How Virtual Reality Glasses Work For Your Phone

recently, an immersion in the world of virtual reality was akin to a rare and expensive attraction. But technology does not stand still, and today virtual reality is gradually becoming available to the masses.

The most affordable way is to use virtual reality glasses for smartphones. However, to call these glasses the actual glasses is not entirely correct. So, let’s figure out what kind of device this is, and how virtual reality glasses work for a smartphone.

First, let’s figure out what a similar device is. The VR helmet for personal computers has long been known. This is a complex device, which is a plastic case with straps. The device itself is put on the user’s head and connects to a computer or laptop.

How Virtual Reality Glasses Work For Your Phone

Inside the case there are lenses, behind which there is a screen divided into two parts. Sometimes it can be two screens. Images on the screens, in principle, do not differ, but due to the fact that each eye sees its own image, a three-dimensional effect is created. This is a consequence of the binocularity of vision characteristic of humans.

To be able to navigate and somehow look around in the virtual world, it is necessary that our device react to the movements of the user’s head. To solve this problem, it is customary to use gyroscopes. Actually they are installed in helmets. It is curious that the same gyroscopes are available in most phones. This is an important point and we will return to it.

In addition, sometimes there are additional sensors that track the position of the head in space. The information received from the sensors is transmitted to the PC via a USB or HDMI cable. Actually this is the whole device of the helmet. The only problem is. that all the necessary elements combined in one device give a high cost of the gadget, which is inaccessible to many users.

Why do I need virtual reality glasses for a smartphone?

With the device of the classic helmet of virtual reality, everything seems to be clear. But what is the principle of operation of virtual glasses for a smartphone, and what is their feature. This device is the first commercial model intended for the general public. The pioneer in this area was Google, which launched a version of the Cardboard device made of cardboard on the market.

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As we have already discussed above, to obtain a virtual reality helmet, we need to combine in one device:

The nuance here is that so many are already owners of various models of mobile devices. As you know, every smartphone is necessarily equipped with a display and a gyroscope. It is these elements that are the most expensive in the helmet of virtual reality, and they are already available in our mobile device.

It remains only to add a case with lenses. This can be done relatively inexpensively and simply, which is implemented in glasses for VR. Thus, the cost of the gadget is much lower than the price of a classic helmet for a PC. Now it becomes clear. what are virtual reality glasses for a smartphone, and what is their purpose.

Video: How Virtual Reality Glasses Work For Your Phone

All that is needed is to purchase VR glasses, install a smartphone in the case. Customize the lenses for your vision and run the corresponding application on your smartphone. As a result, we have a full-fledged virtual reality helmet, the cost of which is much lower than that of PC counterparts.

The only thing you should pay attention to is the compatibility of the device and the specific smartphone model that the user has available. Many models of glasses are versatile, but there are some. Which are designed for one or two models of mobile devices, and are not suitable for the rest.

Features of virtual reality glasses for smartphone:

  • designed only for use in combination with a smartphone;
  • picture quality directly depends on the capabilities of the smartphone display;
  • riftcat vridge application allows you to use games designed for pc glasses with high-quality graphics;
  • there is no need for a powerful computer;
  • it is possible to connect a smartphone to a computer via a usb cable and use in ordinary games with a high-quality 3d picture;
  • there is the possibility of watching 3d-films almost anywhere.
  • compatibility with any vr applications.

Some disadvantage is that the gaming industry in this area is somewhat behind the gaming industry of virtual reality games for PCs. Therefore, there are practically no really high-quality and interesting games for phones. But this is only a matter of time, and most likely the issue will be resolved soon.

Popular models

Since the advent of Cardboard from Google, glasses of this type have gained rapid development and distribution. Today they are equipped with high-quality lenses, a well-designed and convenient housing, reliable mount to the head, the ability to adjust the lenses according to the user’s vision.

Many companies took up their production, and there is a huge selection of various models of these simple and interesting devices on sale. A logical question arises: what can virtual glasses for a smartphone do, and what are the main differences between different models.

As in any other market segment, its leaders have appeared here. Some manufacturers focus on the release of low-cost budget versions, others have concentrated on the release of expensive options with many additional options.

There is also a category of budget products on the market. This includes VIGICA and Ritech. The price of which is not more than 1000 rubles.

What are VR glasses for?

Given the wide variety of different models of virtual reality glasses for smartphones, certain criteria should be followed when choosing a specific model:

  • compatibility with your smartphone model, screen size and the smartphone itself, acceptable image resolution (some Chinese models can work with only one smartphone model);
  • features of the user’s vision, it is desirable to have lens adjustment, and if the vision in different eyes is different, then separate adjustment is necessary;
  • Why do you need virtual reality glasses for a smartphone, the intended use of glasses: watching movies, games for VR or for a specific PC game;
  • financial possibilities of the buyer, budget model or expensive.

With the final version, each buyer is determined based on their needs, preferences, and, of course, financial capabilities and understanding how 3d glasses for a smartphone work.

In general, summing up, we can say that the advent of VR glasses for smartphones made a real breakthrough in the virtual reality games industry, making it accessible to the masses. Today, almost every smartphone owner can afford to buy this device and plunge into VR games or watch 3D movies in almost any place convenient for him.