How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

Tablet firmware is an update to the operating system. Developers, releasing a new version of the OS, improve it, eliminating errors in its work, improving the functionality, as well as the interface, for more convenient handling.

Flashing the tablet is not so difficult, you just need to strictly follow the instructions.

What gives a change of firmware

Changing the firmware gives the user the following options:

  1. updating the firmware of the device gives the user an extension of the functionality of the operating system;
  2. more stable operation of the OS, as developers eliminate errors in the operating system that were observed in previous versions;
  3. GUI update, which increases the usability;
  4. Improving the protection of confidential information stored on the device.
    How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

Another significant advantage of changing the firmware is that if the device was purchased abroad, and the Russian interface is simply not supported, then changing the firmware will help to install the desired language pack.

Also, the update will significantly improve the performance of the device, as the developers improve the driver.

Auto update

Automatic firmware change Android happens in the background. As soon as a new version appears, the system notifies the user about it.

If an update for Android has been released, a notification and installation permission will appear on the main screen. It is enough for the user to confirm the installation of the new firmware version. After the update operation has been completed, the new system will be ready for operation.

To check if there are updates for Android, you need to:

    go to the "Settings";

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

Update utility

You can also update the version of android on the tablet using a special utility called "AnyCut". The program can significantly simplify the process of updating the system. The program creates a special shortcut with any action.

How to use the program "AnyCut":

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  • To start, the program must be downloaded to your device from the play store;
  • then the program must be installed;
  • Next, open the utility AnyCut and add a new active action "System Information";

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

The main advantage of using the utility AnyCut is that you can check for a system update in a couple of seconds.

Samsung device features

For tablet users Samsung to change the firmware needed Samsung Account. Without it, the process will be simply impossible.

You can enable Samsung Account as follows:

  • first you need to go to "Settings";
  • then in the menu "Settings" need to select Accounts and Sync;
  • Next, select the item "Add account";
  • then Create Samsung Account.

After that, the user will be prompted to register an account, where you must enter the address of your email inbox, and create a password.

After the account has been created, you can proceed to the process of changing the device system:

    go to "Settings";

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

How to update Android on a tablet manually

You can update the firmware on a tablet running Android OS manually. To do this, you must carefully follow the instructions, as due to a failed update, the device may simply not turn on in the future. In this case, you will need to contact the service center to restore the device.

Via play market

You can update the Android operating system manually using Google Play Market. In the playmarket, you can download the necessary software that will help in improving your tablet. For Android firmware, it is recommended to use the program "Rom Manager", "Rom Downloader" or "Rom Updater".

Via memory card

To update Android via a memory card, we need a program "Rom Manager". You must carefully follow the instructions that will be described below.

Important! Before updating Android, you need to backup the data.

First you need to prepare your device for updating the firmware:

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  1. It’s recommended that you use the device to charge, but it’s best not to disconnect the tablet from the network at all. If the battery discharges during operation, then the data stored on the device may be lost, due to which restoring them in the future will be very problematic;
  2. The next thing to do is find out the correct firmware version of your device on the tablet. To do this, go to "Settings".>"About the device" or "About the tablet";
  3. after that, you need to download the firmware of the tablet, depending on its model and version of Android.

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

Before updating the OS version on the device, you need to get the Root rights:

  • miss one of several applications «Universal Androot" or "Z4Root";
  • run the application and click on "Root device". This will allow you to get privileges. "Root";
  • then download the application "Rom Manager"And install it;

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

Important! Premium version of the program "Rom Manager" allows you to install updates directly from the application. If you have a free version of the program, then the search for firmware will be independent.

    after the application has been installed on the device, you must install the utility "ClockWorkMod". The utility is installed from the program menu;

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

How to Update Samsung Tablet Browser

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WIFI signal amplification. all methods are located here.

Important! No need to turn off the tablet, wait until the end of the firmware update.

This article described the detailed instructions for updating Android on a tablet.

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