How To Wean A Dog To Gnaw Things Useful Tips

Every new owner of the dog sooner or later faces the fact that his pet starts to gnaw things. Moreover, this behavior does not depend on the breed, so it is important to approach the process from different angles. If you neglect the upbringing, most likely half the apartment will suffer. Sharp teeth are mostly aimed at shoes, wallpaper, upholstery, wiring. It is important to prevent the consequences in time, instilling good manners to the puppy. Consider the main aspects in order.

The reasons why the dog gnaws things

Change teeth. Dogs, like people, often “seize” discomfort. In puppies aged 4-6 months, an intensive change of primary milk teeth begins. As a result, the baby suffers from endless itching, gums itch day and night. If we are talking about the exit of chewing teeth, the pet may experience painful sensations.

As a result, the kid tries to calm down the discomfort, being distracted by the owner’s shoes, furniture upholstery, wires and wallpaper. It is important to remember forever that weaning an animal into bad manners during the period of changing teeth will fail. The only solution is to distract the baby with toys that can be nibbled without being punished.

Curiosity. All puppies are curious by nature, they are just starting to get to know the world, so everyone is trying “to the tooth.” This is especially true for individuals aged 2-3 months. Such a move allows pets to develop sensory abilities, feeling the surrounding objects more real. If you notice this behavior for the pet, protect the baby.

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Hide the electrical wiring, sharp objects, small parts that your pet easily swallow. It is important to prevent intestinal blockage, otherwise death is possible. In no case do not beat the puppy, remove expensive items on the upper shelves, wait for the moment when the baby goes through a period of “curiosity.”

Parasites. If we talk about seasonality, in spring and summer, dogs have a habit of eating green grass, and then belching it. In this way, they naturally cleanse the stomach and intestines. But what about a pet who is sitting at home for certain reasons (quarantine, the period after birth, etc.)?

The only answer is to taste, chew and spit up everything that contains pulp in its composition. In the course are the legs of furniture, wallpaper, toilet paper (favorite treat). To cope with the problem, enough to proglytogonit puppy. The procedure is carried out 1 time in 3 months according to the instructions to the drug. If desired, you can grow grass in your home in pots or buy ready-made greens.

Boredom. Of course, the puppy can chew on toys, entertaining itself in this way. However, in the absence of the owner or due to lack of attention, as well as a lack of toys, the pet begins to spoil the furnishings, wallpaper, shoes. To prevent such an outcome of events, take care of a sufficient number of “allowed” items that can sharpen your teeth. Also it is necessary to pay more attention to the pet.

Weak intestinal microflora. A puppy that has just left the mother’s womb feeds exclusively on colostrum. Dairy product contains probiotics and lactobacilli, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora and digestion in general. If a baby does not get enough colostrum or has recently been treated with antibiotics, its immune system has suffered greatly. The microflora dies, as a result of which a massive “zhor” begins in the puppy. He chews and swallows inedible things, this can include fecal matter, food waste, etc.

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Lack of vitamins. Most often, beriberi causes puppies to act outside the box. The dog begins to eat the ground, paint, wallpaper and limestone, pencils and pens, carrion, food waste, leather shoes. As a result, an animal has an unpleasant odor from the mouth, teeth break, the stomach and intestines work slowly (blockage is possible). Also, puppies can be poisoned, which directly affects the health of the pet.

To protect your house and animal, watch its behavior. In cases of eating items that are clearly unsuitable for food, include a complex of multivitamins and minerals in the daily menu. Keep track of well-being, vary the dosage by weight and age.

How to wean a dog to gnaw things

How To Wean A Dog To Gnaw Things Useful Tips

Before you start raising a dog, you must determine the true causes of this behavior. If an animal gnaws things from boredom or lack of attention, play with your pet, spray it with spray or lemon juice. Take the puppy for examination to the veterinarian so that the doctor prescribes a complex of vitamins. Punish your pet as a last resort, when all other methods were ineffective.

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