How to Use I9s Tws Wireless Headphones

How to Use I9s Tws Wireless Headphones

Of course, Chinese copies remain Chinese. Manufacturers did not completely repeat all the functional and technical characteristics of Apple’s headphones, although they managed to copy the appearance.

Considering the i9S TWS, you can easily determine that this is a copy, although they are very similar in design. In this sense, the Chinese have won, buyers often look at the appearance, and are not ready to pay a lot of money for the original AirPods.

Attention! The most successful copy are the TWS i9s bluetooth headphones. They do not differ both externally and practically preserved technical specifications.

Headphones Tws i9s sit very comfortably in your ears. You can not worry that they can fall out. In addition, they are equipped with an LED that will warn you about the work and state of charge.

How to Use I9s Tws Wireless Headphones


It is worth talking about the case in more detail. Like headphones, it is very similar to AirPods, only its body is not equipped with a charge button. And if you compare it with the original, you will notice the difference immediately. It is significantly different in size and material from which it is made. This difference will not be in favor of Tws).

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The outer side of the box is equipped with a light indicator that adjusts the charge level of the headset. The magnetic cover of the box does not allow it to open from the shake.

You can get headphones quite easily by opening the lid and turning the case over. Inside, it is not equipped with magnets that would hold the headphones. At the bottom there are metal contacts, as when laying batteries, which, when touching the contacts, spring on the Tws legs.


The Tws i9s are packed in a compact white box. It depicts the headphones themselves and their name. Inside the box you will find:

  • User manual in two languages: Chinese and English;
  • a pair of headphones;
  • case for charging;
  • case box made of silicone;
  • USB cable
  • In addition, a carabiner for fastening the case is included.

Very often, manufacturers add silicone laces to hold the headphones in the kit. But they are unlikely to be useful to you because the i9S does not need additional fastening.

How to Use I9s Tws Wireless Headphones

Sound quality

Sound quality cannot be described subjectively, because each person has a different perception. In quality, it is much inferior to the original AirPods. The sound quality drops significantly from a wireless connection, but this problem also arises among manufacturers of well-known brands.

In relation to the i9S, the sound is fully consistent with its money. Such headphones are quite suitable for listening to audio books and music. They have medium and high frequencies, and scene detail is present at an average level.

Do not ignore the fact that Tws headphones have a sufficient volume level. When using headphones as a headset, speech is well legible. In addition, the i9S is equipped with noise reduction, which can help you out when talking on the street or on a busy highway.

Attention! The downside is the lack of low frequencies, but they can be adjusted using the equalizer on the smartphone itself. A more significant drawback is the desync of video and sound. If you want to watch a movie, your sound will linger for a few seconds.

From all of the above, we can say that wireless headphones are justified in price. But such headphones should not be purchased by music lovers, with the i9S you can’t wait for a miracle.

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