How to Verify the Original Nokia 8800 Sapphire

The Nokia 8800 series phones are premium and quite expensive, especially for models such as the Nokia 8800 Gold Arte and Sirocco Gold, where the steel case is plated with 18 carat gold (equivalent to the 750th test) and trimmed with genuine leather. Therefore, shortly after the appearance of these phones on sale, counterfeit manufacturers from China launched the production of fake phones. clones of the original Nokia.

The first Chinese fakes, which appeared shortly after the release of the first Nokia 8800 model, were rather primitive and resembled the original only in general terms. The slider mechanism was significantly different from that used in this Nokia 8800, the navigation key-joystick protruded beyond the dimensions of the keyboard cover, and the Nokia logo could be located not above the screen, but under it.

The display might not match the original in both physical size and resolution. Later fakes already had a higher-quality and original-like case.

Also, the first Chinese phones were distinguished by an extremely poor translation of the firmware (menu) into Russian and curved Cyrillic fonts (Russian letters differed in their font from Latin, it was noticeable right away).

Chinese-made modern fake Nokia 8800 Arte phones can be very difficult to distinguish from the original. The case of such a phone is almost a complete copy of Nokia.

How to Verify the Original Nokia 8800 Sapphire

Chinese phones may even have an original menu from Nokia (Series 40), since they can be equipped with electronics from a real Nokia phone, such as the Nokia 6111 (usually used and repaired).

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But usually Chinese manufacturers still use the MTK platform, which has significant differences from Nokia, so the menu and functionality of these copies only partially resembles the original. The connection quality may be inferior to the original, and the Bluetooth headset may not work correctly.

Despite the improved workmanship of Chinese phones, it is still possible to find phones with crooked and sloppy lettering on the keyboard, on some keyboards there are three sets of characters at once. Latin (English), Cyrillic (Russian) and Chinese.

Fake Chinese Nokia 8800 and Nokia 8800 Arte phones use a cheaper TFT LCD screen (real Nokia displays are made using OLED technology). if you compare the copy and the original, you can usually see differences in image quality.

Also, in Chinese clones of the Nokia 8800, a simple and cheap camera is usually used, it can be 0.3 or 1 megapixel. But some phones can stretch the image to a size of 2 or 3 megapixels, while the real quality of the photo remains extremely low. when viewed on a computer, the image will be blurred.

Counterfeits, as a rule, are very cheap compared to the original, and the buyer usually immediately realizes that he is getting a copy that looks just like a real Nokia phone.

How to Verify the Original Nokia 8800 Sapphire

But sometimes fraudsters try to deceive a potential buyer by assuring the authenticity of the phone and calling the price several times higher than the real market value of the fake (because of this, the client might think that he is buying a company phone, not a cheap counterfeit). When buying a phone on the street, in the market, according to an ad or from unknown sellers via the Internet, you must realize that the risk of fraud is very high.

Other fakes: Nokia 8800 Erdos, 8900, 8820, TV8800, etc.

Under the name Nokia 8800 (as well as Nokia TV8800, Nokia 8800 Erdos, Nokia 8820, Nokia 8900, etc.), phones that are not exact copies are produced. These are phones with a TV and 2 SIM cards, and copies that have not been launched into a series of prototypes, and variations with individual design elements of the original phones.

Some may be positioned as a “continuation” of the Nokia line, others simply use the popular name and do not even remotely resemble the original with either design or body materials.

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