How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

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By blocking an iPhone, iPad or iPod, users often mean several different types of locking at once, including an operator’s binding, an activation request with the login and password of the Find IPhone service, and the screen lock itself.

If the problem of the lost code threatens only with a reset, then linking the phones to the operator does not allow the use of other SIM cards, and the activation request does not allow using the device at all. Consider the question of whether it is possible to unlock iPhone 5s in all these cases?

Why is the device blocked

Devices are blocked by the operator for use only with a specific SIM card when buying an iPhone under a contract. As a rule, the cost of an iPhone with a contract is much lower than without it, the phone itself can do up to 1. If you use another SIM card, communication will simply not be available.

The next situation is updating devices to iOS to version 7, in which the “Find iPhone” function was implemented to significantly reduce the percentage of theft of Apple products. But along with the robbers, people who purchased this model from previous owners also suffered.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

Thus, if the owner of the phone during the sale did not untie the device from his account, then the buyer has a high probability of receiving a blocked "gadget". At the moment, there are a huge number of specialists offering their services in unlocking mobile products from Apple, unfortunately most of them are ordinary scammers.

If, in some situations, certain knowledge or skills are really required, then in the case of a forgotten lock password, any user can handle it.

Unlock methods if you forgot your password

If you set a password for unlocking and forgot it, then in this case you can restore access to the iPhone by resetting the settings.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

At the moment, when you lose the code, there are several ways to reset the password:

  • using iTunes;
  • Using the Find iPhone feature
  • Using iCloud
  • using the "recovery mode".

Through the "find iPhone" function

This method will help you only if the “Find iPhone” function is enabled.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

To reset the settings, perform the following operations:

  • to check if the function is enabled on your phone, you must log in to iCloud;
  • in the drop-down list at the top of the site you need to select your gadget;
  • after selection, click on the "erase." icon;
  • To restore data from the latest backup, use the assistant on your phone.

Via iTunes

If your smartphone has been synchronized with iTunes on your computer, you can perform recovery using this software.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

To do this, you must:

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  • connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable;
  • Click "Restore iPhone.";
  • Follow the instructions of the recovery assistant.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

Via iCloud

If you lock your device with a password on which the Find iPhone function is turned on and which is also connected to the Internet using a cellular connection or a known Wi-Fi network, you can also reset the unlock code.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

To do this, do:

  • login to icloud;
  • select "All devices" in the drop-down list;

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

After confirmation, the process of deleting all settings will begin. You can recover data using iTunes or the iCloud service.

Unbind via support

When buying phones abroad many, users are faced with the problem that the smartphone refuses to catch the signal with a domestic SIM card. This problem is quite old and not only iPhones are subject to such restrictions. And if resetting the settings helps a lot with the loss of the password, then in this case everything is much more complicated.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

Attachment to the operator causes a huge number of problems when trying to bypass or disable this protection. The easiest way to untie the phone from the operator is to formally appeal directly to the operator (for example, AT&T or Sprint are the most popular US carriers).

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Unlocking operators provide a number of requirements, including such items as:

As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of specialists representing their official unlocking services using IMEI.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

All you need to do is go to the operator’s website, log in to your account and go to the appropriate section.

Via R-sim / Gevey

Unlocking with R-sim / Gevey can also cause various difficulties. You will need to purchase a special chip with a tray in which you insert your SIM card.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

When choosing R-sim / Gevey, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Your iPhone model
  • an operator whose lock is installed on the device;
  • iOS version.

Taking into account each factor, you should choose the R-sim / Gevey suitable for your phone. The price, as a rule, directly depends on the relevance of the card, if you are a user of the latest version of iOS, then most likely the cost of a SIM card suitable for you will be as high as possible.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

This method of unlocking is very inconvenient when updating the OS. In most cases, after installing the new version, you will encounter the same problem as in the beginning.

The main advantage of this method is the relatively low price compared to the official version, as well as the ability to unlock the binding from almost any operator. Official unlocking, as we know, is not supported by all operators.

The most convenient option is to purchase fully “unlocked” models (factory unlocked), which work perfectly with any SIM cards.

Remove Activation Lock

Often when updating the iOS operating system, users are faced with the need to enter the Apple ID of the previous owner. This situation is very unpleasant due to the fact that there is practically no easy resolution. This is due to the fact that the previous owner did not untie the smartphone from his Apple ID account.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

Information about the lock is stored on the Apple server and firmware or changing iOS files will not affect the device’s lock. The easiest way to solve this problem is to contact the previous owner and ask to disconnect this phone from his Apple ID.

If this is not possible, then almost the only opportunity is to contact the developers. The main thing you need is to have a device, a box and a purchase receipt. The most effective option is to contact technical support by phone or email, by attaching photographs of the receipt, box stickers and a smartphone to the letter.

If the smartphone was stolen and the previous owner erased it, then even Technical Support will not help in solving this problem. There is a “do-it-yourself” way to unlock Apple devices, but after it is completed, communication will not work.

How to unlock iPhone 5 s if forgot Apple ID

Users who have forgotten the Apple ID code and email find themselves in almost the same situation and are forced to confirm that the device really belongs to them. In this case, you must perform the same steps as when linking the phone to another Apple ID account.

Before selling your smartphone, be sure to turn off the binding, and also deactivate the Find iPhone service.

Thus, the future user will be able to freely use all the functions, including updating the operating system without fear of getting into an unpleasant situation.

If you are a buyer, then you should definitely check if this feature is disabled.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s Through iTunes

Verification can be performed, go to the icloud website activationlock tab, you only need to enter the IMEI of the purchased device. This precaution will help you avoid the complex problem of activating your smartphone if you lose contact with the previous owner.

Unlocking Apple devices is a rather complicated process, which for many users can be completely ineffectual.. The most important point in unlocking your smartphone is the presence of a receipt confirming the purchase, as well as perseverance and a correct explanation of the situation.

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