconnect external devices

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USB devices, DVD drives that connect to the laptop, consume a lot of power if the laptop is not connected to the network. Close applications if they are not in use. Disconnecting external devices such as USB devices, DVD drives, bluetooth or Wi-Fi will help to avoid a laptop problem.

4. Sleep or standby
Standby mode helps reduce battery consumption, but not as much as sleep mode! If your laptop is in sleep mode, close it to save battery power.

5. Battery cleaning
The metal contacts of the laptop battery must be cleaned once every two months. To do this, use soft rags and alcohol. This will help improve battery power transmission.

6. Defragment your hard drive
Defragmenting your hard drive will help increase its efficiency. A high-performance hard drive always works faster and reduces the load on the laptop battery, reducing power consumption, which helps extend battery life! Do not defragment your hard drive when the laptop is not connected to the network!

7. Power Settings
Notebooks have different power settings. Make sure your laptop is in “best use” or “power saving” mode. This will extend the battery life of the laptop.

Remember the additional tips:

Additional RAM will help extend battery life. We will not go into technical details. Also, do not forget to turn on the automatic saving function in MS Word and Excel if you are working with a laptop that is not connected to the network. These are very useful features if the laptop is not connected to the network. Try to reduce the use of graphics. To do this, reduce the screen resolution and disable all possible graphics devices, including graphics adapters. Turn off the sound on the laptop. Turn off all scheduled tasks on the laptop. Wipe the fans with a soft cloth. You can also use the keyboard cleaner to do this. The laptop will work more efficiently at low temperatures because it helps to extend battery life.

These laptop care and maintenance tips are tested and really extend the battery life of your laptop. Follow these guidelines to extend battery life. If, instead of the usual two hours, the battery lasts only an hour, then it’s time to replace it.

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