How to Watch Movies On HTC Vive

Not so long ago, on the popular Internet resource Youtube, it became possible to view video in virtual reality mode. All owners of glasses and helmets of virtual reality can safely use it. Although fans of innovation quickly found out about this feature, the question of how to watch Youtube videos in VR is still relevant.

How to Watch Movies On HTC Vive

How it works

About three-dimensional images, the public became aware about 10 years ago, when they had a bluish-red appearance. This format could be viewed using special glasses. Although today users watch movies on Youtube in this way, it is already out of date. And the reasons for this were:

  • lack of sufficient depth;
  • color rendering violation.

Modern videos presented on Youtube are filmed in several ways. They are freely visible in virtual reality glasses, feeling the effect of presence.

Therefore, before you enjoy the three-dimensional image, you should familiarize yourself with the step-by-step connection of gadgets.

How to watch YouTube videos in virtual reality

Video: How to Watch Movies On HTC Vive

First thing you need open Youtube website or application. After it, you should open any video and make full-screen mode. 3D mode availability optional, as the actions described below are suitable in any case.

The next step is to click on the settings icon located on the upper right side. There you need to find the button “View in Cardboard Helmet” and press it. Regarding clips shot 360 degree, they have a carboard icon on the right side on the side, right next to the minimize screen icon.

After the actions taken, the image becomes double. Next, you can already insert the smartphone into the virtual reality gadget and enjoy the video. It feels like it’s like watching a recording on a large-scale TV, but there is one advantage. the opportunity turn your head in different directions.

What to do if there is no carboard icon

This problem is often encountered by users. The reason for this is lack of virtual reality support firmware or smartphone. Correcting the situation is not so simple. The only available option is the flashing of the device, although this method works very rarely, so it will be much easier purchase another phone.

Device management

Some helmet models have tapa buttons across the screen. When you press them, a menu appears in front of your eyes, with which it is possible to rewind the video forward / backward or to include the following.