How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

Apple developers did not come up with a new design for the iPhone 5 SE. Instead, they reused the appearance of the fifth model, equipping it with new internal elements. This is a strange step that could be observed for the first time.

One way to interpret this is to assume that Apple is looking for an easy way and is simply redesigning its existing design to produce a cheap smartphone. Another possible explanation is that they revive the iconic design of the iPhone 5 / 5s, trying to satisfy a group of users who want to not only get a budget phone, but also prefer a smaller form factor. After all, a third of Apple users still use older 4-inch smartphones.

What immediately draws attention?

How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

The limitations of the functionality of Apple devices have not changed for many years, so they should not surprise anyone. you cannot have expandable memory, fast or wireless charging, FM radio, replaceable batteries, and more. The new 3D Touch technology is also missing for obvious reasons, although you can still use Live Photos. Reviews about the iPhone 5 SE usually do not include the above to the disadvantages of the device.

Apple iPhone SE Review

As you would expect, the iPhone 5 SE comes in a rather compact box filled with a Lightning cable, an A / C 1A plug and a well-packed pair of headphones.

The dimensions of the device are 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, which is fully consistent with the size of the iPhone 5s. The gadget weighs 113 grams. If you compare it with the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6, the SE model is 1.5 cm shorter and 1 cm narrower.

Design and build quality

There is another circumstance worth mentioning: iPhone 6 is released with water protection, which allows it to avoid damage if it gets into the water for up to 40 minutes. In contrast, the iPhone SE will instantly “die” in such a situation, as evidenced by many online videos.

How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

The front panel of the iPhone 5 SE is covered with ion-reinforced glass (this is the usual version of the Gorilla Glass protection), complemented by an oleophobic coating to read fingerprints. The frame of the case is metal, like most of the back side.

The front of the SE is mostly occupied by a 4-inch Retina display. On top you can find a headphone slot, a FaceTime camera, and a pair of sensors. At the bottom is the Home / Touch ID button with a steel ring. The retractable nano-SIM connector is located on the right. On the left side are the volume keys.

At the top of the iPhone 5 SE is a power / lock key, also made of metal. The audio jack, speaker grill, main microphone (also behind the grill) and the charger port are at the bottom.

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How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se


How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

The device’s display uses a 4-inch IPS panel measuring 640 x 1136 pixels, offering 326ppi density. these are classic Retina features. The resulting contrast ratio of 1: 804 is not so noticeable, mainly due to the low black level. For comparison, the screen 4.7" the iPhone 6s has the same 326ppi, but a less bright screen with higher contrast.

Video: How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

In terms of color rendering, the iPhone 5 SE is excellently rated with an average DeltaE of 2.3, which means an almost fully calibrated screen. The maximum deviation. 5.2. is in white tones that look a little bluish, but this is invisible without an external control point.

Battery life

The battery inside the iPhone 5 SE is slightly larger than the previous models. 1,624 mAh. The Apple iOS 9 platform introduced a low-power mode that you will be asked to turn on when the charge drops below 20%.

How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se


The iPhone 5 SE comes with many wireless features. The smartphone supports fast LTE signal (up to 150 Mbps) with wide band coverage. Regular 2G and 3G connections are also reliably covered by the many supported network bands.

IPhone 5 SE also supports the latest voice and VoIP protocols Voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD Voice and Wi-Fi, but these are functions that depend on external conditions, so not every consumer will use them.

The device supports all existing Wi-Fi standards a / b / g / n / ac. AirPlay is the only way to accurately display the contents of your screen on an HDTV, but you need an Apple TV set-top box to do this.

Some apps will allow you to display your screen contents via Chromecast or Smart HDTV, but compatibility may vary. An optional local connection includes Bluetooth 4.2 LE. There is also NFC support, but its functionality is limited only to Apple Pay.

The iPhone 5 SE uses the proprietary Lightning connector for wired data transfer and charging. The device does not have USB On-the-go support or a USB host, but you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone if you need such a peripheral device.

To transfer almost any content, you will depend on the synchronization of the smartphone using the Apple iTunes software on your computer. Reviews about the iPhone 5 SE 32 in this part also vary. A good feature is that the device can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The disadvantage is that the paradigm for synchronizing content between a computer and a phone is quite old. the same as in the first iPod. It requires that you first add your content to your iTunes library.

Apple iOS 9.3

How to Use iTunes for Iphone 5 Se

Apple’s iOS version 9.3 introduced a new night view mode and an extended note taking application, while iOS 9 introduced only a new news app and support for public transportation schedules on maps. Mail and messages received an update, and a new system font appeared. Siri’s assistant has become more extensible, and Spotlight Search has expanded its range.

Screen interface

The lock screen has not changed either. it has a camera shortcut and shows all your notifications.

The control center, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, retains the same layout of radio buttons, shortcuts, and media controls. The notification center starts at the top and has the same tabs as before. Today and Notifications. There are no new widgets or notification options in this version.

New task manager

Voice assistant

Siri is also improved. In addition to all the interesting stuff that an intelligent assistant could do, he can now view your photos and videos based on dates, locations, and album names. It supports custom reminders from requests you made in Safari, Mail, Notes, and Messages, and also got support for navigating in public transport.

IOS 9 offers new, active, system-wide help, which is more or less dependent on Apple in Google Now. DND mode has long been available on iOS, but there is now a new feature provided by iOS 9.3 called Night Shift. It changes the temperature of the display at night to reduce eye strain. Reviews about the iPhone 5 SE mark this as a positive feature of the device.

Hardware power

Telephony and Messaging

Phone application has not changed much. it does not support smart dialing, but offers integration from social networks. A blacklist is also available for those who need this feature. FaceTime, of course, is available for all compatible iOS devices, which allows the user to make free voice and video calls to any other device that supports this service.

Apple also offers Wi-Fi calls on this device. If both subscribers support this service and it is turned on, the call will not take place via the cellular network, and the connection will be made via the Internet. This improves sound quality and also saves money.

The same applies to iMessage. after its inclusion, the user can send free text and multimedia content, including voice messages, to any other Apple gadget.

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