How to Unlock a Phone Without a SIM Card

How to Unlock a Phone Without a SIM Card

The Tele2 SIM card can be blocked for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the subscriber can independently restore the number. In the framework of this article, we will consider how to unlock a Tele2 SIM card if the reason for blocking is:

  • Prolonged non-use of the number;
  • Negative balance;
  • Voluntary blocking;
  • Incorrect PIN and PUK codes.

If your SIM card was blocked for another reason, you can also find a solution in this article, because many of the methods below are universal.

If you are interested in the issue of activating a new SIM card, we recommend that you read the article "How to activate a SIM card for Tele2".

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Methods for Unlocking a Tele2 SIM Card

The mobile operator Tele2 has provided several methods that allow you to both block the SIM card and restore it, while maintaining the balance and all previously connected services. The need for such a measure may arise in connection with the theft or loss of the phone, as well as due to a prolonged absence.

In addition, the SIM card can be blocked at the initiative of the operator, for example, for a large debt or long non-use of the number. In this case, you can also restore the number. Often, the reason for blocking the SIM card is the incorrect entry of the PIN code. Below we provide detailed instructions for all of the above situations.

If the number was blocked due to a large debt, then to restore it is enough just to replenish the balance.

  1. Tele Office 2. If the SIM was personally blocked by you in connection with the theft or loss of the phone, then you can restore it only through the Tele2 office. This method is universal and suitable for other situations. You can restore the number at any operator’s office. Contact the salon and report your problem. Before unlocking the Tele2 SIM card, an office employee will ask you to provide a passport. Then you will be given a duplicate SIM card, for which you will have to pay 50 rubles. This amount will be credited to your balance immediately after activation of the duplicate. In fact, you get a new SIM card with the same number, balance and previously listened services.
  2. Help and information service. If you don’t want to contact the customer service center, and the locked SIM card is at your disposal, you can activate the number by contacting the contact center. To call the Tele2 operator, dial 611. After connecting with a specialist, ask how to unlock the Tele2 SIM card. The operator will ask you to dictate the number of the blocked SIM card and passport data. After that, depending on the reason for the blocking, solutions to the problem will be proposed. The operator can immediately unlock the SIM card, if possible.
  3. Personal Account Tele2. You can also unlock a SIM card on the operator’s official website. First of all, you need to enter the Tele2 personal account. Then, in the "Rates and Services" section, select the "Voluntary Blocking" item. The “Unlock” button should appear in the page that opens. This method is relevant only if you blocked your SIM card yourself using the “Voluntary blocking” service.

How to unlock Tele2 SIM card if there is no PUK code

Quite often, the reason for blocking the SIM card is the incorrect entry of the PIN code. Three attempts are allowed, after which a PUK code is required to unlock the number.

Be extremely careful when entering the PUK code and do not try to enter numbers for guessing. In case of 10 incorrect attempts, the number will be blocked forever.

The PUK code can be found in the documentation that came with the SIM card, as well as on the plastic carrier of the SIM card under the protective layer. If you do not know the PUK code and documentation with plastic media have long been lost, then do not be upset and try to guess this code. The PUK code can be found by calling the operator or by contacting the customer service center. If you are thinking about how to unlock the SIM card tele2 when there is no PUK code after you have exhausted the available limit of attempts, then you won’t be able to restore the number. After 10 unsuccessful PUK code entries, the final number lock will occur.

If the SIM card has been blocked for a rather long time, there is a possibility that the number has already been transferred to another subscriber. To prevent this from happening, you need to perform any actions with the SIM card at least once every 4 months.

On this we will end this article. Now you know how to unlock the SIM card Tele2. As you can see, there are several ways to unlock, you just have to choose the most convenient option for yourself.