How To Wean A Dog Nibble Furniture – 8 Simple And Sure Ways

How To Wean A Dog Nibble Furniture - 8 Simple And Sure Ways

Having in the house a tailed four-legged pet, it is important to understand how much responsibility lies on the owner. This also applies to the state of health of the dog, and the responsibility for his actions.

For many people who for some reason decided to get a dog, the animal very quickly becomes a burden – gnaws furniture, shoes, feces on the floor, and also requires constant attention. But all these issues and inconveniences can be solved. For example, weaning a dog to gnaw furniture is quite simple. You must be patient and have enough time to carry out educational work.

Why does a dog nibble on furniture

The causes of this behavioral problem are several. Zoopsychologists are unanimous in the opinion that the main reason for the dog nibbling furniture is the lack of attention from the owner. The pet tries to attract and cause emotions to its owner, no matter whether positive or negative.

Other equally important reasons are:

  • Knowledge of the world – this behavior is inherent for small puppies aged from 7 months to 1 year. The little puppy tries to taste everything that surrounds it. Gnawing, biting and licking furniture, a puppy develops sensory capabilities, the ability to sense the world around him.

Remember! The main task that the owner must set for himself is to hide all possible small objects so that the baby does not choke.

  • Elimination of discomfort – The reason is also inherent in small puppies aged from 3.5 to 8 months and is associated with the change of the milk series of teeth. The sensation of itching, burning and discomfort, makes puppies gnaw everything that, in their opinion, will help eliminate unpleasant feelings. Trying to taste the furniture, the puppy tries to scratch itchy gums. Experts believe that it is practically impossible to wean the puppy at this age, but distracting to other objects and delicacies is quite real.

How To Wean A Dog Nibble Furniture - 8 Simple And Sure Ways

  • Worm infestations and problems with the digestive tract – during the warm period of the year, the animals cleanse their intestines themselves, eating green grass. During the onset of cold weather, there is no such natural cleaner. Wooden furniture is suitable for this, as it is impossible by the way, because it contains a sufficient amount of the necessary pulp. Another reason is helminthic invasions. Preventing helminth infections can be done by doing prophylactic procedures once every 3 months.
  • Lack of microflora in the intestinal tract. Mother’s milk contains a great variety of different bacteria that are good for digestion. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract die during treatment with antibiotics, as well as when there is a shortage of milk in a nursing mother. This leads to the fact that an adult dog or puppy begins to eat things that are not edible in human sight – feces, slop, litter and wood.
  • An acute lack of vitamins in the body. This leads to a state where an adult dog begins to behave strangely, trying to eat unusual objects. In such cases, be sure to show your pet to a veterinary specialist and review the diet, adding to it a variety of additional vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Boredom. In the absence of the owner, the dog is not rarely able to feel bouts of loneliness and is experiencing real stress. Pet also gnaws the furniture in order to entertain itself for the period when the owner is absent.
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Weaning and adjustment methods

After a well-established reason, which has led to the fact that the dog nibbles upholstered furniture, the animal can continue to do dirty tricks. This is due to the fact that the dog has already formed a habit. In this case, an adult dog is quite difficult to wean away nibbling furniture.

It is recommended to properly and comprehensively educate a dog from the very first days, without giving concessions. It is necessary to try not to dismiss the little puppy in order not to struggle with the consequences.

Use commands and ignore

There are several techniques to cope with the problem. First of all, you should not punish the dog when the crime is already perfect. At the same time to shame an adult dog or puppy when it is caught on a hot one is necessary.

In addition, the punishment should be carried out as reasonably as possible, without fanaticism and strong assault. So, small puppies can be slightly waving around the withers, not much, but slightly pressing down the skin. At the same time it is important to repeat the command – “No!”. The command should be given in a strict, clear and calm voice.

Note! Scrub behind withers can only be small puppies. Older dogs and completely adult individuals should not be punished this way, for them it is considered to be completely humiliating.

For adult dogs, it is advisable to use the commands “Place!”, “Lie down!”, “Sit!” In the form of punishment. It can be shown that the dog has done a bad deed and should sit in one place. It is desirable for the owner to control his emotions as much as possible, not to allow himself to raise his tone and not to get annoyed. Adults and trained dogs can simply show their disregard, and the animal will understand that he is offended.

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It is important to change toys in time for the dog. This is especially true of babies and young individuals – the monotony of them is terribly annoying. When the toys are not interesting, the dog begins to replace them with the surrounding objects.It is important to ensure that during the absence of the owner in the house, the dog always has access to the toys. If there are no toys, then the furniture, the sofa and the pillows on it can perfectly replace the pet with ordinary entertainment.

Sprays and folk tricks

You can go to the trick and just hide some toys from time to time, and after a while, the dog will perceive the toy as completely new.

An adult dog who does not listen to the command can be weaned to nibble furniture with the help of special sprays. Such tools do not bring harm to humans when drying, and also do not harm a particularly pet.

How To Wean A Dog Nibble Furniture - 8 Simple And Sure Ways

The basis of sprays is a special synthetic pepper. Having processed the substance of the leg of a chair, bed or sofa, you must wait until the spray is absorbed. Having tasted the spicy furniture, the animal will try to do the dirty tricks. It is worth remembering that getting rid of the habit does not occur immediately, especially in adult animals. On weaning is given about 14 days.

This spray can be replaced by a folk remedy. Experienced dog breeders know that you can rid the dog of the habit of nibbling with the help of red chili peppers. It is necessary to wash it, not to cut the two halves and to gently lubricate those parts of upholstered furniture that the pet has obviously chosen.

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Important rules to follow

There are a number of rules that will help correct the behavior of a pet and eliminate possible bad habits.

Physical exercise

It is very important to keep the dog physically. This means not just a walk, but active games in the fresh air. It is necessary to give the dog enough and run enough. An animal tired from a walk will be more likely to sleep, and there’s just no time left for him to gnaw furniture.

How To Wean A Dog Nibble Furniture - 8 Simple And Sure Ways

After the walk, it is necessary to feed the dog well, because it is known that animals do not feel much excitement and anxiety on a full stomach, therefore they will not try to occupy themselves.

Treats for breaking

You can take a dog, leaving her favorite treat. Great for this special cartilage, pig ears, beef trachea. It is important to leave your favorite treat as a whole, so that the dog could not overpower it in one parish.

Note! Various delicacies, selected correctly, are necessary for the normal growth and development of a young dog. Such delicacies are cartilage that helps not only strengthen the body, but also helps to prevent the appearance of plaque..

Help dog handler

In some cases, the dog does not want to obey the owner and continues to gnaw the furniture during his absence. Experts recommend taking full-fledged courses on behavior adjustment and pet obedience.

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