How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

What does it make us mobile phone users to put a graphic security code on or enter an incredibly complex security combination on a cellular communications device? Most likely, your answer: compliance with security measures. At the same time, in numerous “ranks of the mobile army” the question arises naturally (in view of the human nature of forgetfulness) that arises as to how to unlock the Samsung phone. As you may have guessed, the “hero” of our story will be the products of the notorious Korean brand Samsung, the world community, and we will focus on the crucial operational aspect. software protection of a mobile device and ways to restore access to its functionality.

A reminder of something important, or a memory of the "treacherous rake"

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

Of course, none of the phone owners are immune from the extremely undesirable manifestation of our consciousness. forgetfulness. And everything would be fine if each user had "acquired" an account in advance, and kept the identification data in a safe place. But not everything is so cloudless, since many of us forget to write secret characters, and some are completely deprived of the possibility of "Internet security", since "slightly" outdated models do not have the ability to unlock using an account. However, how to unlock the phone Samsung, which faithfully served you for a long time, you will know in just a few minutes!

Protection from ourselves

Literally all mobile phones are equipped with a locking system. The principle of operation of the locking device for different models can be expressed by an individual structural feature: a lever, a floating button or a touch glass. However, all this diversity has one purpose. to protect against unauthorized user exposure to the keyboard, touchscreen or other controls of the cellular device. But this, so to speak, is an "innocent form of protection." A much more complex mechanism is provided at the time of applying the total blocking algorithm, which can only be canceled by entering strictly defined data. However, more about this.

Samsung Phone Secret Lock Code

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

Each cellular device has an engineering menu with which you can control the hardware potential of the mobile unit. However, you can enter it only knowing a special combination. Perhaps such information was previously considered secret, today mystery and secrets are compensated by extensive Internet support. For example, almost all Samsung devices respond to command 27673855 #. This code copes with the unpleasant “surprise” (forgotten lock password), not only on older versions of the Korean brand. Nevertheless, you will have to say goodbye to personal information that is in the "bowels" of the device, but the phone will again be available for use.

Our days: "monsters" of high technology

And how to unlock the new generation Samsung phone? The unequivocal answer expresses a complete orientation to global support from the manufacturer. In other words, modern android devices have the ability to identify themselves on the network using their previously assigned ID. Only because of this, your “lost” access password can simply be canceled, of course, if the authorization process in the service network is successful. The main thing is to know your account details.

  • Enter the desired data type several times at random.
  • After a while, an invitation message will appear.
  • In the dedicated check-boxes, enter your data and expect a server response.

It is worth noting that such a service is not always effective, therefore, if the result is negative, look for “salvation” in the paragraph below.

Replacing the access password: a practical guide

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

In the event that all attempts to recall the graphic key or symbolic unlock code were unsuccessful, and the answer to the question of how to unlock the Samsung phone is urgent, do the following:

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  • Turn off the phone and remove the memory card and SIM card from the android device.
  • Hold down the Vol, Power, and Home buttons.
  • Wait for the Samsung logo to appear.
  • In the engineering menu, select Wipe data / factory reset and confirm your choice with the Power button.
  • In the following list, use the same key to activate the delete all user data line.
  • Use the Reboot system now item and wait for the reboot process to complete.

All the above steps will allow you to return the phone to its original state, since, in fact, it is nothing short of the notorious Hard reset. Therefore, your data, unfortunately, will be completely lost. Nevertheless, one of the answers to the question about how to remove the lock from the Samsung phone, you, dear reader, nevertheless received.

Factory Reset Alternative

The graphic key or symbolic password can be reset in a fairly "harmless" way. A simple-looking, but incredibly effective Adb Run program with special ease will save you from a headache and a visit to a service center due to “memory lapses”. Do not be offended, accept this statement as a usual embellished comparison. So, first of all, you need a USB cable, as well as a distribution kit for the program mentioned above.

  • Launch Adb Run.
  • In the main window of the program, you need to click the number 6.
  • Next, select one of the presented methods, which are launched by entering 1 or 2.

There is a possibility that the restriction will not be lifted when using these two reset methods. However, you can always apply the option of manual debugging.

A practical solution to the issue of how to unlock your phone using standard Windows tools

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

At the command line (menu "Start"/"Run"/ cmd) register:

Another option to restore access:

  • cd /
  • cd adb / progbin
  • ·adb shell
  • ·cd /data/data/
  • ·sqlite3 settings.db
  • ·update system set value = 0 where name = ’lock_pattern_autolock’
  • ·update system set value = 0 where name = ’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’
  • ·.quit

Remember that the phone must be connected to the computer, and the drivers must work correctly with the synchronized device.

Sim-lock lock: old problem

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

How to unlock a SIM card from a Samsung phone? This is, so to speak, an ageless issue that requires a software solution. Only programmatically it is possible to defeat this type of "malicious protection". Typically, this problem occurs in older models of the Korean manufacturer. To remove the SIM-lock of the cellular device, the time-tested Samsung Unlocker program is used. However, even if you, dear user, perform all the actions correctly and according to the instructions, a positive result is not guaranteed. The only trouble-free method is flashing.

It is worth noting that for an uninitiated person, unlocking is an incredibly difficult task in practical execution. The usual phone lock and “decoupling” from the operator. disparate different problems. Therefore, it is recommended to turn to specialists, since there are great chances to ruin the obviously working telephone, even if the old release, is not fully understood by actions.

Attention: "secret codes"

Samsung phones are probably the most restored mobile devices. And an incredibly extensive list of well-known service teams is an obvious confirmation of this. Some codes effectively help solve the question of many about how to remove the SIM card lock from a Samsung phone. Agree, it’s convenient. by entering just a few digits, you can reset your cellular settings, limit or expand the functionality of the phone. However, you must be sure of the veracity of the information provided. There are simply “killer combinations,” the action of which may have unpredictable consequences for the apparatus. For example, Samsung’s phone lock is unlocked using command 27673855 #.

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

A few words about competitors

Reliable Finnish Nokia mobile phone does not need advertising. However, the question of how to unlock the Nokia phone is no less relevant. However, earlier models practically do not lend themselves to “manual deactivation”, and modern smartphones have even more reliable protection than their predecessors. Of course, no service codes will unlock the “Finn”. Unless with the help of the same ID-account.

Of course, this function is supported only by new cellular communication units, for the remaining representatives of the Nokia line, only firmware and complex software manipulations remain. However, a method for unlocking some not-so-capricious modifications, whose representatives are relatively outdated models of serial production, is still presented to your attention.

We remove the Nokia security code using software tools

How to Unlock a Keypad Phone

The following example will resolve the issue of how to unlock the Nokia phone. The only difficulty in implementing this enterprise. it is the need to manufacture some device that will allow the device to enter the special access mode Test mode. However, everything is really achievable and absolutely elementary going.

  • The special cable consists of three “crocodiles” that are fixed on the contact terminals of the battery. It is also necessary to have a standard DATA cord.
  • Two contact pins “” and “-” are soldered to the USB “plug” (observing the polarity of the port).
  • From the negative wire, you make a branch through an intermediary, in the role of which is a resistor of 4.7 Ohms. This trailer will be connected to the BSI-contact of the device (usually this is the rightmost foot, closer to the middle). However, you can always navigate the graphic labeling of the battery.
  • Download Nokia Unlocker, then install it on your computer.
  • Connect the cords and after the recognition process by the software of your device, click on the "Read code" button.
  • Congratulations, the question of how to unlock the phone is now resolved for you, so to speak.

To summarize

Perhaps, someone will remain disappointed after unsuccessful attempts to “reveal the mobile shell” by the methods presented above. But, as you know, the lack of a result is a result! Try, try and gain experience. After all, you did not go to the service center for help. that means you have a mixed interest in the cognitive process, and this is a big plus in any sense. The topic "How to unlock if you forgot your password" will never lose the relevance in the solution. Perhaps your knowledge, which will accumulate over time, will help more than one person. However, your competence will primarily play in your favor: it will save a lot of money, time and, of course, nerves. Do not block knowledge. develop!

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