How to Upload Instagram Photos From a Computer

Instagram is implemented as a mobile application. You can enter it from a personal computer, but in this case you will be limited in actions. So function "add a photo" it will not be available for you from a PC: if the pictures are stored in the computer’s memory, you will first have to upload them to your phone, and then upload the photo to it from Instagram. It turns out that the action, which is theoretically simple, is actually becoming more complicated.

The problem of downloading media files via a PC is related to the fact that Instagram has closed source code, which requires it to detect a touch display and a camera in the device. Fortunately, the problem is solved if you use a browser extension or special applications. Consider the main ways of how to upload photos to Instagram from a PC.

Install Chrome browser extension

You can get access to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a PC by installing a special extension for Chrome.

Now you can upload photos to Instagram via PC: thanks to the extension, the mobile version of this application will be used by you directly in the browser.

The method is official and generally effective. But while extension users have a lot of questions for developers. The main complaints are that it does not allow you to select and upload several photos to the profile at once, edit them, and upload a video. So far, fans of launching live broadcasts have remained deprived: even when installing the extension, this Instagram function remains inaccessible to PC users.

For more effective work with the application through a PC, you can use the emulation capabilities. disguising a computer as a smartphone.

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Emulate a mobile device without using extensions and applications

To Instagram "believed"that deals with a smartphone, not a PC, you can simulate a mobile device in a computer without involving software.

  1. Log in to your Instagram profile.
  2. Press CTRLSHIFTI to open the developer toolbar (it will appear on the right half of the screen).
  3. In the upper left corner of the panel, find the icon depicting the screens of the tablet and mobile phone.
  4. By clicking on the icon, you can select the device under which you will mask the PC. Your profile page on Instagram (on the left side of the screen) will change, taking the form of the screen of a phone or tablet.
  5. Refresh the account page on Instagram (just like you refresh the contents of any page on the Internet using the browser refresh button).
  6. Scroll down your profile page on Instagram: you will see an icon "".
  7. By clicking on it, you can open any file with a photo or video stored in the PC’s memory and place it in the application.

Complaints that the method did not work are usually related to the fact that the user forgot to refresh the page (see paragraph 5). After the update, the ability to download photos from a PC will certainly appear. The method is convenient in that it does not require any additional settings, but has drawbacks. The main ones. lack of full-screen viewing mode and fast loading of images.

Using emulator applications

The method requires downloading and installing special software, but otherwise it is very convenient. There are a lot of emulators disguising PCs as a mobile device. In order to be able to add photos to Instagram from a computer, it is best to use the BlueStacks or Nox App Player applications.


To start working with the application:

  1. download and install the emulator using the official link to the resource;
  2. find the icon on the BlueStacks toolbar on the left side of the screen "Open" (it looks like an open folder for papers);
  3. in the window that appears, select the desired photo or video;
  4. When asked by the emulator which application to use to open the file, select Instagram;
  5. Publish the selected media file.
How to Upload Instagram Photos From a Computer

Uploading photos to Instagram using this software will not be difficult for you: its interface is very convenient.

Nox app player

Installing and configuring this software is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but the application perfectly solves the problem of how to upload photos to Instagram from a computer. The procedure is as follows:

  1. download the program using the link;
  2. run the application;
  3. directly from the emulator go to the Play Market and install Instagram;
  4. Sign in to Instagram using your existing account.
  5. the photos that you want to post on Instagram, first move to the folder C: \ Users \ your username \ Nox_share \ Image;
  6. publish photos from your PC in the same way as in the mobile version of Instagram.

If you don’t like that before adding a photo to Instagram, you have to open the folder and transfer the file to it, you can simplify your task a bit:

  1. running the emulator, click on the icon "Settings" (gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen);
  2. among the settings, select "The main";
  3. in the window that opens, check the box opposite "Root rights";
  4. restart the emulator.

After that, you will be able to drag and drop photos from the PC folder in which they are located immediately onto the emulator screen.

The proposed methods allow you to add photos to Instagram from a computer. Since some of them have limitations in use, it is worth considering how much and how often you plan to use the new opportunity. If we are talking about one-time photo downloads from a PC, you can do with emulation using the developer toolbar or browser extension. But if you are going to actively use the PC as a means of posting photos on Instagram, install more convenient special software on it.

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