How To Wean A Dog To Pick Up Food On The Street

How does the breed

There are many breeds of dogs that are pet dogs. Such animals simply cannot be on the street unless they constantly sniff out something, look out for potential prey. For example, it is now very fashionable to start a Labrador Retriever in the house. This is a typical hunting breed. Because of their good-natured disposition and ability to get along well with children, such puppies often give birth to families who have nothing to do with hunting. The instinct of the breed takes its toll and manifests itself every time during a walk – once on the street, the dog immediately rushes to the search. To protect yourself and your pet, you need to know how to stop a puppy to pick up everything on the street.

Search reflex

In the genes of dogs laid instinct, or search reflex, which helped their ancestors to obtain their own food. The search for instinct pushes the animal to search, the dog explores the territory, sniffs on the subject of edible objects.

The dog follows its instinctive needs almost at a subconscious level, it can be in search of food even after a dense "lunch". Acting on a reflex level, the dog does not understand that now she is not hungry – this feeling makes her stock up on food for the future.

Snooper reflex is inherent in all dogs, regardless of pedigree and breed. In hunting and search dogs, this instinct appears even brighter. It is important to understand how to wean the dog to pick up unnecessary items on the street, because with such breeds it is even more difficult to do.

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Fighting instincts

Before you learn how to wean a dog to pick up from the ground, you need to figure out why she can do it.

There are several reasons why pets look for something on earth:

  • Characteristic of the breed
  • Poor nutrition, unbalanced diet
  • Instinct
  • Attempt to attract the attention of the owner
  • Certain diseases

Instincts are saved at the most cultural, pet with elegant pedigree data. Any modern dog, no matter how domesticated it is, always remains a guard, tracker and hunter. We must understand that instincts can not escape. There is a way out – experienced dog breeders advise how to wean the dog to pick up food from the ground, outwitting the pet’s instinctive inclinations.

Puppy training

Pet education must start from a very early age. Recommending how to wean a puppy to pick up everything on the street, experts talk about more humane ways, compared with those that apply to adult dogs.

How To Wean A Dog To Pick Up Food On The Street

Due to its youth and inexperience, a young animal is unable to properly and adequately respond to training.

Apply simple methods:

  • Pressing a young pet to the floor, they say the command – “Fu!”
  • Remove from the mouth of the subject, which the puppy managed to grab
  • Switch the attention of the dog to the toy

The following method is also used – the item taken out of the mouth is placed in a bowl and allowed to be eaten by the puppy from the bowl. So he will be trained to eat in the right place.

Teaching a dog not to eat outside

There are general methods of educating the four-legged friend. If he has already managed to grab something on the ground and eat it, you cannot punish him some time after that. The dog badly catches a relationship of cause and effect, therefore such actions will be useless. After the command "Fu!" The dog left the raised object, lay on its back and raised its paws – this means repentance and awareness of wrong actions. In this case, it should not be scolded, and a little pat on the nose.

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How to deal with a dangerous habit

To combat the unwanted habit of a pet can be preventive actions. Never throw an animal food on the floor. They make baits on the street – they leave an edible piece in a prominent place, bring the dog to him, give him a sniff and when he is ready to grab a delicacy, pull him off the leash. So you need to act always.

Teaching the ward, you must wear a muzzle on the street. Many animals are scared away by a loud shout or other sound – the main thing is to act immediately. Seeing how the dog stretches to something on the ground, you need to throw the keys in a bundle or another ringing object. These tips help you to stop a dog from picking up food on the street without violence.

How To Wean A Dog To Pick Up Food On The Street

Educating a four-legged friend

A trained dog is easier to educate. However, he also needs to regularly repeat lessons, train the reaction – no one has canceled the instincts, and it can be very difficult for a dog to give up the temptation on the ground.


Teaching teams plays a very important role in raising a pet. From a young age you should teach the commands “throw”, “fu”, “give”, “stop”, etc. They begin to work out such commands at home, gradually moving into the street.

On a walk

In order not to pull the leash, you can use other methods. At that moment, when the dog reaches for an undesirable object, you need to slap him on the bottom, pinch him by the nose, or throw an object near him that makes a loud sound.

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While at home, a pet should never pick up food from the floor. Whether it was a sausage on the floor, or a desire to just feed a friend, you should not allow him to feast on the floor. In this case, the "fu" command should be worked out.

Ineffective education

Can not always help the "bait" in the form of a tossed piece of meat stuffed with pepper. Some clever dogs recognize this seasoning by scent, and no longer take the risk. Methods that carry violence will not bring the desired benefits, but will only set the dog against the owner.

It is difficult to fight against the laid down instincts, therefore it is so important to show perseverance and
patience. A love for a pet and regular classes will definitely bring the desired result.

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