How to Unlock Modem Huawei E171

How to Unlock Modem Huawei E171

Unlock Huawei modems

Huawei calculator. online service that allows you to get the NCK code (unlock code) according to the old and new algorithm. To unlock the modem, simply insert the SIM card of another operator, a window with an input field will appear. Enter the code in this window. If the code request does not appear, you can enter the unlock code with a special program (or AT-commands in manual mode, through terminal programs, for example, HyperTerminal, PuTTy, Huawei Modem Terminal, etc.)

  • AT ^ CARDLOCK ="nck code". unlocking.
  • AT ^ CARDLOCK?. Check the status of the lock and the remaining attempts to enter the unlock code. In response, the modem will issue CARDLOCK: A, B, 0, where A is the lock state, B is the number of remaining unlock attempts. A = 2 means that there is no symlock, A = 1 if the modem is locked.

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Supported Modem Models

  • OLD Algo Unlock Code. E150, E1550, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E176, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E66, E186 E630, E630 , E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, Vodafone K2540, Vodafone K3515, Vodafone K3520, Vodafone K3565, Vodafone K3715, etc. These are the modems with the old modems.
  • NEW Algo Unlock Code. E137, E171, E173Cs-1, E1732, E173, E1815, E272, E303, E303 HiLink, 320s (E3121), E3131 (420d), E3276, E352, E353, E355, E357, E362, E363, E367, E368, , E372, E392, E397, E398, E586, E5776 (821FT), E5776s-22, E589, E589u-12, etc.
  • Flash code. Flash code is calculated for both the old algorithm and the new one. Flash code is requested when the modem is flashed.

Here we decided to collect your most popular questions and answers to them:

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  • Q. Please explain, so what is modem unlocking and do I need it?
    A. Unexpected question. Unblocking a modem means unbinding to a mobile operator, i.e. the ability to use your purchased modem with SIM cards of other operators. Most cellular operators when selling a modem block the modem for use only with their SIM cards. So, for example, having bought the operator’s modem Megafon, if it is locked (tied to the operator), then using it with a MTS or Beeline SIM card will not work without unlocking.
  • Q. Will the modem lose its warranty when unlocking through your service?
    A. Unlocking the modem by entering the NCK code is a standard feature provided by the manufacturer of the modem. By purchasing or receiving a free unlock code on our service, you only use the opportunity provided by the modem manufacturer without making any changes to the modem software or modifying it in any other way, which may cause a refusal to provide a guarantee.
  • Q. The list of supported modem models that you have listed does not contain my model, or I am having difficulty determining the model of my modem. Can I be sure that when you receive an unlock code, it will fit my modem? I also heard that some models of Beeline modems are not unlocked by codes, is this so?
    A. The model of your modem is written under the protective cover of the compartment with the SIM card, or you can determine it using special software. How to find out IMEI and modem model using DC Unlocker. read on our blog. If your modem model is in the list of supported ones, most likely you will be able to unlock it using the code we received. To make sure this is 100%, run the software of your modem to access the Internet and insert the SIM card of another operator into the modem. If an unlock code request appears on the screen. the answer is yes, your modem can be unlocked. As for the modems from Beeline, some models of modems with certain versions of firmware, not only Beeline, are not unlocked by codes. In order to understand whether your modem is unlocked with a code or not, just try inserting the SIM card of another operator there.
  • Q. And yet, could you talk about well-known modem models that are definitely not unlocked by codes? I would not want to be mistaken.
    A. Here is a short list of modem models with firmware versions that are not unlocked by codes:

Video: How to Unlock Modem Huawei E171

  1. Huawei E173, with firmware versions.,,
  2. Huawei E3131,
  3. Huawei E173 Egypt,
  4. Huawei E173, Life Ukraine
  5. Huawei E173, MTS Ukraine
  6. Huawei E3131, Beeline Russia
  7. E1550 11.608.12.02.174 Kievstar Ukraine
  8. Huawei: E1550 11.608.14.11.174 with mixed firmware (11.608.14.15.174 boot) Kyivstar
  9. Huawei E1550 version 11.608.14.11.222 with 14.15.222 boot MTC Ukraine
  10. Huawei E150 v. 11.609.82.02.161 Beeline Russia
  11. Huawei E171 Oct 13 2010 17:08:15 Beeline Russia
  12. Huawei E171 May 05 2011 20:29:04 (Beeline Russia)
  13. Huawei E173 May 27 2011 12:55:39 (MTS Uzbekistan)
  14. E153Eu-1 11.609.18.22.883 Oct 15 2011 11:17:04 (Beeline Uzbekistan)
  15. Huawei E160G 11.604.21.01.161 Sep 18 2008 20:30:52 (Beeline Russia)
  16. Huawei E173 Nov 09 2011 11:51:11 (MTS Uzbekistan)
  17. E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.222 Feb 10 2011 11:19:47 (MTS Ukraine)
  18. E153Eu-1 11.609.18.21.222 Nov 10 2011 10:38:55 (MTS Ukraine)
  19. E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.174 Nov 03 2010 10:25:25 (Kyivstar / DJUICE Ukraine)
  20. E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.883 Apr 22 2011 15:57:47 (Beeline Uzbekistan)
  21. Huawei E173 Sep 26 2011 10:36:35 (Beeline Uzbekistan)
  22. 173Eu-1 May 28 2011 20:08:15 (Mobinil Egypt)
  23. E173Eu-1 Oct 31 2011 20:00 (Mobinil Egypt)
  24. E173Eu-1 Sep 21 2011 09:29:48 (Kyivstar / DJUICE Ukraine)
  25. E1550 11.608.12.00.174 Kievstar Ukraine

Although, as already mentioned in the previous question, the easiest way to check is to insert another operator’s SIM card into the modem. If you see a window asking for an unlock code, then your modem can be unlocked with a code.

  • Q. What about the old and new unlock code? Which one is right for me?
    A. Everything is simple here, if you pay attention to the list of supported models. if your modem is listed in the OLD Algo Unlock Code. the unlock code will work for you according to the old algorithm, if in NEW Algo Unlock Code. for a new one. On the Internet you can find a lot of free calculators that calculate the code according to the old algorithm. These are separate programs and various online calculators, however, there are practically no freely available calculators calculating the code using the new algorithm. Therefore, the fastest and most convenient way to get the unlock code using the new algorithm is still to use our service.
  • Q. You said that your service is free, however, I enter my IMEI in the form, I click "Calculate" and instead of the unlock code for the new algorithm I see a link "Buy". What does it mean?
    A. Our service really allows you to get an unlock code for free, but only according to Old Algo (for modem models with an old firmware version). Instead of the unlock code for the new algorithm (New Algo), you will see a link "Buy" with redirection to the trading platform. Choose a payment method convenient for you, fill out the form, correctly indicate your IMEI and email address, and immediately after making the payment you will receive your code.
  • Huawei 3G modems: FAQ, manuals, software, etc.

    • FAQ on Huawei E150 / E156 / E160 / E169 / E171 / E173 / E1750 / E1820 / E220 / E367 wireless modems. general information, firmware, unlocking, modification (how to find out if the modem is blocked from working with other operators, utilities and drivers, updating firmware (firmware), updating and creating dashboard, methods for entering unlock code)
    • Free unlocking of Huawei modems. This article is a kind of guide or instruction for using this service, the article tells how to find out the IMEI of your modem, how to get the unlock code and how to enter it.
    • DC Unlocker Client. A specialized program for unlocking Huawei modems and other mobile devices. The main functions for unlocking are paid, you need to purchase loans. The program can also be used to identify the modem, display IMEI, firmware and software versions, and enter AT commands.
    • My Huawei Terminal 0.32. Program for entering AT-commands into the modem. And of course, the output of the answer. (author’s site)
    • Unlocking a huawei modem using AT commands. Consider the huawei e173 modem as an example of how to unlock a modem using at commands.

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