How to Update Sony Xperia E5 Phone

How to Update Sony Xperia E5 Phone

From time to time, the company’s developers create new versions of firmware for updating Sony Xperia smartphones. New versions bring some changes in the program plan, they allow to achieve better performance and overall functioning of the device. I have repeatedly received questions about how to install the update on Sony Xperia of different models, how to update the device when a new version of the firmware has arrived, or to restore the smartphone if there is any malfunction in its operation.

Airborne Installation

The simplest method that does not need a detailed explanation. When the smartphone is connected to the Internet (preferably stable Wi-Fi), it will independently conduct a quick analysis for updates, or you can do this by going to Settings. About phone. Software update or by entering the Update Center application. There you will see if there is a software update and if it is, just click on the arrow, after which the download and automatic update will take place. Everything is simple and without unnecessary hassle. The smartphone’s battery must be at least 50% charged at the time of installation.

Update Using PC Companion

I usually update my Sony Xperia Z2 using the proprietary PC Companion application and I recommend this method to you. Immediately, I note that the battery needs to be charged up to 50% minimum so that the application allows an update.

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And so, just connect your Sony Xperia to a personal computer on which the specified application is installed, after which it will automatically check for an update and if it is, it will notify you. Even if you accidentally close the information window, don’t worry, because the message “Phone / tablet software update available” will be displayed in large print on the top and clicking on it will proceed to its installation or go to the “Support Zone” menu item. in “Software update phone / tablet ”click“ Start ”.

Video: How to Update Sony Xperia E5 Phone

After that, the whole process is intuitive and simple. just read what is written, what stage is going on, and press buttons like “Next”, “Accept”, “Yes” and the like, agreeing to the conditions. There should not be any problems, below are screenshots of the process.

After that, a window will appear as below and the smartphone will turn off, then the update will begin.

At the end of the process, you will be prompted to disconnect the phone from the USB cable and turn it on, and by clicking on the “Next” button you will be notified about the completion of the update operation.

Software recovery in Sony Xperia

Previously, the SUS (Sony Update Service) application was used for recovery, but after the termination of its support, now it is done using the same PC Companion. There are different situations when you need to restore a system to its original working state. For example, something began to work badly, it was buggy, and so on. There are many situations when it is possible to return to normal working condition only with the help of recovery. Please note that in this case all data from the memory of the smartphone or tablet will be erased!

And so, to restore Sony Xperia, connect it to the PC, launch the “Companion” and go to “Support Zone”. in the “Update phone / tablet software” click “Start”. You will be notified that the device has the latest firmware, however, if there are problems, you can restore it.

Further, everything goes the same as during the update, as described in the previous paragraph.

experienced users can also use FlashTool to install firmware from a ready-made FTF file. Sony Xperia firmware instructions via FlashTool