How to View Xiaomi Redmi Phone Settings

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to rejoice at the smartphone just bought. The fact is that if the device is expensive, there is a risk of not only its loss, but also theft. Of course, I don’t want to part with my gadget at all, so if it is stolen, you will have to look for a way to return the property. And thanks to modern technology, you can search more efficiently than by contacting investigators for help.

Modern gadgets are smarter than some people. Therefore, thanks to several settings, the owner of the smartphone can independently, quickly and without problems find out the most accurate location of his smartphone.

To track a lost cell phone, you don’t need to be a genius. Simply show your imagination and pay attention to additional settings in the gadget itself. By turning them on, you will save yourself from a huge number of problems, because if you are not lucky and the smartphone is stuck in the subway, you can lose it on the street or forget it in a cafe.

How to View Xiaomi Redmi Phone Settings

How to enable remote search

To find Xiaomi phones, you can enable the remote search feature. To do this, you will need to enter a username and password in your Xiaomi account on your smartphone. If there is no Mi-account yet, it must be created in order not to clutch your head if the smartphone is still stolen. Of course, I don’t want to think that the theft will happen, but it’s better to “lay the straw”.

  • Enter the section “Settings”;
  • If the user found them, there should be a list of links where there is a direction to Mi Account;
  • In Mi Account you should choose Mi Cloud;
  • In the selected section, you need to switch the Xiaomi smartphone to the activation of positioning.

Basically, that’s all it takes to take advantage of the virtual search for your gadget. So if your phone is stolen, the chances of finding it increase significantly.

How to View Xiaomi Redmi Phone Settings
  1. To get started, go to
  2. Already on the site, log into your Mi-account.
  3. See the location of the device.

But there is a snag. It consists in the fact that to search for a smartphone requires that it be connected to the Internet. How exactly the connection is made. via WiFi or via a mobile network, does not really matter. So the loss of a Xiaomi phone, like any gadget, will be complete and irrevocable until it is connected to the world wide web.

Although you should not worry, after all, there are alternative methods for finding a lost phone, in particular by imei.

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How to find a smartphone using alternative methods

An alternative to other search methods is search through imei. This is a number of fifteen characters. It is tied directly to the phone, it does not change when you change the phone number, flashing, or the like. Although this does not mean that it cannot be changed. True, the procedure is complicated and in some countries even criminally punishable. Thanks to him, you can search for a device.

And to independently search for this number does not make any sense. The maximum that can be done with imei is to check if another user is on the phone. For example, you bought a used device and indicate its number in a special database.

If someone lost a smartphone or it was stolen, and the number of this gadget is in a common database, then a person can see this and decide what to do with the device further. to keep it or go to law enforcement agencies to return it to its rightful owner.

But in any case, the number must be registered on the network, thereby allowing you to increase your chances in which case to find the device. This procedure does not take much time, but benefits.

How to find a Miui Gadget

Due to the fact that the shell of Miui smartphones is based on the Android system from Google, it adopted some of the features of Android. This is convenient for tracking lost phone on Google maps.

  • But, again, there is a drawback. the device must be turned on;
  • In addition, the second condition is that the smartphone must have been logged into a Google account;
  • To find the gadget on Google Maps, the Internet and GPS must be connected. Although the inclusion of GPS is not necessary.

In addition, the return of a lost smartphone with a Miui shell can be done through a browser. This is done as follows:

  • Go to;
  • Sign in with your details to activate your Google account;
  • Link your Miui account to your Xiaomi smartphone.

After you do all this, the program will allow you to perform many operations. In particular, here you can track the smartphone, call it, block, erase the information that is there.

In general, a service from Google allows you to get many positive features. And if the search through the browser does not suit you, you can use various programs. For example, Android Device Manager, which can be downloaded on the Google application market at = ru.

How to find Xiaomi if it is turned off

The turned off gadget is more difficult to find, but this does not mean that it is impossible to perform this procedure. In fact, there are several proven methods that are popular with both ordinary users and law enforcement agencies, which receive phone theft allegations.

If the gadget is lost at home, you can search for it without using additional funds. But not everyone is so lucky, and the phone has to be searched with the help of the police. Everything is very simple there.

  • Write a statement;
  • Specify the model and other parameters of the smartphone;
  • Find your phone.

precisely, this police will search for the lost gadget through its channels. But if the device is inexpensive or there is no important information on it, then law enforcement agencies are not in a hurry with searches.

To speed up the process, you can go to the office of the mobile operator yourself. This is a reliable method if the thief has not thrown out the SIM card. She, even if the phone is turned off, gives a steady signal, which can be detected on the towers of the network.

The square in which the gadget is located is determined, and then the matter boils down to the following: I find or cannot find the phone at the alleged thief. But there is a nuance. operators do not always go towards the ordinary user. But the police cannot refuse to provide data. Therefore, it is so important to write a statement about the loss.

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