How to use Android Auto

Maybe you would like to have Android Auto in your car, but have no idea how to approach this? Then, perhaps, it makes sense to listen to the words of a person who has been driving different cars with new software from Google for two weeks. These thoughts will help you understand what Android Auto is. Talking with Android Auto Product Manager Daniel Holle helps you understand a lot about how this software was worked and what made Android Auto so simple. This platform was known last year, but now it can be practically used by drivers, and they even managed to make a definite impression on it.

How to use Android Auto

How to use Android Auto

Driving cars with Android Auto spent two weeks Florence Ion (Florence Ion). In addition, she chatted with Daniel Hall. Her thoughts were set forth in the illustrated article, “11 things you need to know about Android Auto,” published by Greenbot.

No new car for Android Auto needed

How to use Android Auto

Pioneer is one of the first companies to offer car receivers with Android Auto

Google does not assume that you will need a new car to access Android Auto. Brands such as Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion and JVC / Kenwood are already participating in the Open Automotive Alliance, so you will have to pay at least for updating the dashboard system.

Pioneer is a manufacturer of car stereo systems and offers a special line of receivers with support for Android Auto. You can pay attention to the NEX line offered on the Pioneer website, notes Florence Ion. In addition to the price of the receiver itself, you will also have to pay for its installation.

Not every car manufacturer fits

If your car manufacturer is not part of the Open Automotive Alliance built last year, this may mean that Android Auto is not compatible with your car. Toyota, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are among the most well-known manufacturers that are not on this list, apparently for the reason that they are already investing in their own systems of this kind.

Android Auto makes driving less dangerous

Android Auto doesn’t just help you control music playback and city navigation. His role is also to help you focus on the road and distract from the phone. Google has created Android Auto in such a way that it complies with well-known automotive safety standards, including from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). When your phone is connected to Android Auto, you cannot use it. Daniel Hall notes:

The big idea of ​​all this is that we make driving much safer.

At the core. Google Now

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How to use Android Auto

Are you going somewhere? Google Now prompts

Google Now is the essential foundation for Android Auto. Important “cards” appear when you need them, but never too many of them appear at the same time so as not to distract attention from driving. And your car will not show you “cards” with useless information. If Google knows that you, for example, are traveling, it can automatically suggest directions to the airport. Or, if you are traveling to another city, Android Auto will display the weather in that city.

Video: How to use Android Auto

Android Auto is closely associated with voice commands

How to use Android Auto

You can use navigation, but you will not be able to read test messages. Android Auto will read you texts instead.

To be safe for drivers, Android Auto should not significantly distract them from the road. As a result, the selection of buttons on the Android Auto touch screen is very limited. You primarily control the interface with voice commands. For example, you want to send a text message. To do this, you have to dictate it. When you get the answer, Android Auto will read it to you.

The on-screen keyboard in Android Auto is available, but only when the car is parked. You can use it, for example, to enter the address, but as soon as the car is ready to drive, it becomes impossible to use the keyboard.

Not all text-based applications are currently supported.

Android Auto currently supports a limited number of text messaging applications, including Hangouts, Google Messages, and Kik.

You will not be able to use your phone when it is connected to Android Auto

How to use Android Auto

When the phone is connected, you can only look at its screen displaying the words “Android Auto”

Android Auto is closely connected with your phone. When you connect the device to Android Auto, it becomes impossible to use it. for the duration of the connection. The reason for this approach is to prevent you from using applications on your phone while driving. But you don’t need to check Instagram when you are driving?

Apps must be approved by Google

How to use Android Auto

Every application that is made compatible with Android Auto must pass Google’s approval and only then become available.

Google generally does not restrict text and music applications for Android Auto, but when a new application appears for the platform, it needs to be checked for compliance with development and security standards. Daniel Hall notes:

We carefully review application categories to determine what makes sense for the car. Developers are limited in API and, if they apply to the Play Store, we conduct a manual review of such applications.

Lollipop and companion app required

How to use Android Auto

You will need the Android Auto app in order to use this car system.

When everything is installed, you have to connect the phone via a microUSB cable. Android Auto still does not support either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Florence Ion hopes that such support will appear soon. Android Auto does not support some popular Android phones.

At the heart of everything is your phone.

The best part is that Android Auto is closely connected with your phone, including the music placed on it, personal details, places where you most often go. No data is written to the car receiver, writes Florence Ion. Updates are also intended for the application on your phone. While the phone is connected, Android Auto is still running.

You cannot control the radio using Android Auto

Many still prefer analogue radio. Florence Ion writes that she enjoys local morning shows. Android Auto provides neither AM / FM nor satellite control. Android Auto also neither controls the locking of the car nor the air conditioning, since the system is mainly designed to transfer the most used phone functions to your car dashboard in such a way as not to distract you from driving.

How to use Android Auto

What is your impression of Android Auto? The car, which does not need a driver, is still far away, but is there at least something in Android Auto that could be considered an important innovation? Can the platform of the search giant Google, designed for transport, become over time no less popular than its operating system for tablets and smart phones?

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