How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

The windows 10 performance index is an OS system service that lets you know the level of performance of a PC or laptop.

It is worth noting that the total score is not determined by displaying the total number of points.

How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8


The end index is the number of the most productive component in the operating system.

In Windows 10, the maximum value that can be productive is 9.9.

As a rule, the most productive component in the system is a hard disk or solid state drive (SSD).

In the tenth version of the operating system, as in earlier versions of Windows, there is no component with a graphical interface that could determine the productivity index of a computer.

This indicator can only be viewed using third-party applications or using the command line.

View index value using command line

The first and easiest way to check the performance level is to enter the appropriate command in Command Prompt.

A special team allows you to force start the system service for assessing the level of PC performance.

Upon completion, the user can see the report on the scan directly in the command line window.

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Follow the instructions to perform a performance assessment:

  • Run the command line utility as a system administrator. To do this, right-click on the “Start” icon and select “Run Command Prompt (Administrator)”, as shown in the illustration below;

How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

The window for enabling the command line on behalf of the system administrator

  • In the console window that opens, enter the following command: winsat formal –restart clean;
  • To execute the entered command, press the Enter button;
  • Next, the service command will be launched and its further execution. Wait a few seconds until all analyzed parameters and their effectiveness value are displayed in the command window.

Video: How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

Result: execution of a team to evaluate the PC performance index

You can see the test results not only in the command line window, but also in a file saved on disk.

His location: C: \\ Windows \\ Performance \\ WinSAT \\ DataStore. The file itself is called Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT.xml.

It can be opened in two ways: using a browser or a regular notepad. Find and open the file.

Then press the key combination Ctrl F to search the text of the contents of the file.

In the search bar, enter the following parameters:

  • SystemScore. the value of this field is the performance index in the Windows operating system; it is determined by the minimum value;
  • DiskScore. the value of this field is the index of the installed solid-state drive or hard drive;
  • MemoryScore. productivity of computer random access memory;
  • GamingScore. view the value of computer performance in games;
  • CpuScore. CPU performance index;
  • GraphicsScore. the value of this field is an interface performance index that allows video playback.

How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

Appearance of OS performance analysis data file

Winaero WEI tool

This program is free and available for download on any version of the Windows OS.

How to View Computer Pricing On Windows 8

Winaero WEI Main Window

To see the system productivity index, the user just needs to install and open the program.

The main window will indicate the general index and health values ​​of individual computer elements.

The Re-run the assessment key allows you to re-evaluate the level of PC performance. To complete the action, the program will request administrator rights.

Re-evaluate system performance if you need to check the index after optimizing the OS.

Thematic videos:

How to find out the system performance rating on Windows 10.

Windows 10 performance index. 2 easy ways to test your system

Windows 10 Performance Index

The video talks about the WSAT utility.

Performance Assessment in Windows 10

For those users who switched to Windows 10 with Windows 7, it came as a surprise that there was no way to evaluate system performance.

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