How To Wean A Dog To Bark

The dog is a friend of man. All known expression from early childhood. They help protect the house, go hunting, guides for blind people, cab drivers at the northern nationalities, but, unfortunately, sometimes they grieve with their annoying, unreasonable barking.

Of course, a barking dog with us "speaks" and conveys to us his thoughts and experiences. But the dog should bark only in the case, otherwise there will be no normal life and sleep, and not only for you, but also for the people around you. And most importantly, the hosts will dim their vigilance, and even when there is a real danger, they will consider it for idle talk and the narrow-minded mind of their dog.

Below we give all the possible methods and methods that will help answer such an exciting question of many people: “How to wean a dog to bark?”.

Must engage in raising dogs since childhood

The most effective training for still very young puppies is 2-3 months old. But it is worth remembering that training should be constant, the dog should not be given a descent since childhood. It is prohibited to encourage causeless barking. After all, you do not allow her to go to all the corners in the toilet. Then, when she grows up – get a faithful, loyal, and most importantly obedient dog.

Here are the simplest methods, if your pet is guilty and straight "sings songs":

  • Raise your voice;
  • Ignore the dog;
  • When the puppy yelled just from what he wants – gently tap him on the face. Just not a newspaper, twig or slippers, as many advise. Be sure to need a forefinger or palm. After all, the dog knows the hands of the owner, who feeds her and will not be offended, and will understand that this is a necessary measure.

Of course, it is much easier to wean a puppy than to bark than an adult dog with an already formed burrow, character and well-established habits. Difficult, does not mean not possible.

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Identify your dog’s bark

A dog is barking for a variety of reasons, just like a man is screaming because of such reasons:

  • Solitude;
  • Joy;
  • Resentment and disagreement;
  • Insults;
  • Fear;
  • Lai, as a request to take a walk, play, pay attention;
  • Meeting a pet or your friend’s other dog;
  • Overexcitation;
  • Barking like a cry for the need for support.
How To Wean A Dog To Bark

First conduct a close inspection of your pet. Perhaps he ate something on the street, unnoticed by you, or he chopped a paw, stuck a part of the bone (stick) in the jaw, a tick attacked or a flea. All this bothers the dog, and she calls you to help. If not, everything is fine with it – go to educational measures.

Teach loneliness

Dogs are social animals, so they love to be in the company of people. Naturally, a person cannot always be near because of work, business, and for many other reasons. Therefore, you need to teach the dog to independence and loneliness.

If you bought a puppy – just leave it every day of the house itself for a while, and add time to your absence every day.

The door is the main goal of protecting the dog.

If the dog constantly barks at any rustle, the slightest noise, or a neighbor passing by, this must be fought, otherwise you and your dog are doomed to constant comments from neighbors and others.

In order to wean the dog “at the door”, ask someone from family members or friends to help. Tell them to ride the elevator or walk past the door, but they did not knock, or touch them. And you, already on the other side of the door, will train the dog. How? Hold your adored animal by the collar and say commands: quiet or silent. As soon as the dog dies down – be sure to encourage efforts and work.

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Now ask your partner to imitate the robbery of the apartment (let him pull out the door, try to break the lock jokingly, and so on). As soon as the dog reacts and begins to protect the front door, immediately praise it, caress and treat it with something tasty.

Taking such measures, the dog will remember when it is impossible, and when it is necessary to bark and will know that a reward awaits him for good service.

Full ignore

Of course, when the dog is constantly barking, it’s not very easy to remain indifferent and just listen to the intolerable and shrill “woof-woof”, and even worse if it is accompanied by a howl. But! It should be patient and wait until the animal gets bored and it subsides. Just now your turn has come – come and encourage her. So she will remember that silence is appreciated, and for him still give delicacies.

Command is quieter

Very well train dog commands. Especially useful "Quiet", in the fight against barking for no reason. So you can reduce the woof to the minimum noise, and eventually eventually get rid of this addiction.

Training Guides:

  1. Put on a leash, hold a dog for him so that she is still;
  2. Force start to bark;
  3. Say "quietly!" And at the same time do not allow the dog to bark, for example, to clamp his mouth, taking him with a toy or a piece of food;

Buy a special collar antilay

To combat the very "talkative" dogs, they release 2 types of collars.

With electric shock

In such a collar is a built-in special battery that strikes your dog with a small current charge as soon as it begins its woof. For your pet it will be enough to wear such a collar to understand the simple truth: “You only need to speak on the case.” By the way, many consider such a method very dangerous and cruel. But It is worth noting that the so-called blow will not be stronger than when we comb our hair or change our sweater from natural wool, dressed in synthetics. Also, the collar is equipped with a fuse that regulates the power of impact.

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With special fluid

There is a second type of collars – more humane than the first. As soon as the dog starts to bark, lemon water spills out. From this dog is frightened and just fall silent. Having repeated it several times, the dog will understand that its barking is the cause of the smell of lemon that is unpleasant for the scent and stops barking once more. Liquid – absolutely safe for the animal. There is only one drawback: if the dog is excessively “sociable” – you will have to change the spray gun very often.

Other devices against barking

We live at a time when mankind almost everything is invented. As it is already clear, barking can be eliminated with the help of other specially-developed devices, in which it is necessary to establish the degree of radiation power of ultrasound, which is very unpleasant for the auditory perception of dogs. Such a miracle device can be used both in the apartment and on the street.


Using a muzzle as an end to barking is a simple but effective method that does not interfere with a dog’s free to eat and drink, but it will not protect it from other sounds (whining, washing out).

How To Wean A Dog To Bark

Reinforcement of positive behavior

Sometimes, for prevention and reinforcement of success, let us alternately command the Golos and Silent teams so that the dog can freely distinguish them. Encourage your pet for every obedience and right decision. When training your dog, do not forget that it feels, remembers and understands everything. Therefore, protect her from violence and overwork.

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